100+ Best Math Riddles For Kids

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Math riddles are a part of recreational mathematics.

Math riddles and logic puzzles tease your brain and help you enhance your problem-solving ability. Math riddles can be both challenging and fun at the same time.

Solving riddles enhances your thinking ability and also allows you to think out of the box at the same time. It lets you test your mathematical knowledge and analytical skills. If you are a math lover and love solving mathematical problems for fun, Here we have prepared a list of some really amazing math riddles, which you can enjoy with your friends at the Math club.

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Math Puzzle For Kids

These maths riddles will get you thinking and exercises your brain cells. Here are some great riddles for maths lovers and some interesting riddles for kids with answers.

1. There are 100 houses in the neighborhood where Sam and his brother live. Sam's house number is the reverse of his brother's house number. The difference between their house numbers ends with 2. What are their house numbers? Answer: 19 and 91.

2. What can you place between 5 and 6 to make the outcome bigger than 5 but less than 6? Answer: A decimal, the result will be 5.6, bigger than 5, and less than 6.

3. It is a 3-digit number; the 2nd digit is four times bigger than the 3rd digit, the first digit is three lower than the 2nd digit. What is the number? Answer: 141.

4. Two ducks lay 3 eggs in 3 minutes. Consider this as the maximum possible speed; how many ducks will be needed to get 300 eggs in 300 minutes? Answer: 2 ducks.

5. Mrs. Jamie has 6 sons, and each of them has a sister. What is the total number of kids Mrs. Jamie have? Answer: 7 because the brothers have just one sister in common.

6. Can you find a way in which you get 23 using only the number 2? Answer: Use fractions, 22+2/2=23.

7. If a boy is 9 years old and his father is 47, can you find out how old his father will be when he is 21? Answer: 59.

Riddles For Middle School

These brain teasers riddles for kids will enhance your thinking ability. Here we have prepared a list of 5th-grade riddles and 4th-grade riddles.

8. If it is raining at midnight, the weather forecast says that tomorrow and the next day will be clear. Will it be sunny weather in 48 hours? Answer: No, in 48 hours, it will again be dark outside, so no sunny weather.

9. What would you be able to put between 7 and 8 to make the result greater than 7 but less than 8? Answer: The decimal - 7.8, It is greater than 7 and less than 8.

10. These are 3 different numbers which give the same result when added together and multiplied together. What are these numbers? Answer: 1,2,3. 1+2+3= 6 and 1×2×3=6.

11. Multiply this digit with any other number; you will get the same answer every time. What is the number? Answer: 0.

12. How many times could you subtract the number 10 from 100? Answer: Only 1 time; once you minus 10 from 100, it will not be 100 anymore.

Riddles For Kindergartners

Enhance your reasoning skills with these math riddles. Here are a number of riddles and problem-solving riddles for kids.

13. If there are six oranges in a basket and you took four, how many do you have? Answer: Four, you have four, you took four, and two are still in the basket.

14. It is an odd digit number, but when you remove one letter, it becomes even. What is the number? Answer: Seven.

15. Abel bought a rooster for laying eggs, and if Abel expects to obtain four eggs per day for breakfast, how many eggs will Abel have after four weeks? Answer: None; rooster does not lay eggs.

16. This one-digit number is more than 3 and less than 9. It is the number of sides in 2 triangles. Can you find out the number? Answer: 6.

17. This is a number which is more than 4 and less than 8. And 1 more than the fingers you have in your one hand. Can you help me find the number? Answer: 5.

18. If two is a twin and three is a triplet. What are 4 and 5? Answer: 9.

19. Which statement is correct: "Eight and six are fifteen" or "Eight and six are fifteen"? Answer: None of them are correct: 8+6=14.

20. What is common in the numbers 11, 69, and 88? Answer: They read the same when read from the right side and upside down.

