60 Popcorn Puns That Are A-Maizingly Funny

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Popcorn puns are the most flavourful puns.

Popcorn is a widely pop-ular snack loved by people of all ages and all over the world. It is a variety of corn kernels which puff up and expands when heated and is very inexpensive and easy to make.

A fulfilling and an a-maizing snack item, it is a flavour-ite amongst the masses. Popcorn has been our best friend for ages when it comes to a light food item. It is our go-to snack and a pop-ular food item to nibble on when we watch movies in a movie theater. Despite being way more expensive in the movies, a movie theater makes a lumpsum amount of money by selling popcorn because people always eat a crop ton of it. Movies and popcorn are a match made in heaven that no amount of money can come between. Popcorn can be a healthy snack when unhealthy carbs in extra condiments like butter, caramel, chocolate, and the like aren't added. There are countless types of popcorns, such as caramel popcorn, salted, buttered, chocolate, and the list goes on. Some people even go on to have buckets of popcorn for meals and even dessert. It is widely loved and one of the most beloved food in the American market. Hence, funny jokes about popcorn and funny popcorn puns shouldn't be in bad taste.

While most would corn-sider a popcorn pun or a popcorn joke to be corny, we think otherwise. Puns are a great source of humor and joy just like popcorn is a great source of healthy fiber. If you want to make a bucket list of the best popcorn puns to pop at your friends during movie nights, here is a list of some funny corn puns and popcorn jokes which will a-maize you and anybody else beyond words. This list has no room for corny jokes about corn. It only focuses on the best jokes that pop out! So get your bucket of humor popcorn and enjoy. You could also read more funny food jokes with potato puns and jokes or, for the classics try, corny jokes for kids.

Funny Popcorn Jokes And Puns

Popcorn in frying pan and corn seeds in bowl.

Here's a list of the funniest popcorn puns and best popcorn jokes that pop and are not find corny.

1. I absolutely hate normal popcorn. I should try some butter ones.

2. There is no other better match than popcorn and movies. They are butter together.

3. I hate it when someone knocks over my popcorn. Accident or not, I still s-corn them for that.

4. A popcorn's favorite holiday is In-the-pan-dance Day.

5. Hey, look! I got free butterfingers with my bag of popcorn.

6. When the popcorn found his long lost friend, he promised to pop over to his place.

7. The angry popcorn got offended at the jokester who cracked a corny joke.

8. Popcorns can see just like everybody else through their corn-ea.

9. Popcorn is the corn-erstone of any movie night.

10. We had so much popcorn at the movies. We had a grain time!

11.You cannot run away without facing the corn-sequences of stealing my popcorn.

12. To make popcorn chicken in KFC, they use chicken Kernels.

13. When the popcorn met his best friend, he asked him "What's popping?"

14. I have great respect for people who sell popcorn at movie theaters. They make a lot of corn-cessions at work.

15. I love butter popcorn because of the butter flavouring.

16. The prosecutors pressed charges on the popcorn for a-salt and buttery.

17. We all know that Kernel Sanders was the man behind the invention of popcorn chicken.

18. A famous celebrity popcorn is called a popstar.

19. A dog's favorite type of popcorn is a pupcorn.

20. The land of popcorn should be called a corn-try instead.

21. It is weird why a tart filled with popcorn isn't called pop tart instead.

22. When the popcorn's wife called her husband to know where he is, he told her "I'm just around the corn-er."

23. I am so happy I won the popcorn eating corn-test.

Funny Corn Puns That Aren't Corny

What's pop without corn? Non existent. Are you looking for corn puns to share with your friends? Here is a list of corn puns, that aren't corny corn jokes.

24. The name of a dance party in a cornfield should be called a cornball dance.

25. I don't know what's more adorable between a baby corn and sweet corn. I am corn-fused.

26. The corn did not want to corn-tinue working in his job because there was a breach of corn-tract.

27. The corn-flict between the two kernels finally came to a corn-clusion.

28. Any species of animals that sustain themselves by eating corn are the corn-ivorous kind.

29. They were corn-ducting a field day for the corn students in school today.

30. Beware of the cornfield. It is a very complicated maize to navigate through.

31. The corn-man was a criminal so I called the cobs on him.

32. Only the cream of the crop can become kernels.

33. My boss was very corn-siderate when my personal problems cropped up in the last meeting.

34. Don't ever trust corn for good advice when you are in a soup. They are wet behind the ears.

35. I love visiting the cornfield whenever I need some fresh ear.

36.20. A commander of a corn army is called a Kernel.

37. When the naughty baby corn was making a mess, his teacher sent him to the naughty corn-er.

38. "Oh shucks!" exclaimed the farmer when he forgot to harvest the corn.

39.A single corn kernel should actually be called a uni-corn.

40. A corn dog should be called popcorn instead.

41. Corn kernels are usually born with Capri-corn as their sun sign.

42. The corn-vict was prosecuted in court for mis-cornduct.

43. When one corn wanted to hear a secret from the other, he said "I am all ears."

44. I maize well eat corn that has fallen out of a stalk. Waste not, want not.

45. The corn farm dog was actually part husky.

46. I failed to bring a map to the corn maize, so I decided to play it by ear.

47. The corn farmer got extremely successful because he corn-ered the market.

48. A baby corn calls his dad pop corn.

49. There is a kernel of truth to the fact that some people think popcorn is hard to chew.

50. The corn stalks held a ceremony for the scarecrow to corn-gratulate him for being out-standing in the field.

51. The corniest baseball player is Ty Cobb.

52. When the cornfield heard the rain coming it felt like music to its ears.

53. You should be cautious of what you say in a cornfield. They all have ears.

54. The football team who practiced in the cornfield got creamed.

55. A corn stalk that changes careers is usually one who goes to a different field.

56. A pair of cornstalks who are best friends are called earbuds.

57. One should never bring corn to a plane. Its ears will pop.

58. Don't ever swallow an entire corn cob. You will get corn-stipated.

59. I felt that I was being stalked when I visited the corn maize. It was so earie.

60. Farmers make terrible comedians. They always crack corny jokes.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully put together lots of family-friendly puns! If you liked our suggestions for popcorn puns then why not take a look at pizza puns and jokes, or for something different take a look at football jokes.

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