40 Pigeon Puns That Are Seriously Underrated

Jennie Hughes
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Originally Published on Oct 16, 2020
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What does a pigeon call her friend? Absolutely dove-ly, just like this list.

Pigeons come in many shapes and sizes, from collared doves to carrier pigeons. Speaking of carrier pigeons, did you know they're actually a different breed to messenger pigeons, which are the ones who carried letters (also known as the pigeon post)?

These birds are also surprisingly emotional. Their babies are called squeakers, or squabs, which we think sounds adorable. They use their cooing like a private pigeon language to express affection towards their families. They also grunt when they're in pain, and whistle with their wings to let their friends know when there's danger around.

From daft doves to funny pigeons, these batty bird jokes will give you a good giggle, for more laughs take a look at these parrot jokes.

Pigeon One-Liners

These funny birds will get you squawking with laughter.

1. Paul Pigeon flew into a window. "I'm such a bird brain," he said.

2. The baby pigeon got a job sitting inside toys and shouting. She was a squeaker.

3. The pigeon kept going out late. No one trusts him now. Another bird said he was fly-by-night.

4. If you wondered why they put lions in Trafalgar Square, they wanted to put the cat among the pigeons.

5. A pigeon and a tropical bird were playing on the computer. The pigeon lost. Toucan play that game.

6. The pigeons weren't happy when the council banned feeding them. There were a lot of angry birds.

7. It rained pigeons yesterday. It was real fowl weather.

8. Two pigeons were discussing their favourite singers. One chose Birdy. The other said The Byrds.

9. Pigeons watch the news each day to find out the feather forecast.

Puns About Working Pigeons

This collection of one-liners about messenger pigeons and homing pigeons will keep you coming back for more.

10. This bird keeps predicting the future. It's an omen pigeon.

11. A bird keeps coming and sticking letters all over this bollard. It's the pigeon post.

12. A scientist wanted the day to go faster, so he tied a clock to a messenger pigeon. Time flew.

13. I've got the best homing pigeon ever. I've sold it a hundred times this week already.

14. You can't lose a homing pigeon. If it doesn't come back, it was only a pigeon to start with.

15. A bird got so good at its job that it became a manager, then a director of the postal company. It was a career pigeon.

Focused shot of Common Wood Pigeon

Pigeon Coo

Jokes to shout about, starring pigeons and their cooing.

16. Musicians need soundproofing to stop echoes, but pigeons don't, because a-coo-sticks.

17, The pigeon showed all his friends the latest skateboarding trick. They thought it was coo.

18. This pigeon became a dictator. It all started because of a coo.

19. A pigeon picked up a twig, pretended it was a microphone and sang to it. It was a coo stick.

20. The teenage pigeon started hanging out in town instead of going to lessons. He was too coo for school.

21. A rebel pigeon group got sent to jail. They'd organised a coo.

Dove Puns

Doves may be the symbol of love and peace, but they've got their funny side as well.

22. Never send a pigeon to buy soap. The only thing they'll buy is Dove.

23. This pigeon wrote a bird poem at the top of the Eiffel Tower. It was a high coo.

24. All the members of this rock band are birds. They're rock doves.

25. A pigeon put on some scuba gear. Then it dove.

26. I saw a bird with a shell. It was a turtle dove.

27. The pigeon lost at hide and seek because another bird found her. She was a spotted dove.

28. A thieving bird was making his escape when a police officer grabbed him. "You're collared, dove," said the officer.

29. The dove didn't practice for her flying test. She decided to wing it.

30. Two doves fell out over feathers. They'd had a difference in a pinion.

Bird Puns

Don't get in a flap - these funny bird jokes will have everyone all of a twitter.

31. Two pigeons were sitting on a steeple. "See you later," said one. "I've got to fly."

32. Pigeons are terrible cooks. Everything they make is fowl.

33. My flying computer ran over two pigeons yesterday. I killed two birds with one drone.

34. Pigeons are the best tour guides. They've always got a bird's eye view.

35. A pigeon saved all its money in a bowl made of sticks. It had a nest egg.

36. The pigeon down the road always has the nicest makeup. She gets it from the Avian lady.

37. A pigeon footballer got banned from the game. He was accused of fowl play.

38. The pigeon went to bird university. She studied egg-onomics.

39. Two pigeons realised they were late for an appointment. They were all of a flap.

40. Two pigeons put on suits and went to dinner. They fell out, and one tried to bite the other, but bounced off. His friend was im-peck-ably dressed.

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