40+ Mexican Food Puns That Are Deliciously Funny

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Exotic Mexican Tacos
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Mexican food is a celebrated cuisine worldwide amongst foodies with a taste for adventure when it comes to eating food.

It has rice, it has spice and all things nice, and you won't think twice before gorging on such gorgeous food! You can never really go very wrong when it comes to Mexican food unless you have a low spice tolerance.

Mexican food is also a great source of humor. Spanish fiesta puns are wholesome and delicious for the soul, just as Mexican soul food is for the tastebuds. Mexican people take great pride in the food they make and the Mexican recipes authentic to their culture that have brought the entire world together. If you are craving some puns about Mexican food, here is a list of some of the best puns about very popular Mexican food that will have you rushing to the nearest Mexican joint or ordering some Mexican takeaway. If you also like such content, you can check out our other articles like Taco jokes, Rice puns and Pig puns.

Funny Puns About Mexican Food

Exotic Mexican Rolls

Here's a tasty list of some of the punniest puns on Mexican food, including churro puns, chipotle puns, tortilla chips, tortilla puns, and other Mexican food-related puns that will make you crave Mexican food.

1. A robot's favorite Mexican food is a Silicon Carne.

2. An artist who steals Mexican food from restaurants is nothing but a chili-con-artist

3. When I was asked how the food was when I tasted Mexican food for the first time on a cold winter day, I replied, "Chilly."

4. When the churro fell in love, he told his wife, "Churr' all I ever wanted."

5. When my local Greek food joint started selling quesadillas and nachos, it was nothing but Greecey Mexican food.

6. The best chipotle is served in the Gulp of Mexico.

7. All Mexican chefs live their lives only by seasoning the moment.

8. The taco chef acts so rudely with customers; he always gets jalapeño business.

9. "I don't like eating chipotle," said no Juan ever.

10. All robots need salsa dip when they eat their Microchips.

Taco Puns And Puns About Quesadilla


Want tacos? Here's a lip-smacking list of some of the spiciest puns, including taco puns, Taco Bell puns, and Quesadilla puns that will make your taco Tuesday awesome. You can really taco bout them if you get them and then, share your friends while having tacos at Taco Bell. We know you'll love these because who doesn't love tacos?

11. Most bakers open tortilla factories for some extra dough.

12. The taco chef had to stop cooking in the competition because he was out of thyme.

13. The taco bell employee could not come to work because he had a bad queso measles.

14. When the taco's mom asked about his day at school, he replied, "It was bad, and I do not want to taco 'bout it."

15. When the taco friends shared their numbers, all they did was taco-ver the phone.

16. When aliens invade Mexico and steal tacos, it becomes a hostile taco-ver.

17. If you do not enjoy eating tacos, I'm warning you that I am nacho type.

18. You can never trust tacos because they always spill the beans.

19. A beautiful lady who loves eating Mexican food is known as a Taco Belle.

Nacho Related Puns That Will Fill You Up With Laughter

Looking for a good nacho pun? Here is a list of some funny nacho puns, salsa puns, and salsa dip puns for nacho lovers.

20. When others want to take your nachos, say, "These are nacho nachos!"

21. The lonely nacho was sad because no one wanted taco 'bout his achievements.

22. A nacho's favorite type of dance has to be salsa.

23. In South America they eat a lot of nachos with some Chile on the side.

24. Most jokes about the nachos are usually very cheesy.

25. The nacho comedian thought that he could be the king of cheese jokes, but he was nacho funny as he thought.

26. Nacho men impress their wives with acts of nachismo!

27. When you crunch nachos with your teeth, they get chip-ped.

The Funniest Burrito Puns

(Burritos are popularly eaten and are food for some Mexcellent puns on food as well.)

Want burritos? You will absolutely love and relate to these punny jokes about the most beloved Mexican food item, the burrito. You may want to order some burritos from Taco Bell as well!

28. A cat's favorite type of Mexican food is a purrito

29. When a Mexican ghost is hungry, they eat boo-ritos.

30. Most songs made about burritos are wrap songs.

31. Gargamel's favorite type of burrito is a smurf and turf.

32. The kind of beans used to make God's burrito is Holy Frijoles!

33. You should go easy on burritos that are badly constructed because they get a bad wrap.

34. My admiration for you runs from my head to my burri-toes.

35. Cold Mexican food is usually called brrrr-rito.

36. You should not burrito round the bush when you are cracking burrito jokes.

Mole Puns And Guacamole Puns

Mole is an authentic Mexican marinade and sauce traditional to the Mexican food culture and used in Mexican cuisine. Many people want to have it. Plus, a lot of Mexicans love Mole sauce with their taco to make their taco mexcellent. Here is a list of puns related to the mole sauce that all Mexican food lovers will relate to and also taco 'bout in their free time.

37. When it comes to Mexican cuisine and songs, you and I should guac and roll!

38. You should never end up in a guac-ward situation when you're eating Mexican food.

39. The Mexican food told his lover, "You guac my life!"

40. If someone says he doesn't like mole sauce, he has guac to be joking!

41. A Mexican gator should be called a guac-o-dile.

42. Ducks love to eat nachos with some Quack-amole on the side.

43. A Mexican whack-a-mole should be called guac-a-mole.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Mexican food puns, then why not take a look at Cheese jokes or Avocado jokes.

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