40+ Easter Riddles Perfect For Scavenger Hunts

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Here's a list of some spring riddles for kids that will bring them a lot of joy!

If you're a parent who's trying to organize the perfect Easter egg hunt for your child, then this list is your treasure trove! We've accumulated a variety of riddles and hints perfect for an Easter egg hunt.

The riddles in this list are completely safe for children, so parents who are looking for riddles for kids of any age, especially riddles for 11-year-olds, can rest assured. An Easter egg hunt with clues is a great activity for both parents and children. You can choose to have an Easter egg hunt outside or inside your home and you can control the location of the hunt by carefully choosing where you hide each of the clues for your children. You can either have small Easter eggs hidden throughout your scavenger hunt or have a big one at the end, either way, it's your choice.

This list has a multitude of Easter bunny riddles, Easter egg riddles, and rabbit riddles that can be used to set up a scavenger hunt. You can either choose to set up the clues in a specific sequence or randomly. So, for all of your Easter egg hunt riddles for around the house, these Easter bunny puns,  March jokes, and riddles and Easter bunny jokes and riddles, are here to help!

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Easter Riddles For Kids

Cute little child wearing bunny ears holding basket with painted eggs on Easter day

These are some great riddles for a fun Easter egg hunt day. An Easter bunny is known to be a symbol of Easter that brings around plenty of Easter eggs. If you're planning on telling your children some fun  Easter bunny jokes and jokes about Easter eggs that fall under the 'jokes for kids' category, then you should peruse through this list of Easter riddles for Easter egg hunt inspiration! Find out why we never see an Easter bunny wearing glasses and why you might need to make a noise like a carrot at Easter time!

1. These things are scattered in March or April and you can find many near a mound. A certain fun rabbit decides to leave this visibly on the ground. What is this? Answer: Easter egg.

2. This may sometimes be hollow, and other times carry chocolate inside. Sometimes, they are real and have fun painting on their outsides. What is this? Answer: Easter egg.

3. I go hopping around when Easter comes, and I leave a lot of eggs. You'll find it hard to find me because I have very fast legs. Who is this? Answer: Easter bunny.

4. This is a fun animal who likes to hop. He has a lot of Easter eggs that he needs to drop. Who is this? Answer: Easter bunny.

5. This is colorful, but it isn't a rainbow. It is hunted for, but it isn't an animal. It may have chocolate on the inside, but it isn't an advent calendar. It does have a shell, but it isn't a snail. It is sometimes painted but never hung on a wall. What is it? Answer: Easter egg.

6. He may drop things but most people don't consider him clumsy. He likes to hop, even without a pogo stick. He leaves eggs behind but is not a fowl. He is found on Easter but he is not one of the chocolate eggs. Who is this? Answer: Easter bunny.

7. How do we know that carrots are good for your eyes? Answer: Nobody has ever seen an Easter bunny wearing glasses.

8. How does someone catch the Easter bunny? Answer: Make a noise like a carrot.

9. What is the difference between fraud and a thieving Easter bunny? Answer: One is bad money, the other is a bad bunny.

10. Why did a bunny decide to cross the road? Answer: The chicken had found his Easter eggs.

11. Where does a fun Easter bunny eat his eggs in the morning? Answer: At IHOP.

Easter Scavenger Hunt Hints

We've put together a list of riddles that are perfect for both Easter egg hunts in the house and in the garden. If you like, you can mix it up a bit and leave these fun clues both inside and outside! Many of these are so funny, they could even be passed off as Easter jokes for kids! If you love fun Easter jokes, fun Easter bunny jokes, Easter bunny puns, or even just Easter eggs, you will love this list of hints!

12. The post will arrive even through thick and thin. Take a peek at wherever the letters come in. What is this? Answer: Mailbox.

13. A person doesn't have to search long or far. This is where most people end up keeping their car. Where is this? Answer: Garage.

14. Golly gee, and golly gosh. This place is where your clothes are washed. Where is this? Answer: The washing machine.

15. It's cold in this place with all this food. If you find eggs in here, they will surely end up fixing your mood. Where is this? Answer: Fridge.

16. You use this while watching the TV. All you have to do is look by the cushion, it's that easy! Where is this? Answer: The couch.

17. This is a place where one gets clean. If you end up turning on the shower, you'll slowly be surrounded by steam. Where is this? Answer: Bathtub or shower.

18. You may find this object with a brown trunk and green leaves, and if you're lucky, there may also be a squirrel hidden within. What is this? Answer: Tree.

19. I'm almost always dirty and hungry for my daily stash. If you decide to open my mouth, then please hand over your trash. What am I? Answer: Trash can.

20. Even though I have no feet, I can still move around. If you look inside my trunk, a clue will surely be found. What am I? Answer: Car.

21. I am used to cook your dinner and I am big and square. I can be found among fridges and other homeware. What am I? Answer: Oven.

22. This is where most people rest their heads. You'll be able to find a pillow as well a sheet and some blankets. Where is this? Answer: Bed.

23. This has a face and two hands, but it isn't a person and it doesn't give commands. What is it? Answer: Clock.

24. This can be long or short, it will help you balance any books or magazines that  your family wish to sort. What is it? Answer: Bookshelf.

25. This is where you wash your mouth, and floss your teeth. Where is it? Answer: The bathroom sink.

26. This place is where you'll find a suit or dress. Where is it? Answer: Closet.

27. This object cleans the dishes when the place is a mess and you don't want any more stress. What is it? Answer: Dishwasher.

28. This has four legs but no actual feet. When one gets tired, they should take a seat. What is it? Answer: Chair.

29. When it is closed, it utters no noise or sound. But when it's turned on, in the living room, everyone will be found. What is it? Answer: TV.

30. When you turn off the light, you'll find that this is what you'll rest your head, whether you're turning left or right. What is it? Answer: Pillow.

31. This will keep your books safe in a pack. It's better if you zip it up before carrying it on to your back. What is it? Answer: Backpack.

32. If it's hungry, you should feed it some bread. After it pops, it's time to bring the spread. What is it? Answer: Toaster.

33. They could grow up to be tall or small. Most of them smell pleasant and act as a good present. What is this? Answer: Flowers.

34. This is a lot of fun, so I hope it doesn't end. You can easily find the next hint where you end up calling your friends. Where is this? Answer: Telephone.

35. There is no time to stop. This is where the yummy popcorn pops. Where is this? Answer: Microwave.

36. This is a place that turns your clothes from soaking wet to warm. Where is this? Drying stand.

37. This is where your parents do all of their typing. If you use this recklessly, it will lead to a lot of fighting. What is it? Answer: Laptop.

38. This rests between you and your neighbor. If you damage it, you might have to sign a waiver. What is it? Answer: Fence.

39. This is a nice treat to eat dinner at in the heat. What is it? Answer: Patio table.

40. This is the spot where you complete your work before you head off on an Easter hunt. What is it? Answer: Desk.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly riddles for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Easter riddles, then why not take a look at these impossible riddles for kids who are riddle experts and Thanksgiving riddles to chew on over dinner?

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