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70 Knee Jokes And Puns That You Knee-d To Hear

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Knee humor has been around for ages!

Puns about knees and jokes about knees have both evolved with time. But, there are certain things that you might want to know about knee jokes.

Knee jokes can be divided into a wide range of categories. They can include a funny knee replacement joke, knee surgery jokes, bad knees' jokes, a broken knee joke, and even knee injury jokes. Similarly, a knee pun is usually made from funny knee surgery puns and knee replacement puns, and other related topics! So, let us begin our journey as we kneed to know more about these funniest jokes and puns on knees!

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Funny Knee Jokes

Knee jokes can help you beat knee surgery issues.

A knee replacement surgery might be tough and painful but get your spirits up with these knee replacement jokes, knee operation jokes, and broken knee jokes. You never know when you might kneed these jokes.

1. Why did the orthopedic doctor always put hats on the knees of his patients? This was because he wanted to make sure that their knee-caps were alright!

2. Why does my brother always attack my knees playfully? Well, he really gets a kick out of it.

3. What is the type of music that one should listen to while having a knee replacement surgery? One should listen to an apatella band!

4. Why do doctors give special attention to the knees of little children? This is because they are kid-knees!

5. When the knee family went to buy a car at the showroom, which car did they decide upon? They decided to buy a Kneesan!

6. Why did the patient want the nurse to be with her while going to the operation theater for a knee replacement surgery? Because she wanted to be accompa-knee-d!

7. Why did the man with the bad knee go to the mathematician? Because his knees were giving him problems he couldn't solve.

8. What should one be calling a knee that bees like to sit on? You call it a ho-knee!

9. What is the kind of knee that blows out smoke? We call it a chimknee!

10. What should you be calling a festival celebrating the importance of knees? We should be calling it a Car-Knee-Val!

11. What was the smaller model of the knee on which the doctors liked to demonstrate knee replacement surgery known as? It was known as a Mi-knee model!

12. What is the cartoon about knees, that everyone loves to see, known as? They are called a-knee-me!

13. What would you call a knee that cannot keep its cool before a knee replacement surgery? You get to call it pa-knee-c!

14. What is the name of the cartoon channel related to knees that children like to watch? We call it Kneeckelodeon!

15. What is the knee that is an expert in martial arts known as? Well, you can easily get to call it a Knee-nja!

16. What do you call a knee that can grant you three magical wishes? We call it a ge-knee!

17. What was the doctor not too sure about the right knee replacement surgery? Because he was a cy-knee-c!

18. What is the old group of knee surgeons from the medical school called? They are called the AlumKnee association!

19. Why was the patient feeling drowsy after his knee surgery? This was because he was given a strong dose of akneesthesia!

20. Apart from a cap, what else does a knee like to wear? Well, the knee absolutely loves to wear the beaknee!

21. What do we say when a knee has reached the peak of its powers? We say that it has reached its ze-knee-th!

22. What do you call when a knee surgery expert is acting all haywire? You can say that he has lost his sa-knee-ty!

23. What do you say when all the knee surgery experts are having a get-together? It may be said that they are having a pic-knee-c!

24. What is the kind of Italian food that all knee surgery experts like to get as lunch? They like to get macaro-knee!

25. What do you call a knee that has never been seen before anywhere in the world? You call it u-knee-que!

Clever Knee Puns

Take a look at these funny knee puns compiled by us. Some of these puns can also double down as knee jokes and knee surgery jokes.

26. I was supposed to have my knee operated on by two doctors. They told me that my knee surgery was supposed to be a joint operation!

27. Well, my leg was hurting and I couldn't really walk, so my doctor told me that was in urgent knee-d of a replacement!

28. I recently went fishing with my father, and we were surprised to catch something with two knees. It turned out to be a two-knee fish!

29. My mother had a weird disease where she couldn't remember that she had knees. The doctors diagnosed it as a case of am-knee-sia!

30. The doctor told me that I had two options: either get surgery on my patella or use a walking stick for the rest of my life. Kneedless to say, I went for the knee surgery!

31. No matter what treatment I did on my knee, it still complained. Guess, I have never seen such a whi-knee!

32. Mickey Mouse says to the orthopedic doctor regarding his knee replacement surgery, "Doctor, I don't kneed a surgery on that knee, I kneed one on Disknee!"

