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25 Great Netball Puns That Scorefootball jokes

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Whether you're the one trying to shoot the ball into the goal, or stop the ball going in the basket, if you're a netball lover we bet you're going to find these netball jokes and puns a total ball.

Netball is a sport that's a lot like basketball, but you cannot run with the ball. Most of the time the players are girls, but netball is a game that can be played by anyone with a love of sports, no matter what gender, which is good news because it's great fun!

If you're at primary school in the UK, chances are you will have played a game of netball at least once, and some of you sporty folk might even be on the team at your school. The game of netball was invented in the 1890s, as a game that girls and women could play, because they weren't allowed to play basketball. Luckily now women and girls can play any sport they like, but that doesn't stop netball being one of the best team sports to get fit and have fun.

And that's not even mentioning all the fun you can have with hilarious wordplays, which are seriously funny. If you need a hand coming up with a funny name for a netball team, these puns might spark some of the best netball team names ideas that will help you win the trophy. If you want some funny netball quotes to make your teammates  laugh, then this list is going to get you game day ready in no time at all. And if you can't get enough of funny sports jokes, then you're going to love these football jokes, and why not check out some of these amazing rugby jokes too? They're definitely going to give you something new to talk about on the netball pitch!

Funny Netball Puns

Red Ball on grass field

Why not share these netball puns with your teammates?

1. Netball players never have any problems with keeping cool on a hot day. They just go and sit next to their fans.

2. Basketball is a seriously stinky sport. Netball is better because it's a lot more social. You see, a penalty in basketball is foul, but in netball it's a contact.

3. The netball was sad when he said goodbye to his netball friend, but he was sure he'd see her round.

4. There is absolutely no doubt that the scentre circle is the best smelling part of the netball court.

5. We were all confused when the coach came to the match wearing a bib. We thought he might want to play netball with us, but it just turned out he was going to have his dinner.

6. Netball players are considered to be some of the most IT-savvy sports people. It's because they are always on the net.

7. The funnest job for a netball centre player is being a lorry driver. The two positions have a lot in common - they both love to drive.

8. There was one thing that all of the witnesses mentioned about the attacker - they all said she was carrying a feather in her hair. The detective decided that she must have been a wing attacker.

9. The new netball player was confused when her team thought it was funny  that she'd brought her felt tip pens to the pitch. She hadn't quite understood the term "marking."

10. My netball opponent kept moving side to side while we were playing. I think something dodgy was going on.

11. The netball player had to wear her glasses during the game, even though she wanted to wear her new contacts. Netball is a strictly non-contact game.

12. The netball umpire always had a really high phone bill. She wasn't surprised though, she had been making a lot of calls.

13. Netball has been banned from schools because it's such a violent sport. The court ruled that there was too much shooting, defending and contact for it to be safe for players.

14. The bumble bee Goal Attack was over the moon when he finally got a goal. "Hive scored!" he shouted happily.

15. There are serious consequences when a netball player commits a crime. She'll have to go to go to the netball court to plead her case.

16. It's quite hard to marry a netball player. There's a serious amount of courting involved.

17. The netball player held her trainer to her ear whenever she wasn't on the pitch, she just loved listening to sole music.

18. Most people don't know that ghosts love to play netball, but trust me, you'll find them on the netball corpse.

19. I wondered why the netball kept getting bigger and bigger. And that's when it hit me.

20. Netball players don't drink coffee, if you offer them a hot drink they're far more likely to ask for a cup of penal-tea.

21. Shooters are the greediest netball players. They're always trying to make the rest of the players feed them.

22. The professional dancer struggled to transition into her new career as a netball coach. She was having too much fun choreographing the footwork.

23. Netball players will always reach the top of a building before anyone else. They are great at stepping.

24. I always try to position myself in the middle of the netball pitch, because I just love how it smells. There's nowhere with a better odour than the scentre circle.

25. Cinderella was very sad that she had to give up her netball career. It wasn't ever going to work though, her coach was a pumpkin, and she couldn't stop running away from the ball.

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Emily Munden

<p>An experienced Londoner, Emily loves to discover new and exciting places in the city, especially with her two younger brothers. She has a passion for fashion and design and is also involved in art charities that facilitate workshops for children with special needs and difficult home lives. Emily is a trained life coach and enjoys writing about general wellness, mindfulness, and healthy relationships.</p>

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