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35+ Hiking Puns And Jokes That Are Outside The Box

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So many people love to take a hike and have a break from their mobiles for a bit.

Many of us love to stroll around in the mountains and hills or walk on a trail in nature. It's a time to explore our surroundings and reconnect with nature.

Apart from connecting with nature, taking a hike has so many benefits for humans. It helps in lowering stress, blood pressure, increases confidence levels. It is a healthy activity to control body weight that allows us to unplug and appreciate nature. Sometimes when you are trekking or walking with friends, it might get a little monotonous. To break that down, why not engage in a few walking puns and funny hiking jokes that will add to making the journey memorable for all? Here is a list of a few best jokes and puns that every hiker will love.

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Crazy Puns About Walking

Walking is just hiking with smaller steps. So here are a few puns for the trail lovers. You may find an interesting pun that would make a perfect caption for social media stories.

Grevasalvas is a small Swiss village that lies along the hiking path

1. During a trail walk, my mother was so tired she said to my father, "Slow down you. Don't you Everest?"

2. I was walking along a trail and ran into my friend named Nick. It was quite a see-Nick trail today.

3. I was walking on a trail and dropped my trail mix. I started wondering if it was a trail remix now.

4. My brother left the beaten path to explore the forest. He left a trail behind him.

5. My girlfriend and I were walking on a trail and were lost. She was annoyed and threw the map at me, so now I know where I stand.

6. Our class was determined to finish the hike around the lake, come hill or high water.

7. The mental asylum had a walking trail up the hill. It was called a psychopath.

8. Walking along the river, a tree asked me, "Water you doing down here?" I replied, "I wood never leave a view like this behind".

9. We'd gone camping, and my brother was annoying me, so I told him to go take a hike.

10. When my professor said he was an experienced trail runner, I didn't realize he would be trailing behind everyone else.

11. I couldn't beleaf it when the director told me that I was going to be on a movie trail about nature!

Hilarious Jokes About Hiking


Hiking jokes can never get old. Here are a few to crack you up on a tiring trek. You will find funny and popular jokes and puns about mountains and hiking!

12. Did you hear the story about the mountain? I couldn't get over it.

13. What did the guide say when he left the hikers on their own? May the forest be with you.

14. What do you do if the feet of the hiking robot breaks? You reboot it.

15. What do you say when it gets too hot on a hilly hike? Hill out, it's just half a mile away.

16. What is the catholic priest who loves hiking called? A Roamin' Catholic.

17. Which is the laziest mountain? Mount Ever rest.

18 Why are mountains so funny? Because they are hill areas.

19. Why did the boy throw the rock during the hike and not keep it as a souvenir? He was not sedimental.

20. Why did the queen's husband go to the top of a mountain? Because he was the high king.

21. Why did William work on making paths and trails? Because where there's Will, there's a way.

22. Why do hipsters stick to backcountry rivers for hiking? Because they are less mainstream.

Funny Hiking Puns

Hiking and puns can go hand in hand for memorably hilarious treks. See these pun ideas to make the most of your hiking experience with family and friends. These puns can also make for funny hiking captions on Instagram.

23. A boss was so angry about his employee's influence on the others due to hiking, he said, "Get out now. There is no way in hill, I will give you a pay hike".

24. Climbing to the top of the mountain is fun, but everything is just downhill from there.

25. Did you know the actual difference between hill and hell is just a fine line?

26. During our night hike, we discovered so many fireflies at the top. It was a treasure highland.

27. I am going to take my pet dog Yogi hiking today. You will have to bear with me on this one.

28. I asked my father about our hiking plan. He said, "Let's summit up".

29. I asked my father how his hike was, he replied, "It had its ups and downs".

30. I bought a new jacket for a hiking trip. It's called a trail blazer.

31. I overheard the forest's concern, "Are you oak-ay?" I replied, "Yes, I am pine. Why woodn't I be?"

32. It is essential and important to take care while hiking in Indonesia. You might Krakatoa.

33. I was so annoyed when my friend turned up for a hike with two left hiking boots. I gave him the right boot for giving me trouble.

34. My friend does not like the mountain. It was so unbe-leaf-able!

35. On my hiking trek, I met two stones. One was big and shy, but the other was boulder.

36. The hill looked a bit hard in the beginning, but I got over it.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Hiking Pun and Jokes, then you will love these 25+ Great River Puns. You can also check these 69 Donut Puns That Are A-Glazingly Funny for something totally different.

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