70+ Mother's Day Jokes That Will Make Every Mom Laugh

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Originally Published on Dec 22, 2020
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Mother and daughter holding flowers in hand

Mothers are always special and are a very important part of the family.

Mother's day riddles and jokes to make your mom laugh are new ways to win every mother's heart! If she is happy, then the whole house stays happy.

Want to give a perfect gift on mother's day and make your mom feel special? Then why not make a mother's day card jokes to make her laugh all day long!

Make the most important woman in your life laugh out loud with these below-mentioned lists of funny mothers day jokes that are too funny to handle and have some amazing jokes about moms, which comes along with mother's day humor and funny mother's day stories to share on a special day.

Give your mother a bunch of hilarious happy mother's day jokes and bring the brightest smile and laugh to her face. We present to you the list of such laugh-inducing funny jokes for your mom to make her giggle for hours!

If you had a great time laughing at these jokes, then check out the father's day puns and mother's day puns for some more great laughs!

Funny Jokes About Motherhood

Mother and kid together

Mothers are responsible for keeping families happy. But what about her happiness?

These jokes for new moms will definitely bring her the greatest laugh. These jokes will make both your parents laugh and also, make your mother laugh at her young comedian. We present to you the list of such funny, corny mom jokes to make her and everyone laugh uncontrollably.

1. What did the kids say to their mother to wish her a happy mother's day? They said, "Have a mom-entous Mother's day."

2. Why did the mother needle get angry with the baby needle? Because she got late and it was past her thread-time!

3. Why did the baby snake ask her mom why they are poisonous? Because she just bit her own tongue!

4. What did the digital watch ask his mother? "Why do I have no hands?"

5. How is the computer so smart? Because it always listens to its motherboard.

6. What did the mother say when her child was not trying to eat veggies? Peas give them a chance.

7. What did the kid say after having her favorite sandwiches made by her mom? She said, "This may sound cheesy, but you are grate."

8. What did a child say after receiving a 'Star Wars' toys from her mother on his birthday? He said, "Yoda the best, ma."

9. What did the angry mother broom say to the baby broom? She said, "You overswept and missed the school bus."

10. How is it that bat mothers sleep upside down? Well, they get a hang of it!

11. How do mothers change the diapers of their babies? Rashly.

12. What gift did the astronaut bring for her mother from outer space? Mars bars.

13. What did the mother rope warn her mischievous children? She said, "Don't be knotty!"

14. How did everyone react when the mother wanted to have a snack party in the neighborhood? Everybody chipped in for mom.

15. What did the mother spider tell her baby spider? Don't spend too much time on the web.

16. What would a mother broom say to the baby broom before going to bed? It is time to go to sweep.

17. What did the baby say when he was born? Next time, I would like to have a womb with a view.

18. Why do mother kangaroos hate rainy days? Because then her kids have to play inside.

19. What kind of beverage helps every mother to relax? Cha-mom-ile tea.

20. What did the two moms eat when they hang out together? M & M's.

Hilarious Mother's Day Jokes For Kids

Give your mother a surprise by delivering some of the best and funny jokes on mom for her special day. You can even write these mother's day funnies on the card.

What an amazing gift it would be! So here, we present to you the list of humorous and fun mothers day jokes for kids that will make everyone burst into laughter.

21. Which day of the year is the most favorite day of Cleopatra? Mummy's day.

22. Why do mother spiders spend most of their time on the web? Because they learn stitching from the internet.

23. Which is that palindrome that is the shortest and cutest of all? Mom.

24. What did a beaver say to her mother? She said, "Mom, you are the best; there is no otter like you.'

25. Why is it so difficult for the pirate to call his mother? Because her mother left the phone off the hook.

26. How did a grape thank her mother on Mother's day? It said, "I love you, mom, you did a fantastic job in raisin me."

27. What did a koala bear say to her mother after returning home after many years? I will stick around this and will spend some koala-ty time with you, mom.

28. What type of flowers are best suited to gift on mother's day? Chrysanthe-mums.

29. What did the daughter say to her mom after gifting her flowers for Mother's day? She said, "I don't say this a lot, but I am so happy to be or-chid.

30. Which movie is the most favorite of mothers? Mamma Mia!

31. Why are there no Mother's Day sales? Well, because mothers are priceless.

32. Why do mothers visit the optometrist twice? Well, as they always say, they have a pair of eyes on the back of their head.

