Disneyland Trivia: How Many Of These 70+ Questions Can You Answer About The Happiest Place On Earth? | Kidadl


Disneyland Trivia: How Many Of These 70+ Questions Can You Answer About The Happiest Place On Earth?

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Since the opening day of the first Disneyland in Los Angeles, California in 1955, it has attracted children who have always wanted to make their dreams come true, thanks to Walt Disney.

These dreams included living amongst the prince and princesses that they have watched through the years in various Disney movies. Named the happiest place on earth, Disneyland theme park in California became popular all over the world.

After more than 65 years of its establishment, it remains the most popular wish amongst children, irrespective of their country. The theme park was developed when Walt Disney went through various amusement parks with his children. The Disneyland trivia quiz takes you through various crazy Disneyland facts. Disneyland provides a portal to a magical world. Filled with various rides, the famous Sleeping Beauty castle, and other attractions with surprise Cast members visits, the Walt Disney world keeps expanding, growing, and advancing since its set up. Were you one of the lucky kids to get to visit  Disneyland theme park and know all about Disneyland? Or are you a huge fan and want to know some opening day facts and creepy facts about Disneyland? No matter what the reason behind your love for Disneyland is, this magic kingdom trivia is the best way to spend time with family and friends and refresh your memories of your visit to the magical world of Walt Disney. Also, try out Disney song trivia and Disney trivia.

Disneyland Quiz: Interesting Facts About Disneyland

The small world of Disneyland holds a rich history inside it. There are various fun Disneyland facts about the construction of the park and its working that amuse fans to no end. There are some things you probably don't know about Disneyland, too. Though, this Disney parks trivia can help you know those random Disneyland facts as well. If you are confident that you know all the Disneyland secrets and facts hidden inside the Sleeping Beauty castle, then this quiz is for you!

Pluto is one of the most loved and fun character!

1.Question: Which song is heard in the Haunted Mansion?

Answer: 'Grim Grinning Ghosts'.

2.Question: Which Tomorrowland ride was the namesake of the ship that completed its voyage under the North Pole in 1959?

Answer: Submarine Voyage.

3.Question: Disneyland started a new way for guests to spend their money in 1987. Can you recall the name of the currency?

Answer: Disney Dollars.

4.Question: On which ride do you need to be careful of poisoned apples?

Answer: Snow White’s Scary Adventures.

5.Question: Where is Club 33 located?

Answer: New Orleans Square.

6.Question: When did Disney California Adventure Park open?

Answer: 2001.

7.Question: Who is the voice of Madame Leota in Haunted Mansion?

Answer: Eleanor Audley.

8.Question: Which Tomorrowland ride was in use from 1961 to 1966 only?

Answer: Flying Saucers.

9.Question: Which monster lives in the Matterhorn ride?

Answer: Abominable Snowman.

10.Question: How many years did it take to build Disneyland?

Answer: One year.

11.Question: What does the sign at the entrance of Disneyland say?

Answer: 'Happiest Place on Earth'.

12.Question: What was the name of the show held every Sunday at Tomorrowland Stage?

Answer: 'Country Music Jubilee'.

13.Question: Which is the only place in Disneyland to serve alcoholic beverages?

Answer: Club 33.

14.Question: What is the distance between Disneyland and California?

Answer: 35 miles.

15.Question: What was on the land of the first Disneyland before it was built?

Answer: An orange grove.

16.Question: Which phone company sponsors the Indiana Jones Adventure in Adventureland?

Answer: AT&T.

17.Question: Which attraction is home to 999 ghosts?

Answer: The Haunted Mansion.

18.Question: Who was the music composer behind the score of 'Innoventions' attractions?

Answer: Buddy Baker.

19.Question: Which is the first attraction in Disneyland, located past the ticket collectors?

Answer: Disneyland Railroad.

20.Question: Which ride can reach Disneyland Park the fastest?

Answer: Monorail.

