100+ Best Weather Puns That Aren't A Wash Out

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Originally Published on Dec 01, 2020
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Weather puns won't let you stay blue on a cloudy day whether they are puns about rain or puns about winter.

Weather in a literal term is basically the atmospheric conditions that keep changing depending upon a number of factors. The weather includes everything from rain, sun, wind, cold, or even just the temperature.

Any kind of weather can have different effects on you too. A bad or rainy day can leave you feeling down as the rain falls. A clear day can have you feeling bright like the shining sun up. Well, however, your mood may be, this compilation of our good weather puns, bad weather puns, cold puns or any other temperature puns will surely have you on cloud 9 as you laugh along with them.

Best Weather Puns

Have some punny laughs with this list of some of the best weather puns.

1. There was a special section for weather puns in our paper yesterday. They were so simple, it seems like coming up with such puns are a breeze.

2. We got the news of a coming flood today. The news was leaked.

3. There's a basic difference between weather and climate: you can’t weather a tree, but you can definitely climate.

4. Our weather bureau is actually an umbrella organization.

5. The weather report we got for the kitchen today is 'hot tamale and chilli'.

6. When moving a piece of furniture at the weather station, you'll be needing four casters.

7. I hate windy weather. It really blows.

Summer And Hot Weather Puns

Summer and hot weather puns can brighten up your day just like a bright shining sun.

8. It was so hot that the bee’s perm had become extremely unmanageable, so she turned into a frizzbee.

9. I received a message from the sun. After reading it, I was enlightened.

10. Humpty Dumpty had a terrible summer, but he sure had a great fall.

11. The brightest days of the months are the sun-days.

12. My glasses fogged up once I came out of the AC room last summer, but I was okay because I was opti-mistic.

13. I’m going to discuss global warming on Sunday at a debate. It’s a very heated topic.

14. It’s so hot outside everyone is wearing sweat pants.

15. It’s so hot that when I saw a heatwave, I waved back.

16. It was hot today and when I went outside I saw there was a line of guys standing outside the hairdressers. I thought to myself, “Such a lovely day to have a barber queue”.

17. I spent 60 seconds in this 90-degree weather. It’s been a hot minute.

18. I went to Chicago and the weather forecast said it would be muggy. The forecaster was right because when I went outside, someone stole my shoes.

Winter And Cold Weather Puns

White snow on a bare tree branches on a frosty winter day

These winter puns are for everyone to spend their time enjoying under a warm blanket.

19. There was news of a snowstorm. It arrived white on time.

20. The opposite of a cold front is a warm back.

21. Cold and chilly winter weather is snow laughing matter.

22. The winter is the worst time of year for a wedding. The grooms always seem to be getting cold feet.

23. The weather forecast said there'd be freezing rain. Sure enough, it was an ice day.

24. I’m trying to break the ice, but you just keep giving me the cold shoulder.

25. A dollar bill frozen in the ice is called cold, hard cash.

26. A bunch of chill-dren from the neighborhood played all afternoon in the snow.

27. Whenever someone wishes me to say "Happy Winter," it always leaves me cold.

28. I wanted to be a professional fortune-teller but I wasn't very good at it. I could only predict when there would be bad winter storms. Well, turns out I had been using a snow globe.

29. Mother always knows best. But when winter comes around, Mother Nature snows best.

30. For those people who live in northern climates, the winter is snow problem.

31. A mountain's favorite type of candy is a 'Sno Caps'.

32. The snowman and his wife were very confused when they saw their baby walking. They called the baby - Snowmobile.

33. A snowman that keeps telling tall tales is called a snow-fake.

34. A snowman's favorite thing to eat for lunch is, 'Icebergers'

35. The best way to prevent a summer cold is to catch it in the winter.

36. The safest place for snowmen to keep their money is in a snow bank.

37. It was really cold this morning. When I took out my phone, the weather app froze.

38. I definitely prefer cold weather, but only to a certain degree.

39. A terrible cold spell at the end of the year is called 'Decemburr.'

40. I’m feeling exceptionally alone in this cold weather. It's probably because I’m completely ice-olated.

Cloudy Weather Puns

Enjoy the floating of the clouds and float away with them as you laugh away with every one of these.

41. Many people seem to believe that warm water droplets get cooled fast and form fog. It's a mist-conception. Someone should de-mist-ify it.