33. What would you call a small mother? Mini-mum.

34. How can you keep your kids silent? Mums the word.

Witty And Funny Jokes For Moms

Mothers share a special bond with their children. Kids would do anything for their mom and especially to make them laugh. So to help them, we present to you the list of hilarious and funny mom jokes for kids that are bound to make everyone crackle with laughter.

35. How do all the kid's parents dress up during Halloween? As Mummy and deadies.

36. What did the baby slime say to his mum? Goo-goo.

37. What did the mother shark say to her kid shark? "Just watch your shark-asm, young boy!"

38. Why is cleaning with kids a tough job for moms to do? Because it is like cleaning teeth with Oreos.

39. Which city is every mother's favorite? Mom-te Carlo.

40. What was the reason behind the cookie's cry? Because she thought her mother was a wafer too long!

41. How did the mother tomato greet her baby tomato? "Let's Ketch-up, son!"

42. Why did the baby strawberry start to cry? Because her mother was in a jam.

43. Why did the bean give their mother a jacket? Because she was chili.

45. What did the angry mother horse say to her foal? "It is way pasture bedtime."

46. The daughter asked her mother "How does it feel to have an intelligent and smart daughter? Mother replied, "I don't know, ask your Grandma."

47. When is the mother's boiling point reached? After seeing her kid's grade in science test!

48. Why did corn mom get dressed up? She had a cornball to attend at the school.

49. What did the cow's mother do to keep them quiet for a long time? She just used a moooote button!

50. What is every mother's favorite holiday destination? Baha-mas.

51. Where did the mother corn send her kids to study? In the sili-corn valley.

52. Why did the banana mom go to visit a doctor? Because she was not peeling well.

53. What is the name of the angry mother of a pea? Grump-pea!

54. What did the mother say to the baby corn before it was time to go to school? "Have an a-maiz-ing day!"

55. What did Timmy say to his mother when she set up his favorite feast for him? You're so grand, ma!

56. Why did the kid chop the joke book into half? Because her mother asked him to cut down the comedy.

Funny Parents Jokes

A great family time of laughing together is so necessary, and why not? As it makes up for a fun laughing riot! Here, we present to you the list of hilarious jokes that will make your parents and everyone in the house can laugh out loud.

57. What did the baby corn ask the mother corn? "Where is pop-corn?"

58. What was the mother preparing to give the father for their wedding anniversary? A mom-ologue.

59. What do baby plants learn from their mother? Os-mom-sis.

60. Where do all the mother cars carry their baby cars? On their mother hood!

61. What do kids use to measure the temperature of the body when falling sick? Ther-mom-meter!

62. Where do baby transformers come from? Opti-mom prime!

63. Why do mothers push their kids to play games every day? To keep their spirits at opti-mum.

64. What was the name of the singer that mother liked the most? Hannah Mom-tana.

65. Why did all mother berries get together? To have a jam session.

66. How did the mother fix a broken pumpkin? With the help of a pumpkin patch.

67. What did the mom corn congratulate the father corn about? For being the only outstanding corn in the field.

68. What did a snake mother want her baby snake to become once he grows up? A civil serpent.

69. Why can mummies work tirelessly all throughout the day in Egyptian offices? Because they are well-rested.

Hilarious Knock Knock Mom Jokes

Knock-knock jokes are timeless and always provide a good laugh. Here, we present to you the list of hilarious knock knock jokes on mothers that will tickle everyone's funny bones.

70. Knock, Knock!

Who knocks?


Water who?

Water you doing for Mother's Day?

71. Knock, Knock!

Who is out there?


Justin who?

Justin time for Mother's Day!

72. Knock, Knock!

Who's knocking?


Hardly who?

Hardly any does go by when I don't think about you, mom.

73. Knock, Knock!

Who knocks out there?


Pasture who?

Pasture bedtime, what are you still awake?

74. Knock, Knock!

Who's outside?


Havana who?

Havana mom-tastic Mother's Day.

75. Knock, Knock!

Who knocks?


Anna who?

Anna'ther day is here and it's Mother's Day.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of jokes that are family and kid-friendly, as well as lots of puns and riddles to enjoy together!

If you liked our suggestions for Mother's Day Jokes that are sure to make every mom laugh, then why not take a look at our list of the Mom Puns, or for something different, take a look at these funny Wine Jokes that will get the whole family laughing.

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