143 Climbing Puns And Mountain Puns That Will Not Leave You Everest | Kidadl


143 Climbing Puns And Mountain Puns That Will Not Leave You Everest

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Here are some punny phrases for thrill-seeking adventurers to take to the top.

We've picked out some of the best mountain and climbing wordplay out there, that kids and adults will surely remember next time they take to the heights. These funny climbing rock puns will definitely not leave you hanging!

Climbing Puns To Get You Time After Time

Climbing enthusiasts will love these punny phrases, guaranteed to take their jokes to new heights.

1.Don't sweat the small bluff.

2.The streets are caved with gold.

3.Steep calm and carry on.

4.Don't sweat the tall stuff.

5.The Climb Minister.

6.Hill out.

7.Don't make a rockery of me!

8.Caved by the bell.

9.Landform ahoy!

10.Lightning never hikes twice in the same place.

11.Catch a fold.

12.Crag you through the mud.

13.Right up your valley.

14.Buy one, get one ski.

15.Follow that terrain of thought.

16.Diamond in the bluff.

17.No person is a highland.

18.The landform of make-believe.

19.Finder's steepers.

20.Tall's well that ends well.

21.We're on the same cavelength.

22.Canyon help me out?

23.The ski to your heart.

24.Let's tall it a day.

25.You're a chip off the fold block.

26.From crags to riches.

27.At the end of the rainbow is a pot of fold.

28.Times hike this.

29.Cave it for a rainy day.

30.Landform follows function.

31.One more climb.

32.Go weak at the skis.

33.Tough as fold boots.

34.Right as terrain.

35.Deeper than the deep blue ski.

36.Don't fold a grudge.

37.Look before you steep.

38.Foldly go where none have gone before.

39.From ski to shining ski.

40.Tall aboard!

41.A steep of faith.

42.Don't rub fault in my wound.

43.Choose whatever you hike.

44.Knock your rocks off!

45.That was hill-areas!

46.Attack is the best landform of defence.

47.Grind to a fault.

48.Don't steep us in suspense!

49.You're barking up the wrong ski.

50.Hill the beans.

51.I'm in fine landform.

52.Cave your breath.

53.Beauty is only skin steep.

54.Everyone had a good climb at the party.

55.Don't fold your breath.

56.It never fault better.

57.A crag of tricks.

58.Bless your cotton rocks.

59.Good as fold.

60.Take it with a pinch of fault.

61.The landform of hope and glory.

62.The ski's the limit.

63.On your hike.

64.Three hikes and you're out.

65.Out of the clear blue ski.

66.Pie in the ski.

67.I'm down on bended ski.

68.Like two skis in a pod.

69.As far as the eye can ski.

70.As far as the eye canyon see.

71.It's a little bluff around the edges.

72.Don't mesa with me.

73.Fortune favors the cave.

Camping in mountains

Mountain Climbing Puns For A Gneiss Laugh

Need some new phrases for the pun-sernal? Let us rope you in...

74.The mountain of youth.

75.This is in mount condition.

76.Mount me in!

77.Mount your blessings.

78.It's the thought that mounts.

79.When you're angry, take some deep breaths and mount to ten.

80.When the going gets bluff, the tough keep going.

81.Action-peaked adventure.

82.I know I peaked my toothbrush.

83.That was just a peak of lies.

84.You're always nit-peaking.

85.Take a peak.

86.We're giving you a sneak peak.

87.Turn the other peak.

88.Let's play hide and peak.

89.Peak and you shall find.

90.Stop peaking around.

91.Here's a peak preview.

92.Actions peak louder than words.

93.It peaks for itself.

94.We're on peaking terms again.

95.Peak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil.

96.I'm on a winning peak.

97.That made me peak at the knees.

98.Slow down, do you Everest?

99.They lived happily Everest after.

100.Diamonds are for-everest.

101.For everest and ever.

102.Actions peak louder than words.

103.For everest and a day.

104.A cut above the everest.

105.Give it an everest.

106.Ain't no mountain highland enough.

107.Highland as a kite.

108.Highland and dry.

109.The highland of hope and glory.

110.The highland of milk and honey.

111.In lala highland.

112.Treasure highland.

113.Build a ridge and get over it.

114.Ridge the gap.

115.Burning ridges.

116.Keep cool in the ridge.

117.Rise the bar.

118.Rise the roof.

119.Before your very rise.

120.The rise and lows.

121.Eyes on the rise.

122.All shapes and rises.

123.Pick on someone your own rise.

124.One rise fits all.

125.There was none the riser.

126.A word to the rise.

127.I'm older and riser.

128.Don't get your slopes up.

129.I've got high slopes.

130.Learn the slopes.

131.Steep a cool head.

132.Steep cool, calm and collected.

133.All that and then summit.

134.Make summit noise.

135.A range is gonna come.

136.He had a range of heart.

137.I've had a range of address.

138.Range the channel.

139.Highland and mighty.

140.Eiger beaver.

141.You need to change your altitude.

142.Thank you, that really alps me out.

143.A hundred andes ten percent.

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