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50+ Camera Puns And Jokes That Have No Negatives!

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Cameras have made our lives so easy to store and print our most favorite memories for a lifetime with just a snap.

Did you ever wonder when and how did this beautiful device ever come into existence? Before we get into some funny jokes about photography and puns, here are a few important and quick facts about this incredible device, perfect for showing off in front of your photographer friends!

The earliest camera was a room-sized one with space for at least one or more people inside. Over time, this camera gradually evolved into more compact and smaller models. Niépce was the first to develop the time portable box, or 'camera obscurae' as many call it. It was suitable for photography and was made readily available.

Post this portable box invention, Johann Zahn invented the first camera in 1685 that was small and quite portable and was practical for photography. Since then, photographic technology saw different clever camera names and versions like daguerreotypes, calotypes, dry plates, film, or negative rolls to the modern-day digital and phone cameras that come with various advanced features and accessories for the ultimate outcome.

Now, as you know the basic history of cameras check the lists below for some quirky and funny camera puns and jokes to make your friends who like photography giggle.

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Play On Words And Puns On Camera

Camera and puns tend to grab a lot of attention from the photographers, or should we say pun-ographers. Here is a list of puns and wordplay on cameras! Camera lens puns can make for great photography puns.

1. I accidentally washed my father's camera's memory card. He's furious because now all the images are watermarked.

2. I got this reversing camera a few weeks ago. Oh boy, I've never looked back since then.

3. My brother stacked the camera on three tide pods. He came running to me and said, "Look there's a tripod".

4. My friend said if I behave nicely, he will gift me an action camera. He said it's Quid GoPro.

5. Sony's new camcorder was absolutely 'panned' by the critics.

6. My mother is fed up with her camera lens flying away and perching on things. It was quite aperture.

7. My sister goes all haywire whenever she misplaced her camera. She's quite a loose canon, one could say.

Cool Camera Jokes

Jokes are known to create some interesting conversations. Here are a few punny jokes that will make all the camera team giggle. You will find some polaroid camera puns that can double down as a great camera joke.

8. What did I tell my grandfather when he asked me how he would get a new ball, pack of cookies, milk packet, and chocolates with just 5 dollars in his youth? I looked at him and said, "They didn't have CCTV cameras back then."

9. My teenage brother asked Siri why he is single? Siri started the front camera instead of answering in words.

10. How many cameras would a good photographer need? Just two more.

11. What did the camera say to his digital son? You can never be negative.

12. What do you call a camera who is depressed and has mood swings? Biopolaroid disorder.

13. What do you call a patron saint of a security camera? St. Francis of the CCTV.

14. What would a cheese camera be named as? It would be called a GoProvolone.

15. Why did one company selling cameras buy the other one? That company wanted to take the competition out of its picture.

16. Why does one see only positives after buying a digital camera? Because it has no negatives.

17. Why do you think the iPhone 11 camera looks like a stove? Because of Tim Cook.

Funny Photographer Jokes

The person behind a camera might be shy of attention but they actually have the most hilarious jokes based on them. Here is a list of few jokes on photographers that will make your photography friends giggle.

Photographer clicking photos

18. What do you call the ones who shoot people and never get arrested? Photographers, of course!

19. What is the common thing between photographers and snipers? They both get money for headshots.

20. What would a cameraman who got beaten up with a camera say? "I have very bad flashbacks."

21. When someone says my camera takes nice pictures, I smile at them and say, "Thanks, I taught it everything".

22. What would Popeye, the sailor man, be called if he was a photographer? Popeye, the DSLR man.

23. Who is the one person to survive all the disasters in the movies? The movie's cameraman.

24. Who would you call the fastest - the Flash or Superman? Probably the cameraman.

25. Why are photographers good problem solvers? Because they look at problems from a different perspective.

26. Why do famous photographers get ill all the time? Because they're always going viral.

27. Why was the photographer fined for because his lens had fallen off the camera? Because of indecent exposure.

28. Why would you call photographers violent? Because they frame you, shoot you, even blow you up at times, and hang you.

Best Photography Camera Jokes

Jokes related to photography can crack up everyone during a tedious shoot. Check these funny jokes and puns ideas for a hearty laugh. One can quickly turn these jokes into humorous puns.

29. How can one end up with a small fortune doing photography? They can start with a large fortune.

30. How does one address an action camera? It's a Quid GoPro.

31. What is the difference between cameras and socks? A camera takes photos, and a sock takes five-toes.

32. Why are there cameras in a scientist's doctorate these? They want to see their P.HD.

33. Why did the photographers suffer depression before digital cameras came in? They all had to process a lot of negatives together.

Simply Funny Puns About Photography

Photography is a profession that comes along with a huge sum of puns. Check this list to make your photography loving friends laugh. These puns also include great picture puns that can be easily used as captions on social media sites.

35. During the wedding photography session, the groom asked the cameraman why he was fidgeting with his camera. The cameraman said he was trying to develop the right focus.

36. I got a job in the photographer's studio. After a few negative reviews, my boss finally said my talent is developing.

37. My cat loves working on the camera to create some spellbinding paw-traits.

38. My mother was so angry with my photographer father. She said if he took one more picture, she'd leave. That's when my father snapped.

39. My sister always keeps on stating photography puns and jokes. You cannot shutter up.

40. My sister caught the most amazing lightning on her camera last night. Luckily, she survived.

41. Not a single president likes a camera. Apparently, they don't want to be shot.

42. Photographers shutter at the thought of cameras not being able to take pictures.

43. Photography puns are out of most people's depth-of-field.

44. The turtles surely enjoy clicking shellfies more than average pictures.

Photography Puns For Fancy Captions

Looking for some photography puns that can make up beautiful and funny captions? This list of puns will make all your Instagram captions worth the read.

45. Beware - I may snap any time.

46. Every heroic photographer will relate to photography puns like, 'I came. I saw. I captured!"

47. Farmers will be the only people happy with a 100% crop.

48. I am just a superhero photographer with the power of freezing time.

49. It isn't easy to find photography puns because they haven't been developed yet.

50. My brother had to quit photography because he kept losing focus.

51. Photography is a hobby that one can develop over time.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for camera jokes and puns, then why not take a look at Pokémon puns. If you are a seafood fan, you need to check these seafood puns.

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