50 Best Nacho Puns, Jokes And One-Liners

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Nachos are the quintessential food originating from Mexico that is adored all over the world!

Mexican food puns are a fairly common sight on the internet. Taco puns and burrito puns are as easy to make as these food items themselves!

The word nacho is actually derived from the inventor of the food, Ignacio Anaya, who had invented this item in the year 1940. Originating from Northern Mexico, this Mexican snack comprises tortilla chips which are heated and then covered with either cheese-based sauce or just plain melted cheese.

Yet, for puns related to nachos, the option for humor can be a bit limiting.

You can create a few funny puns and funny jokes but don't worry, because you can go through the list of puns and jokes given below, and you will get a complete collection of puns and jokes on nacho, taco puns, food item puns, cheese puns, and many more.

A whole lot of these puns can also be used for Mexican puns, when appropriate.

So, without waiting much further, take your nachos with your favorite dips and read through these very funny food puns on nachos.

If you are interested in more such puns, take a look at our other articles about Cheese Puns and Avocado Jokes.

Awesome Nacho And Nacho Related Puns & One-Liners

Four Diverse Friends having Fun in Living Room.

Are you looking for some nacho related puns? Then taco seat and enjoy these puns on nachos and other related items. You might also get to enjoy the delicacy of a taco pun here and there in this list of puns!

1. When my Mexican friend asked me if I wanted to taco-bout our differences, I replied, "I'm nacho friend anymore."

2. My friend had waited all week long to come and join us at our Mexican lunch plan. But, unfortunately, he got a stomach bug today. I told him, "Today is nacho lucky day."

3. There was this Spanish footballer called Ignacio who only wanted to eat nachos before and after training, so much so that his team-mates started calling him Nacho.

4. Seeing that the Mexican chef in my restaurant looked troubled by something, I asked what the problem was. He rudely replied, "This is nacho business and nacho problem".

5. When my son looked sad because he had just knocked over a plate of burritos on the table, I comforted him by saying, "Don't worry! It is nacho fault".

6. I once knew a friend who had taken his date for the most authentic Mexican dinner on Valentine's day. Guess it was nacho average valentine to have!

7. There was this wrestler who would wear nacho and burrito themed costumes to the ring. His stage name was The Nachoker.

8. You know it is nacho lucky day when, as a result of a huge misunderstanding, you come to the salsa class with nachos.

9. My friends and family know that I like my jokes and puns the way I like my nachos- they have to very cheesy.

10. Yesterday, I tried telling my father one nacho pun, but he figured out the punchline before I could even finish. When I asked him how he did that, he said, "Because this is nacho joke!"

11. When the chef's favorite nacho died, he had no other option than to take it to a grave and burrito it.

12. I had a friend who once ate too many nachos and burritos. He almost na-choked on them.

13. When my fiancee told me that the dip on the table was nacho cheese, I asked her where my cheese was.

14. My friend once had a terrible date at a Mexican food joint. On being asked whether he liked Mexican food, he replied no. The girl immediately left because by saying, "If you don't like Mexican food, I am nacho type."

15. My brother once dressed up as a monster nacho during Halloween. He kept calling himself Dr Frankenacho!

16. I was working with my brother Jack when the nachos I had ordered were delivered. Unfortunately, some of the dips fell on the ground, and I needed something to clean it up. So, I asked my brother, "Can I have some pepper Jack?"

17. I went to this Mexican food take-away and ordered some nacho fries. The guy behind the counter immediately put up some nacho fries on the counter. I was surprised by the prompt service, but when I went to take it, he refused to give it to me and kept on saying, "Nacho fries! Nacho fries!"

18. The nacho man won over the nacho girl after she was impressed by his acts of nachismo!

19. I was walking in the alley behind my house when I saw a man being forced to eat tacos and Doritos by some goons. I tried to intervene, but they told me, "This is nacho business!"

20. My brother has this bad habit of stealing my nacho cheese dips from me. Despite repeated scolding, he will never leave my provolone!

21. There was an all-you-eat nacho party at my Mexican friend's house. It really was the best queso scenario for a lot of us on the weekend.

22. I once knew this Mexican chef who would make the best food out there. He was supremely confident about his nachos too. Guess they were his pa-nacho.

23. The nacho mathematician was hailed by the nacho science community because he had made a very relevant discovery in the field of mathematics! He had discovered the Fibo-nacho sequence!

24. My mother had a weird recipe to fill up pastries with a filling made up of chocolate and nachos. She used to call this filling the ga-nacho.

Best Nacho Jokes

Jokes on nachos are one of the most prevalent options for dad jokes around the world. And we all know how cheesy dad jokes and puns can be! So, enjoy your nachos and go through these cheesy jokes that you can use as puns for your Instagram captions too.

25. What is the name of the sword that nachos prefer to use while trying to defend itself? The nacho-ete.

26. What did the nacho chip say to the cheese dip? It said, "I love you, in queso you didn't know."

27. What type of toppings does a duck want on its nacho? Quack-amole.

28. What did the dad tell his son when he offered him some homemade nachos? He said, "Son, these are nacho best."

29. What is the flavor of burritos that have stolen from someone? The flavor of nacho cheese.

30. What do you call a nacho that is extremely masculine in its personality and habits? You call it a macho!

31. What did the chip say to the cheese when he caught him stealing? The chip shouted, "Hey, that's nachos!"

32. What happens when you eat too many nachos with dip? You might get a very severe queso diarrhea.

33. What kind of guns do nachos use to fight off their enemies? They use nacho-ine guns!

34. When a mole orders one nacho in a Mexican origin food joint, what kind of toppings does he want? He wants guaca-mole!

35. What do you call a person who has spilled nachos all over the floor? You call him a messy-can!

36. What is the one movie that nachos across the world like to watch? They like to watch 'Nacho Libre'.

37. Which form of dance does the nacho like groove to in its spare time? The salsa.

38. What happens when you start crunching nachos in your mouth? The nachos get chip-ped.

39. Why did the insecure cornitos always hesitate before doing something important? Because they were nacho sure about anything anymore.

40. What did the Mexican chef call his new invention of a fish-flavored nacho? He called it a tuna-cho.

41. Which TV series did all the tacos get together to watch every week? They watched the series 'Better Call Salsa'!

42. What did the other nachos ask that one nacho who wasn't feeling too well? They asked, "Hey man, are you feeling alright? You are nacho self this morning."

43. What did the Doritos say when they visited a farm in the Mexican countryside? They said it was a cool ranch!

44. Why does the continent of South America remind a lot of people about nachos? It is because they have got a bit of Chile on their side.

45. What is the kind of nachos that Disney fans love to eat when they have Mexican food? They love to have Moa-nachos.

46. What do you call a nacho that is popular amongst the animals in the jungle? We call it the fau-nachos!

47. What is the name of the nacho that likes to hunt and eat other dead nachos? Its name is the hye-nacho!

48. What do you call a cheese that can never be yours? You call it nacho cheese.

49. What kind of nacho is the one that focuses on doing cardio and endurance exercises at the gym? It is known as the stami-nacho!

50. In Sweden, what kind of nacho also qualifies as a monetary unit for the people? This type of nacho is known as Kro-nacho!

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for nacho puns then why not take a look at Taco Puns, or for something different take a look at Succulent Puns?

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