55 Monday Jokes To Start Your Week With A Laugh

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Originally Published on Aug 18, 2020
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Did you know that Monday has a hidden talent? It makes you think that maybe Mondays are not so mundane after all!

There's no better way to kickstart a new week than with a hearty laugh, which only gets better when shared with friends, family, and colleagues. Laughter isn't just a lot of fun; it can also help you polish your social skills and spice up your vocabulary.

Here's a treasure trove of hilarious Monday jokes to kick off the week with giggles and grins. From witty one-liners to captivating Monday riddles, there is a joke for every young humorist in your family.

These are not just any jokes; they're great Monday jokes! The kind that is sure to make your children chortle with glee and look forward to the start of the week. So buckle up and dive into this fun-filled list of top-notch Monday-themed humor.

Monday Morning Jokes

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Who says Monday mornings have to be humdrum? With these easy-peasy, rip-roaring Monday jokes, your family will be rolling with laughter in no time!

Not only will these jokes add a sprinkle of joy to the start of the week, but they might also transform an ordinary Monday into an extraordinary fun day. To begin, check out this list of classic question-and-answer forms of Monday morning jokes.

1. What is the most depressing sound on a Monday morning? Alarm clocks.

2. What did the cashew say on Monday morning? "Mondays always drive me nuts!"

3. Why didn't the zombie go to school on Monday? It was feeling rotten.

4. Why was the acid always in a bad mood on a Monday morning? It was an a-mean-o acid.

5. What did the Cyclops say when he was told to wake up for school on Monday morning? "Eye don’t want to get up!"

6. How did the hen feel on Monday morning? Eggs-hausted.

Funny Monday Jokes

Gear up to giggle with this treasure trove of Funny Monday Jokes to tickle your funny bone and give your week a joyful jolt. These jokes are here to transform your gloomy Monday into a day of laughter and cheer!

So, whether you're brightening up your little one's lunchbox or cracking a smile on your Monday work call, these jokes are just what you need. Ready to start your week with a chuckle?

7. Why couldn't the ghost leave school on Monday? It was the school spirit.

8. Why did the skeleton do a poor job in school on Monday? His heart wasn't in it.

9. Why was the M&M excited to go to school on Monday? He wanted to be a smartie.

10. Why did the magicians in class get the highest marks on the test on Monday? They got all of the trick questions right.

11. Why does Sunday always beat Monday in arm wrestling? Because Monday is a weekday.

12. Why didn't the skeleton laugh at Monday jokes? It didn't find them humerus.

13. Why did the robot have trouble focusing in school on Monday? It was a little rusty.

14. What did the calendar say about the new week? "One Monday at a time, please!"

15. Why is Monday like a boomerang? Because no matter how far you throw it, it'll be back next week.

16. Did you hear about that shortest horror story? It is titled 'Monday'.

17. What’s the best time to get a discount on robotic parts? Cyborg Monday.

18. Why does Gordon Ramsay not like WWE on Monday nights? Because it’s RAW.

Magical Monday Puns

Who's ready for some pun-tastic fun? Puns aren't just knee-slapping funny; they're also a clever way to introduce others to the enchanting world of wordplay.

What better way to start the week than with puns dedicated to Monday? These chuckle-inducing, Monday-themed puns are all set to make your next Monday a day filled with giggles and guffaws. So get ready to laugh out loud!

19. Why was the pirate excited about school on Monday? He had arrrrt class.

20. How do cheeses greet each other on Monday mornings? "Have a goud-a-week!"

21. Why can’t Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, lift Saturday or Sunday? Because the days are weekdays. 

22. On what day do ghosts howl? Moan-day.

23. What day of the week are demons most active? De-Monday.

24. Why was the root vegetable so happy on Monday? He was up-beet.

25. Why was Sunday afraid of Monday? Because Monday through Friday.

26. Why did the cat not go to school on Monday? It wasn't feline very well.

27. What subject did the teenage snake learn in school on Monday? Hiss-tory.

28. What is the best way to describe Monday? Monday-ne.

29. Why was the broom late for school on Monday? It over-swept.

30. What happened to the witches who broke the school rules on Monday? They got ex-spelled.

31. What did the elf learn at school on Monday this week? The elf-abet.

32. How did the bees get to school on Monday? By school-buzz.

33. Where did the music teacher leave her keys on Monday? On the piano.

34. Why did Monday morning walk into the coffee shop? Because it knew it was a brew-tiful way to kick off the week.

35. What’s the most annoying thing for NFL players starting the week? Monday morning quarterbacks.

36. What's the best part about Meetless Mondays? The steaks are never too high.

37. Why did Boba Fett sleep Tuesday through Sunday? He was a Mondaylorian.

38. Why did the little rooster say it loved Monday mornings? Because it got to wake everyone up with the most egg-citing crow!

39. Why did the corrupt calendar go to prison? It was charged with Monday laundering.

40. What do you call Mondays without any Zoom meetings? Meetless Mondays.

Funny Monday One-Liners

Got the Monday blues? Fret not!

These snappy and hilarious Monday one-liners are here to save the day. Ideal for every family needing a cheer-me-up, these jokes can work wonders on Monday mornings, come rain or shine, on school days, or during summer vacation. Start your week on a high note with these zingers and turn those dreary Mondays into merry Fun-days!

41. Tuesday through Sunday is okay, but Monday is the week link.

42. A rainy Friday is better than a sunny Monday.

43. If every day is a gift, I want to know where I can return Mondays.

44. Monday isn't that bad; just 48 hours ago it was a sadder day.

45. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, I blinked and saw Monday. Weekends fly by far too quickly.

46. At least Mondays only happen once a week.

47. I love Tuesday simply because it is the furthest from the next Monday.

48. The only thing worse than Friday 13 is Monday 13. It’s a much spookier day.

49. Even if Monday and Thursday switched places, I would still hate Monday.

50. Which day of the week makes werewolves howl? Moonday.

51. An awful way to spend one-seventh of your life is on a Monday. What if there were two Mondays each week?

52. On Monday, we start Diarrhea Awareness Week. It runs until Friday.

Mysterious Monday Riddles

Let's add a dash of mystery to the mundane Mondays! Get ready for some brain-tickling riddles that'll leave you grinning from ear to ear. These aren't just any riddles, these are our mysterious Monday riddles! Perfect to challenge your mind, create some family fun, or share with your friends to start the week on a curious note.

53. In a calendar, Sunday comes before Monday. But when does Monday come before Sunday? In the dictionary.

54. If a man arrived in a town with his horse on Saturday and stayed there for more than one night, how is it possible that he arrived back home on Monday? The horse’s name was Monday.

55. What is large on Sunday and Saturday, small on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and disappears on Monday? The letter S.


There you have it, folks - a laughter-packed recipe to kick-start your week. From ghostly school spirits to moon-day moments, these Monday jokes add a spark of joy to start the work week. The only con?

You might end up with a laughter-induced stomachache! But that's a risk worth taking for the brighter, lighter Mondays you'll get.

So go ahead, pop a joke in your kid's lunchbox, or crack one during your morning Zoom call. Turn those monotonous Mondays into marvelous ones! After all, a good laugh is the best way to beat the Monday blues.

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