40+ Computer Puns Perfect For Phishing For Laughs

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Be it a tablet, laptop, or a computer, there are so many phrases and one-liners that can get you laughing out loud with people who connect through computer science puns.

If we cut out the bad computer puns, a few jokes can never get old to share with the family and friends. IT puns can make one use the phrases even while working or learning new codes to make the whole process all the more fun.

Just like jokes, computer humor can get people to start using phishing puns a lot more than often.

These computer puns can be further shared with the techie friends for a good laugh at work too. Especially with the growing need for WiFi, everyone can truly connect with the new internet puns without letting the connectivity issue get in the way and make the net puns Lan you in a pool of laughter.

To make the computer science puns a really interesting thing for all the tech lovers, here is a list of some hilarious computer technology puns that will byte you with nothing else but laughs.

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Corny Puns About Computers

Share these funny puns with your friends to make the techie stuff a little corny too. Check this list of computer and laptop puns for a laugh or two.

1. Computers cannot make good boxers because their bark is worse than their byte.

2. I can relate to my computer so much. Even I go to sleep after 25mins of inactivity.

3. I wanted to know why my friend's computer was cold, and when I asked, she said, "Because I had left the windows open".

4. My brother asks my father to update the computer to Windows 11, but my father just replies, "I love Vista, son".

5. My computer's favorite singer is A Dell.

6. My father got a new laptop, and it is now like the baby computer of the house, so we refer to the older laptop as the 'Data'.

7. My lifeguard friend had come back home and wanted to do some work, so I gave him my computer to use. Now I have a screen-saver at my house.

8. My sister's laptop is so sassy and fun, it loves to play disc-o music.

9. The computer wanted to get out of the house, so it used the Windows.

10. The oldest computer was an apple given to Adam and Eve back in paradise lost, but it came with very limited memory of just 1 byte. And then everything crashed.

11. The people working in keyboard factories put in two shifts every day. I bet they all are super exhausted.

12. The shark and the computer are so alike. They both have and use their megabytes.

13. My computer is so slow it's running in the '90s.

Computer Science Puns

Using computer science as a means to make funny puns is the best way to make everyone laugh. Share these puns below to increase that fun even more.

14. Computers can be very good at golf because of their hard drives.

15. I am really good with PowerPoint because I Excel at it.

16. I felt sad for my brother's computer being overclocked because I heard the processor say, "Stop it! It hertz so much!".

17. My brother, who is an IT guy, got surgery done on his fingers. Now he can truly be called a tech-knuckle support guy.

18. My father said that there was a bug on my computer. The bug was trying to eat one byte at a time.

19. My father says, "The best way to learn about a computer is to learn it bit by bit". I am sure most people can agree with this.

20. My mother would say that all the naughty disk drives get sent back to the boot camp.

21. One day, I carried my laptop to the zoo because I wanted a RAM upgrade so I would have lots of memory when I came back.

22. People need to be careful about computers at all times because they byte.

23. We have ten types of people. One understands binary, and the other doesn't.

24. When data cannot drive on his own, it waits at the bus stand.

Computer Programming Puns

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Programming and computers are so interrelated that the puns of both make quite hilarious scenarios. Share these programming puns with your family and friends for a fun escapade.

25. Hardcore programmers will agree that neither of them would use AC because they all prefer to open windows.

26. I know when I store files, my computer gets hungry. It starts telling me about the bytes I use and how many are remaining for him to fill up completely.

27. My father is an app developer, and he has such a high insurance rate. It's probably because they keep crashing all the time.

28. Not a single programmer can change the light bulb because it's a hardware problem.

29. Up until now, I always thought that all the cool mice would get together and live in my mousepad. Now when I know the truth, I feel quite broken.

30. We had to make presentations in our history class, and my friend gave a hilarious excuse for not completing the task. He said his PowerPoint presentation ran across the road because it wanted to reach the other slide, and now he can't find it. We were in grade 5, and that was our first presentation.

31. When my father complained to my mother for never picking or dropping me at school, she looked at him and said, "You are the master of drag and drop, my love". He's an IT specialist...

Hacker Puns

A network, computer, or laptop can always be easily hacked. Though it sounds like a serious danger, here are a few funny puns to get the stress levels down.

32. A hacker is someone who probably loves using his free time for phishing.

33. I couldn't stop laughing when my father warned my brother, saying, "If you hack my Microsoft Office, I will find you, you have my Word".

34. If aliens ever come down to hack my computer, the closes they would come to returning back home would be the space bar.

35. I sat down by my computer after a long time, and there was a hacker who had illegally developed a website on my computer. It was a highly skilled spider looking right at me.

36. The computer spy was fired because she couldn't hack it.

Internet & Wifi Puns

Network and connectivity will always connect well with server puns. Share these puns with someone who can relate the best.

37. I don't understand how IT people don't end up in hospitals frequently. They are always touching the firewalls, aren't they?

38. Spiders can make such great internet because they have amazing web sites.

39. I am sure computers would just surf the net on beach vacations.

40. My mother asked if I could change the DNS server settings. I told her ICANN.

41. The WiFi and computer will always have a happy married life because they share a strong connection.

Virus Puns

A virus, though deadly, can make you laugh for sure. Check these puns related to viruses and computers.

42. My computer is taking non-stop screenshots. I know for sure it is not in its right mind.

43. My computer keeps freezing every now and then, I am sure it is sick with a cold and a virus.

44. People say that my computer is going to die. It has a terminal virus.

45. The only good thing about computers crashing is that there are no injuries ever.

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