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The 90 Best Laundry Puns And Jokes To Get You In A Spin

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Laundry puns are always clean and not at all washed out.

Laundry day is a dreadful day that everyone has to go through at least once a week. We're here to make an ordinary day just a little more fun for you.

We're not going to leave you high and dry like clothes hanging outside on a line. We have a combination of the best laundry one-liners, puns, fashion puns, and clothes puns ready for you. We have a load of washing machine jokes, laundry detergent jokes, and so much more. So, let's take some time and dive into some great puns.

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Laundry Puns

Have a go at this list of puns, including puns on clothes, the washing machine puns, and other hilarious puns. We promise that you will like these puns as much as you like clean laundry.

1. Laundry puns are not as bad as everyone thinks they are. They've just been getting bad press.

2. My cousin wanted to know if I knew any laundry puns. I told her that I've got loads of them.

3. My sister and I were having an argument about whose turn it was to do laundry. In the end, I threw in the towel.

4. After washing all the clothes, my mom accidentally dropped all the laundry. I witnessed all of it unfold.

5. My friend once found a fifty-dollar bill in his pant's pocket after laundry. I became worried that he might get caught for money laundering.

6. My dad complained that he had misplaced a sock while doing his laundry. I said that it was a sacrifice for the dryer god. He replied, "it was a sockrifice."

7. I found out that I accidentally washed some of my brother's Nerf darts in the laundry. Well, it should make for good clean shots.

8. Finally, I did my laundry today. That was a load off of my mind.

9. I ran out of detergent while I was going to do laundry today. I didn't let that get me down because I realized that it was the start of a new Era.

10. I made a few speaker boxes out of my used laundry detergent bottles. They sound super clean.

11. When I was in college, I used to do my roommate's laundry, and he used to do mine. I guess we both were maid for each other.

12. I was holding a bottle of detergent while doing my laundry. All of a sudden, the bottle exploded and completely drenched my hands. Now my hands are tide.

13. When I went to do my laundry today, I realized that I needed to open a new packet of detergent. That was when the tide changed.

14. I once bet my friend all my laundry that I could make him cry. There was a lot on the line.

15. I accidentally spilled quite a lot of laundry detergent. Luckily, it all landed in a bucket. I guess I turned the tide.

16. A comedian will never be able to tell a dirty laundry joke. They will just come out clean.

17. I always say that If you think doing laundry is not funny, you just need to have a dryer sense of humor.

18. My mother's sister is quite good at cleaning smelly laundry. We call her deodor-aunt.

19. My brother promised he would be on top of our laundry. My mother came and told him to fold it as he had promised and not lie on it while he watched TV.

20. In a particular version of a poker game, the players have to put away their laundry loads before play. It's named 'Texas Fold' em'.

21. Yesterday, my wife injured her back trying to reach for the laundry detergent. Seeing that, I told her, "no pain, no gain."

22. My brother was doing laundry and forgot to separate my mother's white dress from his red shirt. He's going to get in loads of trouble.

23. I needed little help drying clothes after washing them. So I just requested my dad if he could help me hang the laundry. My dad replied, "Why? What did the laundry ever do to you?"

24. My brother was washing his suit and not doing a good job. When I told him that, he just replied, "laundry isn't my strong suit when I have to wash my bathing suit."

25. I was doing my laundry today, and the clothes seemed surprised. They really shouldn't have been, because I've worn them before.

26. My sister and I were doing our laundry together. I told her, "Is it not ironic that these dryer sheets get stuck to the clothes?" She looked at me and told me, "no-no, it's ionic."

Funny Laundry Puns

Laundry Basket with colorful towels.

These are some of the funniest Laundry puns you'll read.

27. I noticed that a wasp was in my laundry when I was dropping the clothes in the washer. I just decided that the best action would be to close the lid and start washing it anyway. Well, now it's a washp.

28. My friend found a peanut in her wet laundry. She said, "Hey, that's a peanut in the laundry." I just replied with, "well, ain't that a little nutty?"

29. Someone I know did his Ph.D. in Washing Machines before heading the Washing Machine's PR department. We now call him a Spin Doctor.

30. My friend invented a washing machine for banknotes. When I heard that, I said, "that's a money-spinner."

31. If your daughter gets untidy from playing in the mud outside, you should just washer and dryer.

32. Today, my ten-year-old sister referred to the pile of dirty laundry my mother was washing as 'Mount Wash More'.

33. When I was in college, I couldn't pay my bills. Sometimes I had to choose between laundry detergent and one breakfast snack. It was either All or muffin.

34. Today, I got offered a job at a prison laundry. I didn't go through with it because I don't want to pick up a dirty habit.

35. My laundry machine and dishwasher broke down today. We rushed them to a washpital immediately.

36. I built a car out of my used and broken washing machine. I'll take it out for a spin later.

37. I washed my clothes today, and a couple of pictures of Santa washed up. Well, I guess I shouldn't have used my Yule Tide Detergent.

38. There was a PI who one day decided to wash the clothes in his bedroom. When he entered his bedroom and noticed the dirty pillow, he immediately took the case.

39. My cousin Margaret said that she once fell into a detergent vat at a factory where she worked. I guess that was Marge in All.

