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40+ Chess Puns That Are A Real Check Mate

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Punny humor and a game of chess have one thing in common, and that is intelligence.

To play chess and make punny humor about it requires a certain level of intelligence and knowledge about both the game and a good understanding and grasp of vocabulary. Both fall under the category of recreational but brain-boosting games that are good for both the mind and the soul.

The game of chess has been around ever since the seventh century and is played by millions of people worldwide in this era. Similarly, ever since language came into being, puns have also been extensively used as a form of expression or emphasis. Puns about chess, chess pieces, playing chess and anything related to chess can be greatly enjoyed over a game of chess with your mates. Everybody who loves and understands the chess game will also appreciate any witty humor made about it as long as it isn't offensive to someone's sentiments.

Just as chess requires intelligence, so does the art of making puns. To be able to make a pun with language related to an intelligent topic like chess shows that you have a higher IQ and above-average intelligence. Chess is a game that has gained fame. Being one of the iconic board games, many tournaments of chess are held. It is even an Olympic level game because it can be easily categorized as a mental sport. One can only become a chess champion when he or she can master strategizing and knowing the odds before making a move. There are many known national and international champions of chess that encourage future generations to follow in their footsteps and become a chess player and enthusiast as well.

Just like chess, puns as a literary tool have been used in many famous epic poems and by famous writers in their literary works. They can help kids get a better insight into the use of language in a funny and witty way. Once these two are compiled together, you can inspire your kid to not only strategize from an early age with a game of chess but also help them have a good grasp of language. It might also even inspire the ability to create a funny chess character name, such as Chesskey, which can be used in other aspects of life!

If you are looking for some great chess puns for your kid or just to have some fun reading some of them on your own, this list will be perfect. If you like more puns, you can look into our other articles: 75 Cracking Computer Jokes For Your Kids and Pokemon Jokes - You'll Want To Collect 'Em All!

Check Mate Puns For A Chess Champion To Check Out

Are you a champion of the chess game looking for some comic relief in your life? Here's a list of the greatest puns that are check, mate.

1. When the Slovak chess player finally found a partner, he found a Czech mate.

2. When my friend asked if all the pieces were there in the chess set I had sold him, I told him to check, mate.

3. When Australian chess players finish their meals in the restaurant, they say, "Cheque, mate."

4. When I visited my old friend, who was also a chess champion, I had become the next champion as well. "All I did was check, mate," I said to him.

5. I beat my friend in chess today. He knew he wouldn't win, but he wanted to check just in case.

6. My chess-loving best friend who lives in Prague is my Czech mate.

7. My friend and I own a business selling chess sets. When we both have to ring people up at the register, he becomes my check mate.

8. If you want to beat a Slav at Chess, you need to get them in Czech-mate.

9. When pirates beat another pirate in chess, they say, "Check matey!"

10. Australian chess players hate moldy bread because they are "stale, mate!"

11. People from the Czech Republic are very bad at chess because they are Czech-made.

Funny Chess Puns About Chess Pieces That Simply Rule

Cute little baby boy playing chess

Looking for some amazing puns about chess pieces that will move you? This list has plenty you will love.

12. When the King started telling a bedtime story to all the chess pieces, he said, "Once a pawn a time..."

13. You should never buy chess from a pawn shop.

14. The major part of the brain that is used to play chess is the pons.

15. Bob Seger loves playing chess. He even wrote a song about 'How the knight moves.'

16. I am a bit medieval when it comes to playing chess because I always go to the castle.

17. I must have misplaced my queen after a chess game. I will need to check.

18. When you have to move the horse in chess, you always have to take an L.

19. When I first learned chess, I tried to make the first move with my castle. It was a common rook-ie error.

20. A common favorite movie of chess pieces is 'The Dark Knight Rises.'

21. A game that is a combination of chess, 'Battleships,' and 'Connect Four' is called rook, line, and sinker.

22. Miyazaki's favorite chess piece is bound to be Howl's Moving Castle.

23. The white bishop piece in a game of chess the fastest chess piece because it is on F1.

24. A chess champ's favorite starter is a Pawn cocktail.

25. Chess champions are also great at boxing because they pack a mean right rook!

26. I love listening to knight music when I play chess.

Funny Puns About A Game Of Chess

There is no gray area in chess, only black and white. Check out this list of chess puns, and you will know why.

27. I bought a chessboard that is blank. Check it out.

28. When I found a bird playing a game of chess, I asked, "Toucan play that too?"

29. A team of chess players talking about their wins in a hotel lobby should be called chess nuts boasting in an open foyer instead.

30. When I started to learn about the history behind chess, I couldn't help thinking that they have quite a checkered past.

31. A funny name for a chess player character who is also very good at playing checkers is Ingrid.

32. A chess champion is also good at dancing and karate because he has some good moves.

33. Amongst all other chess pieces, my favorite is the rook because it is very straight-forward.

34. I stopped playing chess after a while because I got so board.

35. Some trees hate the game of checkers because they are chess-nuts.

36. I got my son a chess set for his birthday. He is gifted.

37. When Alexander was asked what his favorite board game was, he said, "Alekhine think of is chess."

38. When Paul was asked if he wanted to take the black or the white, he answered, "Who Keres? I will still win this."

39. If Bobby had written a Holy book on chess, it would contain the words "Please follow me, and I'll make you a Fischer of men."

40. Before playing chess, Richard always says, "Reti or not, here I come!"

41. When Spongebob Squarepants plays chess, he only uses live prawns.

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