42. If your mind was in a fog or clouded, you might have mist some opportunities.

43. I saw one cloud of fog talking to another. I couldn't hear what they were talking about. It’s a mistery.

44. The cloud was feeling under the weather. So, it decided to stay at home.

45. A cloud always wears thunderwear under his raincoat.

46. A fog is the kind of cloud who is so lazy that it will never get up.

47. It never rains when the internet is down because all of it is based in the cloud.

48. The little cloud idolized his big brother because he was the raining champion.

49. The clouds can be quite rude. They are always throwing shade.

50. The cloud king rained for years.

51. The biggest problem with atmospheric scientists is that they always have their heads in the clouds.

52. The cloud met with the tree who was his long lost friend. He said, "I mist you".

53. The cloud became dark and stormy. Because he had been feeling very mis-thunder-stood.

54. Gravity is such a great thing. It always keeps my head out of the clouds.

55. The best place to store water is the cloud storage.

56. As soon as the light show ended, the clouds gave it a thunderous applause.

57. I think I saw some fog yesterday. But I'm not sure. My memory seems to be a little cloudy.

58. I saw a cloud today that was shaped like a mermaid. I called it 'Aerial'.

Rain Puns

If you feel happy when you notice the patter of raindrops, enjoy it with our rain and umbrella puns.

59. People using umbrellas seem to be always under the weather.

60. It was raining so hard that the drizzly bear had to hide.

61. Local weather reported today that there won't be any rain for a year. But I drought it.

62. It was raining cats and dogs, and so there were poodles all over the streets.

63. One raindrop said to its other raindrop friend, "Two's company, three's a cloud".

64. The cows lay down in the rain to keep each udder dry.

65. It was raining chickens and ducks. I guess it was fowl weather.

66. The spy went undercover to get out of the rain.

67. A woman got hit on the head during a hail storm. She was knocked out cold.

68. It rains money when there’s a change in the weather.

69. A dangerous precipitation is called 'a rain of terror'.

70. If it's really raining cats and dogs, you should hail a taxi as soon as possible.

71. A pilot friend of mine took the flight exam and flew past a rainbow. No wonder, he passed with flying colors.

72. A queen's favorite weather is the 'rain'.

73. The difference between the weather and a horse is while one rains down, the other gets reined up.

74. When the hailstone described its life, it said it has had a lot of ups and downs.

75. A storm that doesn’t come to fruition is called a mist opportunity.

76. My dad prefers driving in the rain. He says, things just run more fluidly.

77. When a series of misfortunes happen, it never rains but it pours.

78. Bees cannot fly in the rain without their yellow jackets.

79. The last words of an evaporating raindrop were, "I'm going to pieces".

80. It always sprinkles before it rains candy.

81. It was raining all week and it started to make me feel like I should build an ark. Hearing this, my friend said, "I Noah guy who can help".

82. The hail storm said to the roof, "Hang onto your shingles, this is not going to be any ordinary sprinkles".

Thunder And Lightning Puns

These thunderous puns may leave you in shock and splits.

83. Meteorologists use a 'Thor-mometer' to track lightning strikes.

84. A lightning strike survivor was interviewed. He said, "It was so shockingly powerful and it really Hertz.”

85. Lightning storms are always so very striking.

86. Two lightning bolts decided on a perfect place for their date. They went to Cloud 9.

87. There was a bolt of lightning who loved to play a lot of different sports. His friends called him 'ball lightning'.

88. Lightning is the worst worker because it’s always on strike.

89. The man who was driving the train got struck by lightning. It's because he was a good conductor.

90. One day, Thor lost his lightning powers. Because his father had grounded him.

91. There was a thunderstorm who wasn’t getting paid enough. So he decided to go on a lightning strike.

92. Lightning just doesn’t know how to conduct itself. So sometimes it can shock people.

93. Currently, I have been reading a bunch of news articles dealing with lightning strikes to keep myself updated about current events.

Tornado Puns

Get rolling around with these puns on tornadoes.

94. The story of the tornado turned out to be so great. Because it had a shocking twist at the end.

95. Hurricanes look with their eye to know where they’re going.

96. When the tornado saw the sports car, it said, "Let’s go for a spin".

97. If hurricanes started traveling slowly, we’d have to start calling them 'slow-i-canes'.

98. There's a special place where tornadoes are sent to get punished. It's called a high-pressure cell.

99. A tornado’s favorite game is twister.

100. When a walking stick makes you walk faster, it's called a ‘hurricane'.

101. When the hurricane saw the coast, it said, "I have my eye on you".

102. It is super hard to sneak up on a hurricane because it's always turning around.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Weather Puns then why not take a look at Nature Puns, or Beach Jokes.

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