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75+ Best Sarcastic Jokes And Puns You'll Lovebre

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Sarcasm quotes and sarcastic humor are what sarcastic people live for.

Flexing your sarcastic muscles once in a while with crafty puns and jokes about sarcasm is like sharpening your intellect on a whetstone. After all, sarcasm is considered to be a sign of wittiness and creativity.

Sarcasm is the clever use of words and artful modulation of voice to either make fun of or irritate someone. Most often, sarcasm is used for humorous purposes. But, sarcastic comments can also sound like a bitter taunt or a sharp jibe, intended to purposefully hurt others. In all seriousness, a sarcastic joke or remark is good so long as it does not land you in troubled territory with your friends and family!

On the other hand, a sarcastic quote or sarcastic joke within healthy boundaries does absolutely no harm! In fact, making a sarcastic joke or clever one-liners on the spot can get your creative juices flowing and spark your imagination in other ways as well.  So, if you're already tired of all those sarcastic jokes and memes on your social media feed, it is time to read ours! Here is one of the best compilations of funny sarcasm jokes, puns, and witty one-liners.

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Funny Sarcastic Puns

While puns involve humorous wordplays, the sarcasm takes the humor quotient a notch higher. These are the best sarcasm puns which will surely find you in splits!

1. I would like to have kids one day. But I don't think I could put up with them any longer than that, though.

2. My grief therapist died the other day. She was so good at her job that I don't even care!

3. My favorite movie is 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame.' I love it when the protagonist has a twisted back story.

4. My friend said that if she went off a cliff, it would be on her own accord. It's a good thing she drives a Civic!

5. When my boyfriend's dog died, I tried to cheer him up by getting him an identical one. But he screamed at me asking what he was supposed to do with two dead dogs!

6. My grandmother said that I'm too dependent on technology. I called her a hypocrite and disconnected her life support.

7. You are what you eat. So, you should really give up the nuts.

8. I have made a joke on trickle down economics. But most of you won't get it!

9. I have a fish that's capable of breakdancing. But she can do it only for 30 seconds and only once!

10. I have zero carbon footprint. That's because I drive everywhere.

11. A recent study has found that man eats more bananas than monkeys. I anyway can't recall the last time I ate a monkey.

12. Before I judge someone, I walk a mile in their shoes. So when I do judge them, I am a mile away and I also have their shoes.

13. I am very good at keeping secrets. It is the people I tell them to who cannot.

14. I didn't get your text. Or perhaps my dog ate it again!

15. I wonder why everyone calls me crazy. The voices tell me that I'm completely sane!

Funny Sarcastic Jokes

Sarcastic jokes require quite some wit to understand!

If the sarcasm-filled puns were not funny enough for you, here are some of the best jokes that'll give you a hearty laugh!

16. Do you know when a joke becomes a dad joke? When it leaves and never returns!

17. Did you hear about the woman who got her left side chopped off? But she's all right now.

18. What did the restaurant waiter say when I asked him how they prepare the chicken? He said, "Nothing special. We simply tell them they're going to die."

19. What do you call double standards? Burning a body at a crematorium is being respectful but doing the same at home is called destroying evidence!

20. Did you hear how the Pillsbury Doughboy died? He had a yeast infection.

21. What do you do when elderly relatives tease you at weddings saying you're next? You do the same to them at funerals!

22. How can an apple a day keep the doctor away? If you throw it hard enough!

23. Do you know why I had a bad day? My ex was run over by a bus and I got fired from my job as a bus driver!

24. What do you say when your friend asks you how she looks? You reply, "With your eyes."

25. Why is alcohol the perfect solvent? It dissolves careers, families, and relationships.

26. Howcome the first computer date back to Adam and Eve? Because there was an Apple with a limited memory of one byte. But then everything crashed!

27. What do you do when someone asks you for a small donation for a swimming pool? You give them a glass of water.

28. What do you say when you see an advertisement for burial plots? You say, "This is the last thing I need."

Sarcastic One-Liners

There is no better sarcasm humor than one-liners with a sarcastic undertone to them. Here are some of the best and funniest sarcastic one-liners you will find around.

29. My parents raised me as a single child and that really annoyed my sister!

30. Donating one kidney makes you an instant hero but donating five makes everyone skeptical.

31. Orphans can't play baseball because they don't know where home is.

32. A recent study has found that the women who carry a bit of extra weight live longer compared to the men who mention it.