40. Today, I ran out of body wash and soap, and the only thing I could find was some detergent. Suddenly it Dawn-ed on me.

41. The Beatles wrote one song about laundry detergent and chocolate. It's called Twix and Shout.

42. I was working, and my clothes were in my dryer. I asked my dad if the dryer was still running. My dad just said, "the dryer can't run. It doesn't have legs."

43. My wife and I just moved into an apartment with a washer but no dryer. So we're hanging the clothes on a line outside. One day my wife said, "how is it going to dry in the winter?". "Well, we'll just freeze-dry them", I told her.

44. I went to the laundromat yesterday with some money. I needed some fresh clothes for a change.

45. Being rich, one of the worst things that can happen to someone is having all of their secrets revealed. You don't want your dirty laundry out there for everyone to see.

46. My mother usually prefers doing laundry during the daytime. She says that the moon always messes with the tide.

47. I don't have washboard abs. If I did, I'd do my laundry regularly.

48. I almost fell down the stairs yesterday with a bucket of washed laundry in my hand. My dad seeing that, exclaimed, "that was a clothes one."

49. Instead of using fear of prison to discourage criminals, we should make them do laundry using tide pods. They would be the real crime detergents.

50. Some robbers broke into my house and stole everything except the soaps in the kitchen, laundry room, and bathroom. The cop told me, "well, they seem to have made a clean getaway."

51. Some relatives came to our house while my sister was trying to make a swing on the front lawn by hanging on a wire. Seeing that, the relatives asked, "how often does she go online?"

52. My sister wanted to tell me some laundry puns. I just told her, "I can't listen to it. All of it is washed up."

Laundry Jokes

Take a peek at these funny jokes we have for you. They also make great Instagram captions for laundry day.

53. Why'd the Eskimo do his laundry inside with tide pods? It was way too cold out tide.

54. What do you call a president that has tons of laundry to do? Washington.

55. Why did the mobsters prefer not to launder the dirty money? Because they wanted to become filthy rich.

56. How do people wash their laundry in Bangkok? With Thai Pods.

57. What would you call it if you almost forgot to wash your laundry? It'd be a clothes call.

58. What would a business person call his laundry shop if he was a Star Wars fan? It'd be 'Star Wash: Attack Of The Clothes'.

59. Did you see the curious monkey doing all the laundry? Yes, George was Washing-a-ton.

60. What's the name of the first president of the laundromat? George Washing-done.

61. Why'd the warden give a laundry soap to the departing prisoners? She hoped the soaps would act as a detergent against future grime.

62. What would you call a day without some laundry money? It'd be called a quarter-life crisis.

63. What would happen if a person from Alabama dropped their detergent down a hill? It'd be a roll tide.

64. What did one sock say to the other sock in the dryer? It said, "I'll see you next time around."

65. What would happen if a wolf fell into the washing machine? He'd become a wash and werewolf.

66. What happened to the leopard that fell in the washing machine? He came out spotless.

67. Don't you ever get tired and feel like you want to throw in the towel? No, because that'd only mean more laundry.

68. Why are poker players good at doing laundry? Because they know how to fold.

69. What would you call an automatic washing machine that washes nun's clothing? Sistermatic.

70. What would happen if you left a tube of superglue inside your pocket while doing your laundry? The washing machine would engage in a viscous cycle.

71. What is the laundry capital of the USA? It's Washington DC.

72. What would happen if you found $50 while doing laundry? It'd be the rags to riches story.

73. Why are goalkeepers good at doing laundry? Because they love clean sheets.

74. What do sailors do their laundry with? Tied pods.

75. What kind of exercise do washing machines love? The Spin Cycle.

76. What kind of chocolate will you find in your pocket while doing laundry? Lindt chocolate.

Clever And Punny Jokes On Laundry

Here's the list of some of the punniest clever jokes related to laundry.

77. How do network routers fix their shaking washing machine? By load balancing.

78. Why wasn't the washing machine starting? Because its door wasn't clothesed.

79. What did the detergent say to the other after an excellent game? It said, "good scour."

80. What would you call a dancing clothes dryer? A linty-hop.

81. What would you call a dapper bouncer at the laundromat? A Deter Gent.

82. How did the accident patient get a clean bill of health? She left her hospital bill in her laundry by mistake

83. Why shouldn't someone yell loudly in a laundromat? Washing powders are supposed to be concentrated.

84. Why did the lemon go to school wearing a red shirt? That's because his blue shirt was dirty and in the laundry.

85. Why were the programmers bad at doing their laundry? Because they always throw their dirty clothes on the heap.

86. Why was Mr. Miyagi allowed to do his laundry at Cobra Kai dojo? Because he's Anti-Kreese.

87. What detergent did the mermaid use? Tide.

88. Have you heard the name of the next book of the Divergent trilogy? I heard they're calling it 'Detergent, a dishsoapian novel'.

88. What would you call Tide Pods that prevent wars? Nuclear detergents.

89. What would you call it if you went poor and switched your detergent for cheap powder? It'd be a locust solution.

90. Why did the girl at the dry cleaner quit her job? Because her work was de-pressing. There were so many details to iron out daily.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for laundry puns and jokes, then why not take a look at 50 best jokes for kids, or for something different take a look at library puns.

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