21. It starts with P and ends with R and is a side of a right-angled triangle. What is it? Answer: Perpendicular.

22. It starts with P and ends with S; it is the name of a triangle's theorem. What is it? Answer: Pythagoras's theorem.

Math Brain Teasers

A brain teaser about math can be really mind-boggling. Here is a list of problem-solving math puzzles for kids with answers.

23. When Mili was 8, her sister was half her age. Now, Mili is 14. How old is her sister? Answer: 10, half of 8 is 4, so Mili's sister is 4 years younger.

24. Double the number and then multiply the number by 4. Divide the outcome by 8, and you will get the initial once more. What number is it? Answer: Any number, when a number is doubled and multiplied by 4 and divided by 8, the answer is the original number.

25. You can only use addition to add eight 8's in such a way so that you get the number 1 000? Answer:  888 + 88 + 8 + 8 +8 = 1 000.

26. Multiply all the numbers on the number pad of a telephone. What would you get? Answer: 0. The telephone number pad has the number 0; 0 multiplied by any other number is 0.

27. There are seven elf siblings, all born 2 years apart. If the youngest elf is 7 years old. What would be the age of the oldest brother? Answer: 19.

Kids Math Riddles

Solving kid math puzzles with your children can be a great fun activity. Here are some interesting numbers, riddles.

28. Two mothers and 2 daughters spent the day baking, but only baked 3 cakes. How is it possible? Answer: There were only 3 people baking. There was one mother, her daughter, and her daughter's daughter.

29. If a dozen eggs cost 0.12 dollars. How many eggs will you get in 1 dollar? Answer: 100 eggs, costing one penny each.

30. I added 5 to 9; it was 2; just to cross-check, I started counting again from 9 and again got 2. The answer is correct; how? Answer: 9'o clock, add 5 hours to it, and you will get 2'o clock.

31. If it takes 5 men 9 hours to build a bridge, how long would it take 10 men to build the same bridge? Answer: Zero, the bridge is already made.

32. Sheldon has a bag full of cotton, which weighs 1 pound, and another bag of 1 pound full of iron fillings. Which bag will be heavier? Answer: Both weights the same; 1 pound is 1 pound, no matter what the object is.

Fun Math Riddles

Little girl playing with math toy

Funny math riddle can lighten up your mood while solving big mathematical problems. Here are some easy numbers riddle, and a fun math problem.

33. It is a well-known word that starts with G and ends with a Y; it is a mathematical study related to shapes and size. What is it? Answer: Geometry.

34. There is an empty container, and it has a diameter of one foot. How many total numbers of oranges can be put in this empty container? Answer: One, the moment you place one orange, the container is not empty anymore.

35. If I say a circle has 2 sides, and I am correct. Can you point out the sides? Answer: Inside and Outside.

36. You have to take away two from five and still have four. How? Answer: F IV E, remove 2 alphabets F and E, and you will be left with Roman number IV.

37. It starts with G and ends with H and is a pictorial representation of mathematical data. What is it? Answer: Graph.

38. It is the reciprocal of 9 multiplied by 2, and the product of 9 times 9. What is the number? Answer: 81.

39. This is a 5 digit number; when the last three digits are added, the answer is 0, the digit at the one's place is the smallest odd number, the digit at the ten thousand places is the product of 4 and 2. What is the number? Answer: 8 1 000.

Math Riddles With Answers

These kids' math puzzles will need a lot of critical thinking. Here are some number riddles.

40. Darek has a really big family. He has 10 aunts, 10 uncles, and 30 cousins. Each cousin has one aunt who is not Darek's aunt. How is this possible? Answer: Their aunt is Darek's mother.

41. Johnny painted 100 plates on 100 apartments, which means he painted from number 1 to 100. How many times will he have to paint the number 7? Answer: 20 times. (7, 17, 27, 37, 47, 57, 67, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 87, 97).

