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35 Egg Puns To Crack You Up

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Did you know that you can tell if an egg is raw or hard-boiled just by spinning it? Or that the average chicken lays over 300 eggs a year? What about the fact that the largest egg ever laid was an enormous 23cm in diameter?

Making your family and friends laugh really does feel egg-cellent - and what better way to do it than with puns and jokes about eggs? If you're looking to broaden your egg-related humour, you've come to the right place.

We've rounded up 35 of our most egg-straordinarily hilarious yolks for you to learn and share with the world. Check them out!

Egg Puns

1. Don't I have the best egg puns? I can be a real comedi-hen.

2. Are you egg-noring me? Don’t you like my egg-cellent jokes?

3. Do you want to learn more about eggs? Why don't you take a look in a hen-cyclopedia?

4. A boiled egg for breakfast is really hard to beat.

5. I was going to tell you a joke about an egg but it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

6. I'm so egg-cited about all of these funny egg puns.

7. I went to McDonald's this morning. Did you know that they've eggs-panded their breakfast menu?

8. The best time to eat an egg is at the crack of dawn.

9. I can be a real practical yolk-er at times.

10. Have you done something different with your hair? You look eggs-traordinary!

11. You don't want to make an egg laugh too hard, it'll start cracking up.

Egg pun

Egg Jokes

12. What is an egg’s least favourite day of the week? Fry-day!

13. How does the Easter Bunny stay in shape during the offseason? He gets lots of eggs-ercise!

14. Why did the egg regret being in an omelette? It just wasn’t all it was cracked up to be!

15. Knock, knock!

Who’s there?


Egg who?

Egg-stremely disappointed that you still don’t recognize me.

16. Why did it take the chicken so long to cross the road? There was no eggs-press lane.

17. Why did the Easter Egg hide? He was a little chicken!

18. What did the egg do when it saw the frying pan? It scrambled.

19. What did the egg say after someone bumped into her? Egg-scuse me!

20. Knock, Knock!

Who’s there?


Omelette who?

Omelette smarter than I look!

21. How do monsters like their eggs done? Terri-fried!

22. What sport are eggs good at? Running!

23. What crime are eggs most afraid of? Poaching!

24. What do you call eggs that snooze on the job? Eggs-austed!

25. What does the chicken say to get across a busy street? EGGS-cuse me, please!

Egg puns


26. You've got to be careful around egg whites, everyone knows that they can't take a yolk.

27. A chicken and an egg walk into a bar. The bartender asks them, "So, who's first?".

28. I saw an egg behaving really weirdly today. He must have been really egg-centric.

29. I saw a sign earlier that said, “Free Range Eggs.” I’ve never heard of Range Eggs before, but at least they were free to take.

30. One egg turned to the other and said, "Wow, you really get me all cracked up!"

31. I’ve decided to put my eggs all in one basket. I'm just tired of looking silly walking around the supermarket.

32. An egg walked into a bar and cracked a joke. He left behind a real mess.

33. My friend asked for a weird birthday present this year. It was really cheap so I bought it, but I have no idea why he'd want an eggs-box.

34. The police have spent hours questioning the egg. I think it's about to crack.

35. An omelette walked into a bar. The bartender says, “Sorry, we don’t serve breakfast here.”

Written By
Rachel Garner

Rachel grew up in Switzerland and currently lives in north-west London. She is an avid reader, writer, and a real foodie and loves discovering new hotspots and trendy places to go in the city. She also enjoys planning days out for her family, she especially loves taking her little cousins swimming and to the park. When she has some free time she loves going to concerts, baking, or visiting her family at their home in Essex. She can sometimes be found travelling a bit further than Essex and loves meticulously planning and researching a trip before heading off to explore new places in Europe and further afield.

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