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40+ Best Running Jokes And Captions To Make You S-Mile

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Running takes a lot of effort. It is all about blood, a lot of sweat, and tears.

Sometimes, athletes need a little more motivation to keep going despite all the effort they put in. We are here to help you with just that.

Running jokes are usually the best way to keep both amateurs and professionals dedicated. Even though there's a lot of strain involved in a marathon, it doesn't mean you can't crack a joke or two and enjoy it better. You may want to save your breath for the rest of the run, though. Running jokes have many perky punchlines and answers that will have laughing so hard that you might forget to breathe. So, we hope you didn't go out of breath before getting here because you're in for a treat. Run along with these track and field jokes, jogging jokes, half marathon jokes, and runners jokes. Here's a list of funny jokes about running.

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Funny Running Jokes For Runners

Here is a list of some funny jokes to provide you with the runner motivation you're looking for.

1. What happens to a person if they run in front of a car? They become tire-d.

2. Which type of race is never run? A swimming race.

3. What happens to a person if they run behind a car? They get exhaust-ed.

4. Did you hear what happened at the race between the lettuce and the tomato? The lettuce was always ahead, and the tomato was playing ketch-up.

5. How did the barber come first in the race? He took a shortcut.

6. Why should you avoid having a runner as a potential juror? Because then, you'll have a runaway jury.

7. What do you call a prank pulled by a coach on his track runner? A running gag.

8. What is the one thing that track coaches and dentists have in common? They both use drills.

9. Why did the podiatrist make his patients wait a long time before calling them? Because time is supposed to heel all wounds.

10. If you cut Usain Bolt, what does that make you? A bolt cutter.

11. What do you call a runner who keeps choking on water puns while running a marathon? A bad case of running gags.

12. Why are Scandinavians considered to be the best runners across the globe? Because they start near the Finnish line.

13. Why was the runner in the marathon stopped and taken to jail? He was resisting a rest.

14. What did a runner's wife give him when he came home all sweaty? She gave him the stink eye.

15. Do you know who invented running marathons? The human race.

16. Why were pets not allowed to compete in the marathon? Because they are not part of the human race.

Funny Runner Jokes

Running into a marathon

Here is a list of some funny jokes about jogging and running that'll lead to a fun run.

17. What do runners like to eat before a big race? They eat fast food.

18. What does a runner in the last place drink to help them? Ketch-up.

19. What do runners do as a brain workout? They jog their memory.

20. Why did the trainer make the runner workout in the sun? He wants him to feel the burn.

21. Why was the skinny woman jogging backward? Because she wanted to gain weight.

22. Which way do crazy runners go if they get lost? They take the psycho-path.

23. Why do runners refuse to take a nap during a race? Because if you snooze, you lose.

24. Why do birds go running early in the morning? Early bird gets the worm.

25. What do athletes eat before a race? Nothing. They fast.

26. What do athletes lose after they win a huge race? Their breath.

27. If you refuse to go running one day, what type of training are you doing? Resistance training.

28. What do you call a couple that runs a marathon without leaving each other's side? Running mates.

29. Why do joggers not get bummed out after a breakup? Because they had a good run.

30. Why did the track runner not get out of bed? He was fast asleep.

Funny Treadmill Jokes

If you're searching for a treadmill joke to crack with your gym mates, you've come to the right place. Here's a rundown of a few jokes about the treadmill.

31. How did the son know that his dad was a dedicated runner? He had more miles on his treadmill than on his car.

32. What is another name for a free treadmill? The great outdoors.

33. What is Cardi B called when she gets on a treadmill? CardiO.

34. Why do people with wanderlusts hate using treadmills? Because they get you nowhere.

35. Why did only gym members laugh while running on the treadmill? You won't get it. It was a running inside joke.

36. What did the man from Tehran say after he got home from a run on the treadmill? Iran.

37. Why was the man so suspicious about his neighbor running out of the house? He felt like something was afoot.

38. What do you call a runner who can make his shoes disappear? The Great Shoe-dini.

39. What chocolate bar do runners eat on their cheat day? Snickers.

40. What do you call a runner running a charity marathon? A goody-two-shoes.

Cross Country Jokes

Cross Country marathons are more fun when you add a humor element. So, choose your favorite marathon joke from the list below and make your cross country adventure more fun.

41. Why did the vegetarians stop doing cross country runs? Because they didn't like meets.

42. Why can't you hear a cross country runner while they're training? Because they wear sneakers.

43. What made the pig lose the cross country meet? He pulled a Ham-string.

44. Why do all the cross country runners want to go to college? Because they know that college pays off in the long run.

45. Why did nobody consider Cinderella a good athlete? Because everyone knew that her coach was a pumpkin.

Funny Trainer/Gym Jokes

If you are an athlete, you know the troubles that occur during training. If you want something other than a running joke, you could also go ahead and look at some great track jokes. Here is a curated list for you to choose from.

46. Where do coaches go to get their track athletes' new uniforms? They go to New Jersey.

47. Which cell service provider do track runners use? Sprint.

48. What is it called when a knife joins a track team? Blade Runner.

49. Why is the track team from South Dakota considered to be the best? They rush more.

50. What happens if an invisible man runs on the track field? You'll see running like you've never seen before.

51. Why did the personal trainer get a new change of clothes? Because someone told him that he was ripped.

52. Why didn't the personal trainer pay his rent? Because he was squatting.

53. Why do football coaches go to the bank? To get their quarterback.

54. Why did the fisherman refuse to lift any more weights? Because he pulled a mussel.

55. Why do oysters love to go to the gym? Because the trainer said that it was good for the mussel.

56. Why did the couple refuse to go to the gym anymore? Because their relationship wasn't working out.

57. Why did the gym trainer bring a bear to the gym? So that all of the members would be ripped to shreds.

58. What would a banana's favorite gymnastic move be? The splits.

59. Why doesn't the bell make any sound at the gym? Because it's a dumb-bell.

60. Why are there no ghosts at the gym? Because all the gyms have been exercised.

61. Why was the new gym trainer fired on his first day of the job? They thought that he wasn't fit for the job.

62. What are the mediocre new jogging machines at the gym called? Run of the mill.

63. Why did the scared new gym trainer quit his new job at the gym? He handed in his two weak notice.

64. How does a physicist work out at the gym? They work out by pumping ion.

Running Captions

If you're looking for some great Instagram captions to post after your next run, then you're in luck! Here is a list of some great running captions.

65. Don't stop yourself.

66. My life changed when I became a runner.

67. Running seems impossible before you finish your first lap.

68. Run outside of your comfort zone.

69. Run on good days. Run harder on bad ones.

70. Run today, marathon tomorrow.

71. Running is the only answer. The problem is pointless.

Here at Kidadl, we have curated a list of some funny as well as family-friendly puns for our readers to enjoy! If you liked the suggestions we've made for running jokes then do take a look at running puns, or take a look at tennis jokes.

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