40+ Toe Puns That Are Toe-tally Hilarious

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Are you looking for funny toe-based puns?

If so, we think it is time to call the toe-truck full of funny puns for everyone to laugh at! Find the best toe puns and toe jokes, about tow trucks and beyond in this funny list.

If you are looking for funny foot puns, you're in luck, this article is full of toe puns, foot-related puns, and broken toe humor, perfect for sharing amongst friends and family to make everybody laugh. For the best broken foot puns and the best toe puns (including one about rubber toe Roberto!

), check out the list below, full of funny feet puns, bunion puns, broken toe puns and much more.

Don't blame these toe jokes if someone stubs his toe when they hear and roll in laughter. Hopefully, you are not lack-toes-intolerant about these jokes!

For more toe jokes and puns all about toes and feet, don't miss these bone puns and foot puns.

The Best Toe Puns

This list of hilarious toe related one liners will be so funny to share with friends and family. Check it out!

Cute Baby Girl Sucking Her Toes on White Background

1. The waiter dropped our meal and ended up stamping on it in frustration. Whilst the food wasn't great, it was still a toe-riffic meal experience!

2. Being an elder brother, I feel like I am always toe-ing my younger brother around. So now is the time to make my way out!

3. My younger sister thought her TGIF shoes were an instruction manual that told her that the Toes Get In First.

4. My father has a friend from Spain with a rubber toe. Whenever he comes home, my mother says, "Your friend Roberto is home for dinner."

5. The best way to keep yourself alert at all times is to join ballet because it is the only sport that keeps you on your toes throughout.

6. My friend said he could make some of the best toe jokes; I looked at him and said they were toe-tally bad.

7. My mother locked the refrigerator and kept the key hooked on her toe. When I asked her why she said she was trying 'keytoe' diet.

8. My insurance company paid for my Range Rover to be towed. When I told this to my father, he asked, "Why are they paying for your big toe?" and we couldn't stop laughing!

9. My sister loves to show off her big toe skills by using it to pick up things whilst sitting in one place. Whenever I pass on her favorite snack, I say, "Take your burrrrrr-i-toe!"

10. The easiest way to look at your toe is to look at a photoe.

11. The baby lost the toe-sucking competition, he tasted defeat and nothing else.

12. If there was a documentary on weird toes all around the world, we could call the show 'The Toe-Files'.

13. My new shoes are toe-tally toe-riffic.

The Corniest Toe Puns

Old can stay gold, and these one liners will make everyone laugh at all times. Check out this list to find the best corny one-liner or pun that you want to share with everyone!

14. The mad man tip-toed around the medical facility. When asked why he said, "I don't want to wake up the sleeping pills."

15. When the toes fell out of love, they said, "At least we had a lot of fun-gus between us".

16. A breakfast table with a jug of milk on it is a fascinating thing. It has four legs and lacks toes.

17. The little toe did not like to talking to another toe that much. He was too into himself and his activities. The others called him in-toe-verted.

18. When toes went to Japan, visiting Toe-kyo was at the top of their list!

19. My cousin got tattoos on all her toes. When we asked what they meant she said, "They are my new tat-toes!"

20. Toes love all Pokemon, but their favorite is definitely Toe-gepi.

21. The amateur toe played football against a professional and exclaimed "Help, I am toe-tally out of my league!"

22. My brother wanted to pick up the popcorn that he dropped in the movie theater. I couldn't help but say, "That leg of yours has been stretched a little toe much in my way brother!"

23. My vegetarian friend hurt her foot playing sport, I took her for some toe-fu to cheer her up!

24. When all my friends started to talk about their toenails, I politely asked them to change the toe-pic!

25. My father has been working on a foot-controlled keyboard, and today, he finally finished his first pro-toe-type.

The Best Broken Toes Humor

The pain behind a broken toe is certainly not funny. But once the pain is over, why not share a broken toe laughter line or two with friends to make light of a toe-tally painful situation?

26. A dinosaur with a sore toe and foot, should be called an Anklyo-sore-us.

27. When I went to the doctor with a case of a bad toenail, he prescribed me loads of toe-ma-toe ketchup!

28. Toes love to snack, their favorite snack without a doubt are toerittos.

29. The poet of our town had really long feet and toes. He was such a Longfellow!

30. When the man hurt his feet while driving, a passerby offered to help him by calling a toe truck.

31. When the man went to the hospital for a hangnail, the doctor looked at the assistant and said, "Medication won't help, just call a toe truck. Immediately".

32. The girl cell stepped on her brother's feet by accident. "Ouch, my toe sis!" he cried out in pain!

33. My one-legged friend lost all of his toes in a freak accident. Now we all have to call him Tony!

34. If you injure your toe, remember to call a toe truck instead of an ambulance!

35. Mr. Frequency always stubs his toe on the furniture. Every time he does so he reacts by saying, "Ouch, that Hertz."

36. I stubbed my toe on solid gold. "Au Au Au" I cried out in pain!

37. A kangaroo stubbed his toe and was really angry about it, he was hopping like mad.

38. I had to call one of my friends to give my sincere con-toe-lenses for her broken toe.

39. The villainous toe had a pet bird of prey which he used as a weapon against other toes. It was his Toe-ma-hawk.

40. If I were able to shoot rockets from my feet, I would call them missle toes!

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