40+ Best Donut Jokes That Are Really Holesome

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96% of Americans love donuts, so they might as well make the most of the calories by laughing with it.

Funny donut jokes are adoughrable and donut go without laughter! Donut lovers crave these jokes almost as much as a tasty sweet treat. After all, who donut like to joke around for one laugh?

Donuts are a type of dessert loved by most of the population and have been made even a staple by Dunkin donuts. They are even considered as one of the picks for breakfast, snack, or dessert, depending on the mood one is in.

So if you donut care about the extra calories or the amount of sweetness for this dessert, make yourself ready for this holesome list of food jokes based on donuts.

The list is arranged in categories for an easier search and to create a hole new level of funny experience for you. If you are excited to use the hole foods puns in your conversations, then do not miss our list of donut puns. For something different, you may also check out the cookie puns for a doughy laugh.

Jam-Packed Hilarious Jokes With Donuts

A joke that makes sense and is absolutely hilarious? Donutworry, check this list below for a fun-filled chuckling session with your friends or family. All these are quite punny as a joke.

Donuts with sprinkles on pink background.

1. How was the donuts' hole business? Not at all jam-packed.

2. What are the strange-looking donuts called? Weird doughs.

3. What did a donut say to another while separating? "I donut care anymore."

4. What did the doughy wife say to the donut husband? "Donut talk to me."

5. What kind of donuts do the pilots love? The plane ones.

6. What would be the best and the greatest thing that you can put in a donut? Your teeth! (Who wouldn't love to dig their teeth in these delicious deserts?)

7. Why would the donut go to the dentist? He wanted to get a filling. (The perfect joke to tell kids who are worried at the dentist.)

8. What would the donut go to the dentist a second time? He wanted to get the chocolate filling.

9. Which donuts did the basketball player like? Dunkin donuts, duh!

10. Why couldn't the teddy bear eat any donuts? Because he was absolutely stuffed.

11. Why did the boy stop eating donuts? Because he got bored with the hole thing.

12. Why did the donut visit a cardiologist? Because of the hole in its heart.

13. Why do people ignore filled donuts? Because they are just full of themselves.

14. Why do you need to buy new clothes after buying donuts? Because donuts make your existing clothes shrink.

15. Why do you think a donut would ever become a priest? Because it is very hole-y.

Funny Donut Jokes

A funny joke can make any serious conversation lighten up. The jokes below are sure to pop you open with happy, filled laughter right away. There are jokes in this list that you can use at all times during any conversation! There are also lots of smart and funny jokes based on donuts and sports.

16. How does the gym instructor say after having loads of desserts? "I donut care anymore".

17. How would you brand a cop basketball team? Dunkin donuts. Everyone knows that the police force loves donuts.

18. What's the favorite day for donuts? Fry-day.

19. What are the uncivil donuts called? The Bavarians.

20. What did the basketball player who loved donuts say after the match? Let's go to Dunkin donuts for the hole food protein!

21. What do donuts wear for their weddings? They relish in tuxe-doughs as these often go hand-in-hand.

22. What does the doctor prescribe to cure a donut of loving others? Antedought.

23. What made the baker quit his donut business? He said, "I am fed up with this hole business."

24. What song did the motivational donut leader sing? Donut stop believing.

25. Which donuts can fly high? The plain ones. Brilliant punny jokes like these are quite a catch.

26. Why are donuts good at playing golf? They always have a hole in one!

27. Why couldn't the donut mention the favorite part of his body? Because he glazed over that part.

28. What did you tell the shopkeeper at the grocery store? Donut mind me, I am here for the hole food.

29. Why do golfers like donuts? Because they all have hole-in-one.

30. Why do many donuts feel sad? Because they feel really empty inside.

31. Why do the people say donuts are made by God? Because they are hole-y. Boy, that is quite a religious approach for donut jokes.

32. Why do you think donuts hate puns? They donut like joking around.

33. Why would the people call bagels and donuts the same? Because the donut see the difference.

Sweet Jokes About Donuts

A joke that makes one go 'aww' and 'ooh' will always grab everyone's attention. Check this list of some food jokes on donuts that will crack you up. One of these jokes will surely be a hit with your friends and family!

34. Do you know what kind of window donuts prefer? Donuts absolutely love the idea of having double glazed windows in their homes!

35. How can you justify donuts being healthy? Because they are included in the hole food category.

36. What did donut say to the icing? The donut romantically told the icing, "You complete me, darling!"

37. What did the berry mix donut feel after its dinner? Jam-packed.

38. What did the people say when donut graduated? They cheered, saying, "He passed with frying crullers".

39. What did the sad man say to the man at the dessert counter? Donut kill my vibe!

40. What do the donuts do on their dates? The two end up glazing in each other's eyes.

41. What would donuts' favorite drink be? All donuts' favorite drink would be the hole-y water.

42. What would you call a cute and sassy donut? Glazing adoughrable.

43. What would you call a cute looking donut? Adoughrable.

44. What would you call a priest pastry? The hole-y donut.

45. Where would two donuts go for their honeymoon? The Sahara Desert.

46. Which is the healthiest portion of a donut? The middle portion.

47. Which nut has the most calories for the human body? The Donut.

48. Why did the daughter start eating donuts? Because her mother said, "You better eat hole foods".

49. Why did the small lady return his donut? Because of the hole in it.

Knock That Donut Joke Down

Jokes can never be complete with the 'knock-knock' series. Check these popular knock-knock jokes for a fun interactive chat with your little ones.

50. Knock Knock.

Who is outside?


CIA, what's the matter?

C I A...te your last donut from the bag.

51. Knock Knock.

Who's there?


Donut who?

Donut ask; it is my secret.

52. Knock Knock.

Who's there?


Donut who?

Donut enter you, stupid person.

53. Knock Knock.

Who's there?


Donut who?

Donut eat bread crumbs without me.

54. Knock Knock.

Is anybody out there?


Donut who?

Donut forget to close the door behind you.

55. Knock Knock.

Who is the one out there?

Donut is the one out here.

Donut who?

Donut forget your helmet while riding the bike.

56. Knock Knock.

Who is out there there?

It is me, Donut.

Donut who?

Donut trouble my dog, or it'll bite you.

57. Knock Knock.

Who is out there?

Justin is out here.

Justin who?

Just in time to eat all the donuts.

Funny Donut Captions As Jokes

Here are a few ideas for donut lovers. Check these few Instagram captions for the punniest candids.

58. Donut judge me for being a dessert lover!"

59. Donuts are... happiness with confetti as sprinkles on top!

60. Donut worry - Just be happy!

61. Please, donut break my heart.

62. The center of a donut is 100% fat-free.

63. How did the donut react when the shopkeeper made him stand for a long time at the counter? The donut stood there on the counter with a glazed expression

64. What sign was hanging outside the room where all the donut lovers were having a meeting? It was a sign that said, "Donut disturb!"

65. What did papa donut say to son donut? He said, "You donut know the amount of love I have for you."

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes and puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for donut jokes, then why not take a look at chocolate jokes, the sweetest and chocolaty laughter dose.

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