30 Head Puns And Jokes That Won't Go Over Your Head

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Head puns and jokes are often used to make a conversation light and breezy.

If you're at a boring party or a serious conversation and want to help others breathe a little, head puns and jokes can be really helpful. Not only they are funny but also very clever.

One can definitely try picking up rib-tickling headache puns or even small head jokes and jokes on big head. But always check that no one gets offended by your words. Headless puns can also be very funny if you know how to deliver the joke. Losing your head puns are one of the most favorites and grabs many ears. The jokes and puns given here are really simple and won't go right over your head. If something goes past or over your head, it means you don't understand it. But these puns and jokes are easy to understand and laugh at.

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Funny Head Jokes

To have great such head jokes to start off your perfect date, you can try something as quirky as these. Here's a list of some funny jokes about heads to choose from.

1. Do you know I lost my memory after I banged my head in a boomerang? It is coming back to me now.

2. What did a hat tell a tie? You hang around, and I'll go on a-head.

3. What happens to a person after they get hit by a pillow on the head? A con-cushion.

4. Why did Rob not feel pain as he hit the can with his head? It was a soft drink.

5. What do they play at a party when everyone's sleepy? Talking Heads.

6. What is Edward with a plank on his head called? Edward Wood.

7. Why did Kierra only bring herself after signing up for a band performance? She signed up for all the voices in her head.

8. Do you know what I saw after the teacher smacked my head with a telescope? Stars all around me.

Your Head Is So Big Jokes

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If you are thinking about trying your heads in stand up comedy and observational jokes are your thing, here are some funniest big head jokes for you to take inspiration from. You can also try them with your friends at a gathering, it will bring everyone down with laughter. These jokes won't even fly over your head. Remember to always be kind though and don't make these kinds of jokes with someone who might be insecure.

9. How does big head Gary wears a shirt? He steps into it.

10. Why doesn't big head Gary go to the cinema halls? His head is so big he can already dream in widescreen.

11. Do you know why big head Gary took two pages to fill the form? His passport photo is so big, it needed another page to end.

12. Why did big head Gary not get wet during the rain? Because the rain couldn't reach his body.

13. Do you know what big head Gary's forehead is called? A seven head.

14. Do you know why big head Gary had to set up two showers in his bathroom? The water from the top shower couldn't reach his body after his head.

15. Why does it take big head Gary so much time to hear from his ears? Because big head Gary's head is so big, his right ear is in a different time zone from his left.

16. Why was big head Gary banned from the concert? His head was so big he was blocking the sky view boxes.

Hilarious Head Puns

Puns about heads are a great help for bringing that edge and impress through the conversation. You can select any pun from this group and use such a pun to make people laugh their heads off. Here's a list of head puns that you can try to craft your master pun from:

17. The scientists were given the task to design hats, and they lost their heads to it.

18. Abraham Lincoln was a man a-head of his time.

19. My friend always wanted to be famous but when he finally managed it for having the first brain transplant, it really went to his head!

20. The students were taught brain surgery, and one of them got tired and said, "It is too much to wrap my head around."

21. After a hectic day, everyone had a headache, so the teachers asked the students to directly head over to their rooms to rest.

22. After banging his head against the shelf, Terry headed out to the hospital.

23. Dora suffered from a concussion and could not walk straight, as she tried to go near the door, the nurse said, "She is headed in the wrong direction."

24. The students were making head puns in a biology class, and the teacher got angry and told the students, "You can head out and never attend another class of mine."

25. The prince gifted a crown to his beloved, she said she was head over heels with him.

26. Roby's father said, "Go be the headliner of your life." So he went ahead and became a rockstar.

27. Being the head girl of the school, Hola had the job of counting the heads in every school event.

28. Riley warned Richie to beware of the new boy in class as he is known for playing mind games. Richie said, "Thanks for the heads up."

29. When asked if Stella had heard from the headless horseman recently, she said, "I haven't spoken to him for years, I got to know he had lost his mind.

30. After the concussion, Ron started seeing many different visions. The doctor said that it was all in his head.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for head jokes then why not take a look at ear puns, or for something different take a look at paper puns and jokes.

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