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40+ Pun Traps, Henway, And Updog Jokes

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Henway jokes, or pun traps, are jokes that involve the listener to engage with the speaker.

The person who starts the joke generally utilizes a nonsensical term, which is a combination of a common term and a verb. The listener responds to the speaker by asking the definition of the term.

When the listener questions the primary person by asking them what the term means, the primary speaker responds with a well-crafted pun. These jokes are usually silly and enjoyable and end up with both parties chuckling. This list includes participation jokes, up dog jokes, and henway jokes. You can use an up dog joke in the office, at a party, at a Sunday get together, or even while hanging out. We hope you have a lot of fun reading the best up dog jokes ever!

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Best Henway And Updog Jokes

Jokes like updog can be a riot.

If you're interested in a variety of jokes similar to updog jokes, and you want to recite them to a friend or slip them in a conversation as an ice-breaker, you're free to do so! An up dog joke is successful when your friend falls for the non-existent term and asks the meaning behind the term. You can use an updog joke with your friends, family, and even your peers. 'Dog' is known to be slang for the term 'friend' and is common in the American dialect. If you're the one who ends up falling for the joke, then I'm afraid you've been updogged. Here's a list of the best henway and updog jokes curated just for your entertainment.

1. Amy: I'm going to buy a henway tomorrow.

Dan: What's a henway?

Amy: Around four pounds.

2. Amy: Why does it reek of updog in here?

Dan: What is updog?

Amy: Just work, nothing else. What about you?

3. Amy: How do you differentiate between materlove and matador?

Dan: What's materlove?

Amy: Not a lot is going on in my life. What about you?

4. Amy: Wow I really want a cowsay.

Dan: What's a cowsay?

Amy: Mooo, Moooo.

5. Amy: Where can I find a carsay?

Dan: What's a carsay?

Amy: Vroooom, Vroooom.

6. Amy: I really want to buy a rakefor.

Dan: What is a rakefor?

Amy: To remove the leaves off the lawn, of course!

7. Amy: This afternoon I saw a catdo.

Dan: What's a catdo?

Amy: They just lounge about and purr.

8. Amy: I really want to read a dogsay joke.

Dan: What's dogsay?

Amy: Woof, woof!

9. Amy: I went to the supermarket today. This old lady told me that I have a lot of snew.

Dan: What is snew?

Amy: Not much this month. Tell me about yourself, what is new with you?

10. Amy: I think I've never seen a beedoo.

Dan: What's a beedoo?

Amy: You know, they go Bzzzz Bzzz.

11. Amy: This will never be our motto.

Dan: What is the motto?

Amy: Truly nothing! What's the motto with you?

12. Amy: What is your dog's name?

Dan: Nunya.

Amy: What is Nunya?

Dan: It is totally nun-ya-business what my dog's name is.

13. Amy: Ugh, it smells like updog in the back of this motel room.

Dan: What's updog?

Amy: I'm just chilling, what are you doing today?

14. Amy: I don't trust doctors who share their knowledge of magic with others.

Dan: Which doctors?

Amy: Right, that's what I mean. Witch doctors.

15. Amy: What is the main difference between a crazy scientist and a matterbaby?

Dan: What's a matterbaby?

Amy: Nothing much, but I really appreciate you asking.

16. Amy: You have something like updog stuck on your shirt.

Dan: What is updog?

Amy: Not a lot, what about you?

17. Amy: I just came back from the hospital, where my doctor me that I have snoo on my face.

Dan: What's snoo?

Amy: Just had a doctor's appointment. What is new with you?

18. Amy: A lot of people love the piecost at my local grocery store.

Dan: What's a piecost?

Amy: Around $4, give or take.

19. Amy: I've heard my mother say a lot of great things about shoecost.

Dan: What's a shoecost?

Amy: It depends, what's your budget for new shoes?

20. Amy: I would love to share my new dogdo.

Dan: What's a dogdo?

Amy: He eats, sleeps, runs, and barks all day long.

21. Amy: My new coat smells like updog.

Dan: What is updog?

Amy: I just came back from doing some shopping, what is up with you?

22. Amy: There's an enormous sale on horsedo at the local stable.

Dan: What's a horsedo?

Amy: He eats a lot of hay and neighs.

23. Amy: Do you know a shovelfor?

Dan: What's a shovelfor?

Amy: To dig dirt, ofcourse.

24. Amy: Last night, I made a joke about a monkeydo.

Dan: What's a monkeydo?

Amy: A monkey likes to munch on bananas and swing on trees.

25. Amy: My friend doesn't like duckdo very much.

Dan: What is a duckdo?

Amy: It waddles around and says, 'Quack Quack!'

26. Amy: I hope I don't have to listen to snakesay tomorrow night.

Dan: What is snakesay?

Amy: Hissss, hisssss.

27. Amy: My brother is having a party this weekend, and he is going to bring pigsay.

Dan: What is a pigsay?

Amy: Oink, Oink.

28. Amy: What is the right time for sheepsay?

Dan: What's a sheepsay?

Amy: All they say is baaa, baaaa.

29. Amy: You should always share your fishdo.

Dan: What's a fishdo?

Amy: It swims in the ocean, silly!

30. Amy: I don't know the best watchdo in town.

Dan: What's a watchdo?

Amy: It keeps a track of your time.

More Hilarious Updog Jokes

Henway can very well be your way of saying a joke!

Take a look at some more updog jokes. We know you just can't get enough!

31. Amy: Can you hand me my glassesfor.

Dan: What's glassesfor?

Amy: To see the world properly!

32. Amy: I really need to get a new set of keydo for my house.

Dan: What's a keydo?

Amy: It opens the doors to my home.

33. Amy: There's a huge sale on lighterdo in the big supermarket.

Dan: What's lighterdo?

Amy: It starts a flame.

34. Amy: My brother is so annoying. He keeps insisting that I get him scissorsdo.

Dan: What's scissorsdo?

Amy: They cut through a variety of things such as paper, fabric, cardboard, and other things.

35. Amy: You should buy some sunscreen do.

Dan: What's sunscreendo?

Amy: It's a cream that protects you from the sun.

36. Amy: I want to get a bindo from the store across the block.

Dan: What's a bindo?

Amy: It holds all of your trash.

37. Amy: Every woman should use a pursedo.

Dan: What's a pursedo?

Amy: A keeps all of your belongings so you can easily carry them outside.

38. Amy: Can you pass me the coinfor?

Dan: What's a coinfor?

Amy: To buy things, duh!

39. Amy: Can you get me the camerafor from the shelf?

Dan: What's a camerafor?

Amy: To take photos of lots of things you like.

40. Amy: That crowsay is a bit much, don't you think?

Dan: What's a crowsay?

Amy: Caw, Caw!

41. Amy: It smells like updog on this balcony.

Dan: Yo, what's up, dog?

Amy: Nothing much is going on in my life. What about yours?

42. Amy: I can never find other people who like rabbitdo as much as me.

Dan: What's a rabbitdo?

Amy: They jump around and munch on carrots.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for updog jokes then why not take a look at Long Jokes, or guess what jokes.

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