21.Question: The piano is playing by itself. Which attraction is this?

Answer: Pirates of the Caribbean.

22.Question: Where will you hear the song with the lyrics 'Aye, but we’re loved by our mommies and dads'?

Answer: Pirates of the Caribbean.

23.Question: What are the passenger carriers located at the end of the hall entailing the elevator in the Haunted Mansion called?

Answer: Doom Buggies.

24.Question: Can you remember the name of the restaurant located inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride?

Answer: Blue Bayou.

25.Question: What does Jack Skellington hold in his hand at the front of the Haunted Mansion?

Answer: A snowflake.

26.Question: Can you name the star of Fantasmic?

Answer: Mickey Mouse.

27.Question: Where will you find the King Arthur Carousel?

Answer: Fantasyland.

28.Question: Which Disney character’s face is made from flowers at the front entrance of Disneyland?

Answer: Mickey Mouse.

29.Question: Which land features attractions such as Luigi’s Flying Tires, and Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree?

Answer: Car’s Land.

30.Question: Where will you find the attraction Fantasmic?

Answer: Rivers of America.

31.Question: Which sweets company has been a sponsor of the Fantasyland Theater?

Answer: Nestle Ice Cream.

32.Question: Which famous California landmark can you see above you as you enter the Disney California Adventure Park?

Answer: Golden Gate Bridge.

33.Question: Where do the guests sit in Peter Pan’s Flight?

Answer: Pirate Ship.

34.Question: Which attraction was built for the World Fair and still exists in Disneyland?

Answer: It’s a Small World.

35.Question: Who is the singer of the song ‘Grim Grinning Ghosts’ that plays throughout the Haunted Mansion?

Answer: Thurl Ravencroft.

36.Question: What does Sally hold in the hallway of portraits in the Haunted Mansion?

Answer: A Christmas tree.

37.Question: In which year did the attraction Matterhorn Bobsleds open?

Answer: 1959.

38.Question: Which huge store will you come by as you walk down Main Street USA on the left-hand side?

Answer: Emporium.

39.Question: When did Monorail first begin its operation?

Answer: 1959.

Disneyland Park Trivia: Little Known Facts About Disneyland

Some of these questions are based on weird Disneyland facts and Disneyland statistics that only hardcore fans can know about. The answers to these questions can only be answered by the most worthy of fans who have read possible information on the theme park. These Disneyland history facts will surely make you go down memory lane and straight into the world where the most fantastic dreams come true. Let's see how many things you didn't know about Disneyland.

Disneyland has some of the most exciting attractions and souvenirs.

40.Question: Imagine it is the summer of 1972. How much money would a family of four, with two parents and two kids, pay for a Disneyland 15-ride coupon book?

Answer: $22.30.

41.Question: A mountain resort project was to be built in Northern California under the direction of Walt Disney. Can you recall its name?

Answer: Mineral King.

42.Question: How many doom buggies are there in the Haunted Mansion?

Answer: 131.

43.Question: How many hand-painted prancing horses will you find in the Kind Arthur’s Carousel?

Answer: 68.

44.Question: Which ride started during the renovation of Tomorrowland in 1998 and closed in 2000?

Answer: Rocket Rods.

45.Question: Who was the first writer of the stories of the Haunted Mansion?

Answer: Ken Anderson.

46.Question: What is the name of the short-lived land that included attractions such as ‘Scrooge’s Vault’ and ‘Baloo’s Dressing Room’?

Answer: Disney Afternoon Avenue.

47.Question: Which show featured an audio-animatronic cast of animals singing America’s classic songs?

Answer: 'America Sings'.

48.Question: In the book of 15 coupons, how many e-coupons can a guest expect to find? E-coupons have the best attractions.

Answer: Five.

49.Question: Where did Walt Disney live when he visited Disneyland?

Answer: Above the firehouse.

50.Question: What is the ratio of the size of Matterhorn at Disneyland to the one in Switzerland?

