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70+ Candle Puns And Jokes That Spark

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Candles are actually beautiful sculptures made of wax.

These beautiful things can light up your world if you're in darkness. They will also fill your room with sweet fragrance too when you need them.

Wax in these days are not only used to make candles, some artists also use wax to make beautiful sculptures of famous people, which has become quite a popular art nowadays. Candles on another hand, there are many places in the world where artisans devote their lives to making the most beautiful candles. They make these masterpieces by their own hand. These little things play a big part in our lives, like at the time of Hanukkah or when you're having a beautiful candlelight dinner with your family, or your birthday, or for Halloween and on many more occasions when you can use them as decorations. As much appreciation these little things deserve, we have some wax and candle puns and some candle wax puns for you.

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Candle Puns

Have some fun with these candle puns, doesn't really matter if they're about soy candle or Roman candles or even candle holder, they will not burn out. Take a peek at these happy birthday puns for friends and candle ones and enjoy. Pick out your favorite candle pun and share it with friends.

1. I wanted to start a candle making company. But my family didn't think it would be a good idea. I kept assuring them that it makes scents.

2. There was an assassin that only used candles as his weapon. His name was John Wick.

3. The candles companies in our area got insurances from one bank. They called it 'Waxident insurance'.

4. I borrowed my friend's candle without asking him first, he was incensed.

5. I bought a gold-scented candle and burned it. It had a very rich aroma.

6. Yesterday I went to a party at my friend's house. Everyone was dressed as birthday candles. It was a blowout.

7. I got a job at a candle store. But the manager was very unreasonable. So I got incensed and quit.

8. I had a box of candles delivered to me at home yesterday. I candled them with care.

9. The candle factory in our neighborhood wasn't quite profitable. It's probably because they only made a few scents.

10. I bought my sister some candles for her room. It looked pretty lit.

11. All the fathers out there cannot hold a candle to my father. Because for a living, he makes gunpowder.

12. This Halloween, Gucci sold out all of their $500 scented candles. Some people seem to have so many dollars but not enough scents.

13. The high achieving candle on my table went out by itself. Well, it was working well until it had a burn-out.

14. My sister missed her chance to blow on her candles and make a wish. The candles went out. She blew it.

15. My sister used a lot of small candles for her party as decorations. Her place looks tealight-ful.

16. I went to the candle store and could smell some cedar and balsam scented candles. It was making me pine for the woods.

Funny Candle Puns

Candles placed on stand with blue background.

Have a go at some of these funny birthday puns and candle ones. They'll surely leave you in splits.

17. My friends and I lit off some fireworks last night and then I lit off some Roman Candles. Hearing that, my dad told me, "oh? did it go off and roman around?"

18. My son made a new friend when we went to the candle store last month. Their friendship started by candlelight. But only lasted a wick.

19. I met a guy who said he was from Candleville. I told him "that makes you a candle-lite, right?"

20. I tried to look for something to light my candles on Amazon. But all they gave me was 13,749 matches.

21. Bought my colleague a candle extinguisher. Getting the gift, he was de-lighted.

22. I was trying to think of a way to make candles burn longer. My dad just told me, "you can’t, because they burn shorter".

23. My local football team loses more matches than when I try to light my candle in the dark.

24. It was dark and tried lighting a candle but to no avail. I guess the candlestick was refusing to light up till it found its match.

25. The candle skipped eating at night. It just had a little snack. Well, that’s what's called a light dinner.

26. The candle became sad because his friends blew him off.

27. There was a big fire in the aroma therapy candle factory. But things are a lot calmer now.

28. I was at a party where everyone was thinking of a game to play. Someone came up with an idea and said, "this is a candle. If you keep the candle lit, then you win. So don't blow it".

29. Four men were on a boat and had five candles. But they had nothing with them to light the candles. So they threw a candle overboard and then the whole boat became a candle lighter.

30. There's a way of lighting candles even when you don't have matches. You just have to cut a bit off of the candle, so that it becomes a little lighter.

31. Candles were used for the first time on a birthday cake by the people who just wanted to make light of their age.

32. My dad was teaching me how to fix the car but I was just holding the flashlight the entire time. I guess I'll never be able to hold a candle to him.

Candle Jokes

Here we have some of the best and new cane jokes to serve you doses of laughter.

33. What kind of sale did the candle store have? They had a blowout sale.

34. What would you do if your room smelled bad? You'd just light a candle, because It just makes scents.

35. What would you call a candle that's made of the melted remainders of other candles? It'd be named Frankincense.

36. What do Angels always light their candles with? They light it with matches made in heaven.

37. What did the candle say to its friend? It said, "I'm going out tonight".

38. What did everyone do the day when the candle store burned down? They stood around and they sang Happy Birthday.

39. What is the best place to learn about candles? It's Wickipedia.

40. What did the one candle state to the match? It said, "you light up my world".

41. What do you do when you go to the store to buy candle holders but they don't have any? You just buy a cake.

42. Why did the candles quit their job? They were all too burnt out.

43. What parts of fishes are used in making candles? Paraffins.

44. Why do we have a tradition of blowing out the candles on birthday cakes? It's so that we don't burn our mouth when we eat it.

45. How did the candles give such fantastic answers? They were all enlightened.

46. Why does the candle always get an F in math? It's because it's a little light-headed.

47. Why did the boy take candles to the toilet? It's because he wanted the birthday potty.

48. What would you do if you wanted more candles on your birthday cake but the store was out of them? I'd just say, "there's always next year".

49. What did the candle say to its friend when it made a cool joke? You're lit.

50. What would you get if you put a candle inside a suit of armor? I'd get a knight-light

51. Did you know you could light candles with pieces of dry spaghetti? Well, that's using your noodle.

Punny Candle Jokes

Take a look at these funny and punny candle jokes that will brighten up your mood like a candle.

52. What happened when Joseph Swan came up with the idea of a light bulb? I guess a candle appeared above his head.

53. How do you know when you're getting old? It's when usually candles cost you more than the cake.

54. What's the most stressful thing for a dragon on its birthday? Trying to blow out candles on its birthday cake.

56. Where does the candle family like to visit the most? The Wax Museum.

57. What would the name of a candle be which looks exactly like Keanu Reeves? It'd be called John Wick.

58. What game is a candle best at? Wax-a-mole.

59. What would you call a candle that always has a savage reply? Wicked.

60. What would the candle say if he reached work late? He'd say, "better light than never".

61. How long does it take for a candle to burn out? It takes a wick minute.

62. What do you call it when people put candles on cakes? Wishful thinking.

63. Why wasn't the candle able to sleep? Because there is no rest for the wicked.

64. Do candles feel sad or happy when they get put out? They feel delighted.

65. What would you call a fraud who works in a Candle factory? They'd be called a Scandle.

66. Why was the weak candle flickering all through the night? It was going through a sick burn.

67. What would you do if it was cold outside? We'd all sit together around some candle and if it was really cold we'd light it

68. What would you do if someone told you that they'd burn your present if you gave them anything stupid? I'd just buy them a candle.

69. Why do we always put candles on top of birthday cakes? Because it’s harder to put the candles on the bottom.

70. What would the Teddy Bear say after it blew out its birthday candles? It'd say, "I don't want any cake. I’m stuffed".

71. What did the doctor said to the man who complained that he got heartburn every time he ate birthday cake? The doctor told him to take off the candles before eating the cake.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for candle puns then why not take a look at cake puns, or for something different take a look at beach puns.

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