33. It is ironic that the colors blue, white, and red stand for freedom in the US until they start flashing right behind you!

34. I used to think that I'm fickle-minded but now I'm not very sure.

35. It's really annoying when I go to hug someone smart and my face crashes right into the mirror.

36. All men are not annoying because some are dead!

37. You should take my advice because I'm not dumb enough to do so!

38. Did something awful happen to you or are naturally this dreadful of a person?

39. I don't understand why people make end-of-the-world jokes as if there's no tomorrow.

40. If you need more space, there is NASA.

41. If laughter is the best medicine, then your face might be healing the world.

42. I don't keep a welcome mat at my door because I hate lying.

43. Since zombies feed on brains, it looks like you're safe.

44. If ignorance is bliss, I am the happiest person on Earth.

Satirical Jokes That Are Really Sharp

A sarcasm joke a day may help keep the stupid folks away! But you can tell these really amusing and best sarcastic jokes around your friends to keep them entertained.

45. Why are relationships like algebra? Because you look at your X and wonder Y?

46. Why is it good to know sign language? Because it comes handy.

47. Why is intelligence like underwear? Because it's crucial that you have it but not mandatory that you show it off!

48. What do you say when people accuse you of lying? You say, "I just write fiction with my mouth!"

49. How do you know that light travels faster than sound? A lot of people seem bright until they talk.

50. Why should you stop trying if you don't succeed at first? Because you're probably plain dumb.

51. How to be a nice boss? You tell your employees, "Don't consider me as your boss. But think of me as a friend who has the power to fire you."

52. Why do strong people not put others down? Because they hoist them up and bang them onto the ground.

53. How do you know that two wrongs never make a right? See your parents, for instance.

54. Which is the slowest possible rate at which one approaches death? Good health!

55. Why is teamwork important? Because it will help you put the blame on someone else!

56. Why shouldn't you worry about what other people think? Because they don't really do it very often.

57. Why should you get married? Because your bad day does not have to end at work.

58. How can you be in good shape? If you run as much as your mouth!

Epic One Liners About Life

Life can be really unfair at times but why should we sulk around and be sad about it? Instead, we can get back at life with sharp and funny sarcasm. These best sarcastic one-liners about life are so true that most of us may relate to them!

59. No matter how much you love your life, it'll just want to stay friends.

60. Life lesson 101: You are just as unique as every other person out there.

61. Sadness is nothing but anger without fervor.

62. People get so annoying at times that I would kill for a Nobel Peace Prize.

63. A conclusion is the bit where you get really tired of thinking.

64. A conscience is the part that hurts when everything else feels good.

65. In life, some days you will be the pigeon and on other days you will be the statue.

66. When life hands you lemons, squeeze them into people's eyes.

Witty Sarcasm As Backhanded Compliments

Anyone who's satirical may just love to pass a funny comment-laden with sarcasm

While it is pretty uncivilized to be rude to someone's face, nobody said that a funny bit of sarcasm would do any harm. These best witty and sarcastic compliments here are something we may have all received or given to our friends at some point!

67. "You look way more awake when you are wearing makeup!"

68. "I wish I did not have any responsibilities like you."

69. "You are so attractive when you make an effort!"

70. "I wish I was as chill as you about the mess around the room."

71. "I love how you don't care at all about how you come across!"

72. "I didn't expect you'll make it to the first rank. Congratulations!"

73. "You are so independent. No wonder you haven't found a boyfriend yet!"

74. "Half your outfit looks amazing, really!"

75. "Your Instagram makes it seem like you have a happening life!"

76. "I really like how you remind me of the days when I was young and stupid."

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes and puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Sarcastic Jokes, then why not take a look at Nerd Jokes, or Computer Jokes.

Rajnandini is an art lover and enthusiastically likes to spread her knowledge. With a Master of Arts in English, she has worked as a private tutor and, in the past few years, has moved into content writing for companies such as Writer's Zone. Trilingual Rajnandini has also published work in a supplement for 'The Telegraph', and had her poetry shortlisted in Poems4Peace, an international project. Outside work, her interests include music, movies, travel, philanthropy, writing her blog, and reading. She is fond of classic British literature.

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