Answer: 1:100.

51.Question: Which e-ticket attraction, that opened in 1955 and featured a live equine conveyance system, was closed in 1973?

Answer: Rainbow Ridge Pack Mules.

52.Question: Who is responsible for sketching the first concept art for Walt Disney’s idea of Disneyland?

Answer: Herb Ryman.

53.Question: When the doom buggy launches, which three children appear?

Answer: Lock, Shock, and Barrel.

54.Question: What was the construction cost of Disneyland in 1955?

Answer: $17 million.

55.Question: Which is the only ride that still operates in Tomorrowland since 1955?

Answer: Autopia.

56.Question: In which land would you have found the shop Fototoons?

Answer: Main Street USA.

57.Question: Why do Matterhorn Bobsleds end the ride with a splash of water?

Answer: To slow the cars down at the end of the ride.

58.Question: Which Disneyland attraction had a theatre custom in Tomorrowland in 1986?

Answer: Captain Eo.

59.Question: How many speakers does each doom buggy have?

Answer: Three.

Disney Quiz: Cool Facts About Disneyland for Kids

Disneyland is a magical place offering lots of fun.

This section of the trivia includes random Disneyland facts. It can be played as a fun game with your kids on a weekend to make them feel the magic of Walt Disney right at home. For the people who are searching for Disneyland facts for kids, this basic trivia will quiz you perfectly. Are you ready for the Disneyland ride quiz? Hope on this ride to head to the memories of the most famous theme park of the world. The trivia will lead you to the magical Walt Disney World.

60.Question: When is the anniversary of Disneyland celebrated?

Answer: 17 July.

61.Question: How many lands are there in Disneyland, as of 2020? (Do not count Disney California Adventure)

Answer: Nine.

62.Question: Which ride is also known as the wildest ride in the wilderness?

Answer: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

63.Question: This roller coaster ride goes around and through a mountain in Fantasyland. Can you name it?

Answer: Matterhorn Bobsleds.

64.Question: Which is the minimum ticket you need to have to enter the Fantasyland theatre in 1969?

Answer: C Ticket.

65.Question: Who is the sponsor of a small spot on Main Street called Spirit of Refreshment?

Answer: Coca-Cola.

66.Question: Which attraction covers the most distance in Disneyland?

Answer: Monorail.

67.Question: In whose house can you go and jump around?

Answer: Goofy’s house.

68.Question: Can you name the two ships in the Rivers of America?

Answer: Columbia and Mark Twain.

69.Question: Which building will you head to if you need to find someone that you have lost?

Answer: City Hall.

70.Question: In which land is Star Tours located?

Answer: Tomorrowland.

71.Question: Where is the attraction of the Walt Disney Story located?

Answer: Main Street USA.

72.Question: What is the name of the roller coaster ride that is spread across the skyline of the Paradise Pier area with a huge Mickey Mouse Head?

Answer: California Screamin’.

73.Question: What are the names of the hitchhiking ghosts?

Answer: Ezra, Phineas, and Gus.

74.Question: What memorial is dedicated to Walt Disney after his death?

Answer: A lit lamp situated at the window where he used to stay each time he visited Disneyland.

75.Question: At the 30th Anniversary of Disneyland, what was the big prize decided for every three millionth guest?

Answer: A Cadillac.

76.Question: Where can you see Dinosaurs in Disneyland?

Answer: Between Tomorrowland Train Station and Main Street USA Train Station.

77.Question: Which Disneyland attraction was added in June 1972?

Answer: Main Street Electrical Parade.

78.Question: Who plays as the host of all the Country Bear Shows?

Answer: Henry.

79.Question: During this ride, women will sit with you to tell you stories as the boat moves towards Monstro the whale. Which ride is it?

Answer: Storybook Land Canal Boats.

80.Question: In which land is the ride It’s a Small World located?

Answer: Fantasyland.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Disneyland trivia then why not take a look at  travel trivia, or elf trivia.

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