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Country Music Trivia: 100+ Questions (And Answers) From The History Of Country Music

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Are you a true country music fan?

Test your knowledge of country music trivia with this country music trivia game. Country music is often synonymous with the idea of American music, full of tangs of guitars and the wonderful voices of country singers.

The legacy left by 1960s country music artists helped establish it as a proper genre with something to give as its own. Since then, country melodies have made their way into international music with the likes of Billy Ray Cyrus and Taylor Swift popularizing the genre even more. Test your knowledge with this list of country music trivia and answers.

Country music originated in Northern America and has had hundreds of transformations during its evolution into its current form. Read on to test yourself with this country music quiz.

1. Question: Country music has its root in the folksongs of which region?

Answer: Country music originates from the Southern Appalachian mountains.

2. Question: Which river became a crossroad for country music?

Answer: Mississippi River.

3. Question: What is popularly called the birthplace of country music?

Answer: Bristol, Tennessee.

4. Question: Why is Tennessee called the birthplace of country music?

Answer: The US Congress gave Bristol, Tennessee the official title of 'The Birthplace of Country Music'.

5. Question: Which convention, held in 1925, helped inspire modern country music?

Answer: The Mountain City Fiddlers Convention.

Country Songs Trivia Questions From Different Decades

Let us now enjoy some fun country songs questions and answers from the different decades, including '30s country songs trivia questions and 1940s country music quiz questions.

6. Question: Which city in the '20s gave rise to the first generation of country music's earliest recording artists?

Answer: Atlanta.

7. Question: In which year did James Gideon Tanner, one of the first stars of country music, die?

Answer: 1960.

8. Question: What was the name of James Gideon Tanner's band which was popular in the '30s country music scene?

Answer: James Tanner headed the Skillet Lickers.

9. Question: Who did the vocals for the Skillet Lickers?

Answer: Dan Hornsby, Clayton McMichen and Riley Puckett.

10. Question: Which was the first record label to start issuing so-called 'Hillbilly Music'?

Answer: Okeh Records.

11. Question: Which artist's record was first officially released as 'Hillbilly Music' by Okeh Records?

Answer: Fiddlin' John Carson.

12. Question: Which artist had their country music record released by Columbia Records?

Answer: Samantha Bumgardner.

13. Question: What kind of music did Cliff Carlisle produce in the '20s?

Answer: He mostly recorded Blues songs.

14. Question: What was the 'National Barn Dance' in the '30s and '40s?

Answer: 'National Barn Dance' was a radio show featuring songs from the second generation of country music.

15. Question: Which was the most popular 'Barn Dance' radio show in the '20s?

Answer: 'Grand Ole Opry'.

16. Question: Who is known as the King of the so-called 'Singing Cowboys'?

Answer: Gene Autry.

17. Question: When was 'Grand Ole Opry' founded?

Answer: 'Grand Ole Opry' was founded on 28 November 1925.

18. Question: Who was the first country musician known to add an electric guitar to his band?

Answer: Bob Wills.

19. Question: When did country musicians begin playing boogie woogie?

Answer: 1939.

20. Question: Who sang the iconic boogie song 'Boogie Woogie'?

Answer: Johnny Barfield.

21. Question: The introduction of which artists to 'Grand Ole Opry' kicked off bluegrass string band music?

Answer: Bill Monroe, Lester Flatt, and Earl Scruggs.

22. Question: Which are the dominant instruments in honky-tonk country music?

Answer: Steel guitar and fiddle.

23. Question: Who released the 1938 music record 'Honky Tonk Music'?

Answer: Jelly Roll Morton.

24. Question: When did Ernest Tubb release his sixth release for Decca called 'Walking The Floor Over You'?

Answer: 1941.

25. Question: Who was the first artist to play the electric guitar at the 'Grand Ole Opry'?

Answer: Ernest Tubb.

26. Question: Which is known as the year of rockabilly in country music?

Answer: 1956.

27. Question: Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley were both inspired by this iconic country music genre. Which is it?

Answer: Rockabilly music.

28. Question: Which Tennessee city has an entire genre of country music named after it?

Answer: Nashville.