42. Harry was on the way to the museum. He met a man with 4 sisters holding 4 baskets. All the baskets contain 4 dogs, and each of these 4 dogs had 4 puppies. So in total, how many were going to the museum? Answer: Only Harry is going to the museum.

43. At the aquarium, Leiha tries to put each goldfish in its own tank, but there is no tank left for one goldfish. So she tried putting two goldfish per tank, now one tank remains empty. How many tanks and goldfishes are there? Answer: 4 goldfishes and 3 tanks.

44. It is a three-digit number; the digit on the tens place value is 6 more than the digit on the place value of ones. The digit on the hundreds place value is 8 less than the tens digit. What is the number? Answer: 193.

Challenging Math Riddles

These mathematician riddles will enhance your problem-solving skills and critical thinking. Here is a list of some hard math riddles for kids.

45. It starts with I and end with R and is basically numbers with symbols of + and -. What is it? Answer: Integer.

46. For shipping, Teena can either placed 8 big boxes or 10 small boxes inside a carton. 96 boxes were sent in one consignment; small boxes were less than big boxes in number. What was the total number of cartons shipped in the consignment? Answer: Small boxes: 4×10= 40. and big boxes: 7×8=56. Total of 96 boxes and 11 cartons.

47. Bella has two books, one book is faced upside-down, and the other book is placed in a way that the top of the book is facing Bella. What is the total sum of the first pages of both the books? Answer: 1+1=2. The first page of every book is marked as one, doesn't matter how they are placed.

48. A brand new cellphone along with its phone cover costs $100. The cost of the cellphone is $100 more than the price of the phone cover. What is the price of the phone? Answer: $ 105. The price of the phone is $100 more so when the cover cost is $5. The phone will cost $105.

49. The sum total of the age of a mother and daughter is 66. The mother's age is the daughter's age reversed. There could be three different possibilities to this riddles' answer. What would be their ages? Answer: (51 + 15= 66), (42 + 24=66), or (60 + 06 =66).

50. If 100 is divided by half. What would be the result? Answer: 100÷1/2 = 100×2/1= 200.

Geometrical Mathematical Riddles

Solving math problems require a logical and rational approach. Here are some riddles associated with shapes and geometry.

51. It is a polygon with 3 sides and 3 vertexes. What is it? Answer: Triangle.

52. It is an attribute of a circle and helps find a circles' perimeter? What is it? Answer: Radius.

53. It has six sides and is also found in a beehive? What shape is it? Answer: Hexagon.

54. It is a 3D shape and is a part of our favorite ice-cream? What is it? Answer: Cone.

55. It is round but not a circle; it resembles the shape of a hen's egg? Answer: Oval.

56. It has 4 equal angles and 4 equal sides. What is it? Answer: Square.

57. It starts with an H and ends with an S; it is the longest side of a triangle. What is it? Answer: Hypotenuse.

58. It is a quadrilateral and looks like a kite. What is it? Answer: Rhombus.

59. It has two equal opposite parallel sides but not a rectangle. What is it? Answer: Parallelogram.

60. What starts with an A and ends with an E and is found in a square, rectangle, and triangle. What is it? Answer: Angle.

61. This shape starts with E and ends with L; it is the pathway of a heavenly planet. What is it? Answer: Elliptical.

62. It has 6 faces, 12 edges, and 8 vertexes and looks like a dice. What is it? Answer: Cube.

63. It is the sum total of all the sides of a quadrilateral; it is also calculated while fencing a plot? Answer: Perimeter.

64. This well-shaped word starts with a C and ends with E; it is the perimeter of a circle. What is it? Answer: Circumference.

65. This is a five lettered word and is common in a circle and a ring. What is it? Answer: Round.

66. This important shape starts with an H and ends with E and is a part of a sphere. What is it? Answer: Hemisphere.

67. It looks like a chocolate bar and also as a door, it has a total of 4 sides with 2 sets of equal opposites. What is it? Answer: Rectangle.