33. During the soccer game, my friend was tackled badly. Well, it looked like he was in a lot of ago-knee!

34. The other day, a friend told me a joke about a sofa related to knee surgery. It didn't make any sense but it was sofa knee!

35. I was at the restaurant when I spilled all the condiment over my leg. Now, there are mayoknees!

36. My daughter came to me crying, "Daddy, I hurt my knee!". There was a lot of concern when I asked her whether Eenie, Meenie, and Mo were alright!

37. I once met a man who had many knees. He was from the country of Poly-Knee-Sia!

38. The doctor was checking his patient for knee replacement surgery when the patient started to speak a whole lot of pho-knee balo-knee!

39. The stand-up comic was saying a whole lot of jokes about his knee replacement surgery, but all those jokes were very cor-knee!

40. The psychiatrist encountered a weird case in his clinic the other day. There was a patient who was hallucinating about his knees. It was a case of schizophre-knee-a!

41. The surgeon advised the football player to not have the knee replacement surgery because the injury was insigkneeficant!

42. The knee replacement surgeon was made head of the hospital because he was thought to be a very good admikneestrator!

43. During the horse races, we saw this horse who had magnificent limbs and knees. It was a hacknee horse!

44. There was a competition once to determine who had the best knee. It was cheekily given the name TourKnee!

45. Once, a knee studied very hard and cracked the examinations to study law. Very soon, it was on its way to becoming an attor-knee!

Hilarious Jokes About Knees

Knees are very important for our movements.

Scroll through these bad knee jokes and knee surgery jokes. We are sure that you will find many knee slapper jokes.

46. What is the name of the Marvel Comics character who has extremely good leg parts? His name is To-knee Stark!

47. What should you call a knee that is extremely small in size? It should be called tiknee!

48. What should one be calling a knee that is acting strange and silly? We should be calling it a loo-knee!

49. How do you describe a person's knees that are very sharp? You say they are like a knee-dle!

50. What was the name of the famous sitcom character known for his great knees? His name was Bar-knee Stinson!

51. What is the name of the famous knee that is a big tourist attraction and brings in a lot of revenue? It is known as the mo-knee!

52. How would one describe a knee that is weak and not strong enough to perform daily jobs? You call it pu-knee!

53. What do you call the knees that are calm and at peace all the time? You call them harmo-knee!

54. What should we be calling a thirteen-year-old knee? You can get to call it tee-knee!

55. What is the kind of pizza that knee surgery experts love having? They like to get the peppero-knee pizza!

56. Why did the knee surgeon have a lot of food every day? This was because he was a case of gluto-knee!

57. What do you call a knee that is addicted to social media? You can call it a mille-knee-al!

58. What did the Indian knee surgery expert love to have as dessert? He loves to have chut-knee!

59. Why was the artist drawing abstract knee pictures for his new series? Because he said, it was a ma-knee-festation of his imagi-knee-tion!

60. What happened when the knee surgery was unsuccessful on the patient? The patient said he was doing fine with a tone of iro-knee!

61. Where did the knee surgery expert go to learn about all things related to knees? He went to the U-knee-versity!

62. How did the patient pay for his knee surgery? He paid for it by giving knee-ckles!

63. What is the name of the person who takes care of knee-related diseases and problems? Well, you call her a na-knee!

64. Why did the King kill the knee doctor after a bad surgery? Because the doctor refused to bend the knee!

65. What did the knee father sweetly call the knee boy? "Son-knee, come here please!"

66. What was the reason for the knee specialist turning into a sage? He wanted to have a mea-knee-ingful life!

67. Why were the jokes about knee surgery so hilarious that they were knee slappers? This was because they were very fun-knee!

68. Why were the police trying to catch the knee surgery expert? This was because he had a lot of ammu-knee-tion!

69. What is the name of the cute rabbit who has knees in the shape of bread? You call him a bun-knee!

70. Why was the patient's knee not working well after the knee replacement surgery? Because it had declared muti-knee against the patient!

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes and puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Knee Jokes and Puns, then why not take a look at nose puns, or hand puns.

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