29. Question: After which historical event was there a desire to return to the old values of rock and roll?

Answer: The British invasion of America.

30. Question: The dissatisfaction with Nashville music and the aftermath of the British invasion resulted in which crossbred genre?

Answer: Country rock.

Gospel Music Trivia Questions

You might not know that gospel music finds its roots in country music! Gospel music focuses on Christian sentiments. Here are some country music questions to test your knowledge of gospel music.

31. Question: How far back in history can we trace gospel music?

Answer: 17th century.

32. Question: Which type of gospel music usually used all-male tenor-lead baritone and bass quartets?

Answer: Southern gospel.

33. Question: Who is popularly known as the pioneer of rock and roll ?

Answer: Sister Rosetta Tharpe.

34. Question: Who first introduced ragtime to gospel music?

Answer: Arizona Dranes.

35. Question: Who popularly is known as the queen of Black gospel?

Answer: Mahalia Jackson.

36. Question: When did the Five Blind Boys of Mississippi and Alabama gain popularity?

Answer: The '30s.

37. Question: When did the National Baptist Convention first publicly endorse gospel music?

Answer: 1930.

38. Question: When did Albert E Brumley record his iconic song 'Turn Your Radio On'?

Answer: 1937.

39. Question: Which record label helped popularize Christian rap?

Answer: Reach Records.

People enjoying country music festival

Modern Country Music Quiz

This section will focus on modern country music trivia questions and answers, including some Willie Nelson trivia for you.

40. Question: When was the genre of 'neo country disco music' popularized?

Answer: The '80s.

41. Question: What genre did The Long Ryders and Mojo Nixon belong to?

Answer: The '80s Southern Californian Cowpunk scene.

42. Question: In which decade did country music truly attain worldwide fame and popularity?

Answer: The '90s.

43. Question: Who wrote the iconic 'Ring Of Fire' in 1963?

Answer: Merle Kilgore and June Carter Cash.

44. Question: Where was Johnny Cash born?

Answer: Kingsland, Arkansas.

45. Question: What did Johnny Cash first work as in Memphis, Tennessee when he was living there with his wife?

Answer: He sold appliances and studied to be a radio announcer.

46. Question: Who famously told Cash to "go home and sin, then come back with a song I can sell"?

Answer: Sam Phillips.

47. Question: Which is the best-selling Merle Haggard hit ever?

Answer: 'The Fugitive' in 1966.

48. Question: What is Dolly Parton's first album called?

Answer: 'Hello, I'm Dolly'.

49. Question: Who is the highest grossing country singer of all time?

Answer: Garth Brooks.

50. Question: When did Dolly Parton release her first song?

Answer: 1957.

51. Question: How old was Dolly Parton when she first wrote a song?

Answer: She was five years old.

52. Question: When did Willie Nelson release his critically acclaimed album 'Shotgun Willie'?

Answer: 1973.

53. Question: Which country singer has been involved in activism involving biofuels?

Answer: Willie Nelson.

54. Question: How did Patsy Cline tragically die?

Answer: She died in 1953 in a plane crash.

55. Question: In which decade did Patsy Cline become an official member of The Opry?

Answer: The '60s.

56. Question: What was Patsy Cline's first release under Decca?

Answer: 'I Fall To Pieces'.

57. Question: How many studio albums did Merle Haggard release?

Answer: 56.

58. Question: Who wrote the record album 'Friends In Low Places'?

Answer: Garth Brooks.

59. Question: How many singles has Hank Williams recorded?

Answer: 35.

More Country Music Trivia Questions

The following questions and answers focus on the lesser-known facts about country music, including trivia and facts about number one hits from the industry.

60. Question: Which Blues musician gave Hank Williams guitar lessons in exchange for meals?

Answer: Rufus Payne.

61. Question: What was Hank Williams' backup band called?

Answer: Drifting Cowboys.

62. Question: Which was the only song with country airplay to reach number one on the pop charts in the late '80s?

Answer: Billy Vera's 'At This Moment'.

63. Question: Who is the female country artist with the most number-one hits on the Billboard Hot Country Songs list?

Answer: Carrie Underwood.