68. It is a 3d shape with 6 faces and 12 edges, but it's not a cube. What is it? Answer: Cuboid.

69. It is round in shape and rhymes with sing, and can be found on a girl's fingers. What shape is it? Answer: Ring.

70. It is round in shape but not a circle, nor an oval. What is it? Answer: Sphere.

71. It is found in every house in every room; it is also found in polygons and quadrilaterals. What is it? Answer: Corner.

72. What is pointless and is a geometrical shape and looks like a plate. What is this shape? Answer: Circle.

73. This important sign starts with a D and ends with a T and is used in morse code. What is it? Answer: Dot.

74. This is an important part of a shape which starts with D and ends with R; it is a straight line; it passes through a circles' center. What is it? Answer: Diameter.

75. It starts with V and ends with E, something common in a cylinder, sphere, and a music speaker. What is it? Answer: Volume.

76. It starts with A and ends with the same, and calculated while painting a wall. What is it? Answer: Area.

Short Mathematical Riddles

A number riddle can be fun to solve. Here are some easy and fun to solve riddles.

77. It starts with Q and ends with T; it is related to divisibility. What is it? Answer: Quotient.

78. It starts with P and ends with Y; it is a mathematical study of luck and chances. What is it? Answer: Probability.

79. It is greater than 6 and smaller than 12. Is the total number of fingers on both hands? Answer: 10.

80. It is a 2 digit number, with the same digit in both ones and tens place. The digits added twice results in a ten. What is the number? Answer: 55.

81. It is a 3 digit number less than 130; if you add the digits in the ones and hundreds place, you get the tens number. What is the number? Answer: 121.

82. It is endless and boundless, looks like a sleeping 8 number. What is it? Answer: Infinity ∞.

83. It is three times nine and one less than the days in the month of February. What is the number? Answer: 27.

84. I have as many apples as the number of days in one week. How many apples do I have? Answer: 7.

85. Seema reads one new book every 30 days; how many books does she read in one year? Answer: 12.

86. Tommy is 100 cm tall, and his friend Harry is 1000mm tall. Who is taller? Answer: Both have equal heights.

87. It is a mathematical formula and includes all the four basic mathematical operations. What is it? Answer: B.O.D.M.A.S.

88. What is less than 100 and greater than 50, and the product of 8 and 8? Answer: 64.

89. What is more than 40 and less than 60, lies exactly between 40 and 60. What is the number? Answer: 50.

90. If you add it twice, you get a century, and it itself marks a golden jubilee. What is the number? Answer: 50.

91. It is greater than 50 and smaller than 100 and is known as a diamond jubilee. What is the number? Answer: 75.

92. 4 times this number is century and twice is half-century. What is the number? Answer: 25.

93. It is an even number and the smallest of all the prime numbers. What is it? Answer: 2.

94. It is neither composite nor prime, and when multiplied by any number, the number remains the same. What is it? Answer: 1.

95. It is a number when used before another number; the value remains the same, but when used after a number, it increases the value by 10 times. What is it? Answer: 0.

96. It is a 3 digit number; if you add all three, the value is the same as the total of the digits at the tens and hundreds place. What is the number? Answer: 100.

97. What is common in the table of 2 and 5, and is the total of all the digits in both your hands and legs. What is the number? Answer: 20.

98. It comes after 15 and is less than 20, and is the product of four times 4. What is it? Answer: 16.

99. It is less than half of 100 and is the result of seven times 7. What is it? Answer: 49.

100. It is bigger than 50 and is the total number of weeks in a year. What is the number? Answer: 52.

101. It is a two-digit number, the number at the tens place is one number bigger than the number at one's place, it is a total number of teeth an adult human has. What is the number? Answer: 32.

102. It is a mathematical term and is a constant; it is also a sweet dessert that you will love; it is related to a circle. What is it? Answer: π pi.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly riddles for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for math riddles for kids then why not take a look at long riddles, sphinx riddles, or animal riddles.

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