15+ Reading Puns For Little Bookworms

Rajnandini Roychoudhury
Feb 29, 2024 By Rajnandini Roychoudhury
Originally Published on Dec 07, 2020
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Puns are a boon in all languages and are a show of wit.

Playing with words is a real skill. Many authors have used this skill to make their books and plays stand out.

Puns make reading enjoyable and are a great food for thought. Puns are mainly used in a literary sense to make an emphasis or meaning and also help explaining two or more contexts in a fun and more concise way. They make literature more valuable and interesting and hence, are greatly treasured. A book naturally is a great place to find puns. Contrary to current popular opinion, puns are the food of wit and have been used by notable authors in their famous texts like William Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, and the like. We think puns enrich the book reading experience overall.

If you are looking for some amazingly hilarious puns about books, clever puns in literature that will make you fall in love with reading, this list will help you plenty. It consists of literature jokes, library puns, and literature puns that will make you pick a good book in your nearest library. It also has short puns about a book you might know. Or if you are just a bookworm looking for a good reading pun, you may want to share the puns with your other book-loving friends.

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Book Puns For A Book Nerd That Are Bestsellers

Looking for some book puns related to best selling and award-winning books and authors? This list will help you out.

1. I cannot believe that you have never read Fitzgerald. You Gatsby joking!

2. Yes, I will go to the library with you, but first, Kafka.

3. Nobody invites John Milton for game nights. Whenever he visits, there is a pair of dice lost.

4. Dystopian novels have really become so passe, what is this, 1984?

5. Charlotte Brontë is like a breath of fresh Eyre.

6. Many readers think that fantasy is not high literature. I really don't know what they are Tolkien about.

7. You are so funny! Your puns are Wilde.

Reading Puns You Won't Be Able To Look Away From

Girl reading cookbook near mother holding glass bowl with whisk.

You read, therefore you are. A book is not only a source of knowledge - they can be fun too. This list of reading puns will light up your life with joy.

8. I cannot wait to start reading my new book this weekend. It is going to be LITerary.

9. When I get home, I like to say to my books "Where my prose at?"

10. I can only blame my shelf for dropping that book on top of my head.

11. There are many book puns that can really tickle the spine.

12. This book has anti-gravity qualities - it's unputdownable.

13. Yesterday, I was reading a book about hands. It was a real page-turner.

14. Every book has its flaws, even with a good editor. It is just bound to happen.

15. Whenever I write, I always like to stay true to my own shelf.

16. You cannot enter a reading club on a whim. You need a proper booking for entry.

17. Readers never have extra time, they are always booked!

18. You should leave poetry to the prose and focus on essays instead.

19. Reading paperback books in the era of Kindle and audiobooks seems like such a novel idea.

20. This book of spells didn't work. The author probably did not run spell check.

21. The book about the adventurer in the mountains ended with quite a cliff hanger.

Library Puns That Will Have You Hooked

A library is the most frequented place for a book lover and students. Here are some of the best library puns that a book lover will really enjoy.

22. A building that has the most stories is the library.

23. A dishonest person who handles books in the library should be called a lie-brarian

24. Libraries are good for health because they carry out circulation.

25. The world's biggest library was so overbooked, I failed to visit it.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Reading Puns, then why not take a look at music jokes, or for something different take a look at snail jokes.

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