64. Question: Which country influenced album by Kylie Minogue reached number one in Scotland?

Answer: 'Golden'.

65. Question: Which Australian country song artist uses music to communicate about Aboriginal rights issues?

Answer: Troy Cassar-Daley.

66. Question: Which track took the Scrumpy and Western music genre to number one in both the UK and Ireland?

Answer: 'The Combine Harvester'.

67. Question: This Irish show is one of TG4's most-watched series and focuses on country music. can you name it?

Answer: 'Glor Tire'.

68. Question: Which band popularized an electro-pop version of the classic southern song 'Cotton Eyed Joe'?

Answer: Rednex.

69. Question: Whose version of 'Cotton Eyed Joe' won a Grammy Award in 1985?

Answer: The Moody Brothers.

70. Question: Which was the first American country music video cable channel?

Answer: The Nashville Network.

71. Question: Which is the only TV channel that is dedicated to country music in Canada?

Answer: CMT.

72. Question: In which country music festival held in Chennai will you find Anglo Indian musicians ?

Answer: Blazing Guitars.

73. Question: What was Taylor Swift's first song in the world of country music called?

Answer: 'Tim McGraw'.

74. Question: Which Taylor Swift album spent 275 weeks on the Billboard 200?

Answer: 'Fearless'.

75. Question: At what age did Taylor Swift win an Album of the Year award for the first time?

Answer: 20.

76. Question: Who wrote 'New York, New York', which pays tribute to NYC in an alt-country fashion?

Answer: Ryan Adams.

77. Question: What was Blake Shelton's first single called?

Answer: 'Austin'.

78. Question: In which year was Luke Bryan named Entertainer of the Year by the Academy of Country Music Awards (ACMA)?

Answer: 2013.

79. Question: When did the Academy of Country Music give away their first award?

Answer: April 1966.

80. Question: Who won Entertainer of the Year in 2019 in the ACMA?

Answer: Keith Urban.

81. Question: Which artist was declared the Female Vocalist of the Year by the ACMA for nine years consecutively?

Answer: Miranda Lambert.

82. Question: Who is the first woman to have won the Country Music Association Awards' Album of the Year twice?

Answer: Miranda Lambert.

83. Question: Which country singer was honored by the National Italian American Foundation in 2004?

Answer: Tim McGraw.

84. Question: Which famous country singer is Miley Cyrus' godmother?

Answer: Dolly Parton.

85. Question: Which country inspired song by Miley Cyrus featured in the 'Hannah Montana' movie?

Answer: 'The Climb'.

86. Question: Which song by Billy Ray Cyrus, helped to popularize line dance again?

Answer: 'Achy Breaky Heart'.

87. Question: What was Billy Ray Cyrus' first studio album called?

Answer: 'Some Gave All' (1992).

88. Question: How many times has Loretta Lynn been nominated for the Grammy Awards?

Answer: 18 times.

89. Question: What was Loretta Lynn's 2018 album called?

Answer: 'Wouldn't It Be Great.'

90. Question: What was Clint Black's first album called?

Answer: 'Killin Time.'

91. Question: Where was Brad Paisley born?

Answer: Glen Dale, West Virginia, United States.

92. Question: Which was Brad Paisley's debut single called?

Answer: 'Who Needs Pictures' in 1999.

93. Question: Which song was the first number one single that got Keith Urban on the Hot Country Songs chart?

Answer: 'But For The Grace Of God'.

94. Question: Which Keith Urban album is his highest-selling, certified 4x Platinum?

Answer: 'Be Here'.

95. Question: Which country singer was a construction worker and a fishing guide before making best-selling music?

Answer: Clint Black.

96. Question: Which song by Beyonce in her iconic album 'Lemonade' was a throwback to her country roots?

Answer: 'Daddy Lesson'.

97. Question: In which city is there a famous mural celebrating country legends?

Answer: Nashville.

98. Question: Who replaced Taylor Swift on the Nashville mural that celebrated country legends?

Answer: Brad Paisley.

99. Question: Who is the best-selling female artist in country music history?

Answer: Shania Twain.

100. Question: How many records has Shania Twain sold?

Answer: More than 100 million!

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