Top 70 Chocolate Jokes That Will Leave You Wanting More

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Originally Published on Aug 18, 2020
Little girl eating chocolate has got chocolate all around her mouth and on her hands.

Looking for a treat that tickles both your sweet tooth and funny bone? Here's a delicious assortment of chocolate jokes, bound to make you chuckle! Chocolate is a really popular snack. Because it's such a widely loved food, people often use it as a subject for jokes and puns.

Each carefully curated pun and play on words serves to not only entertain but to inject a sense of enjoyment and lightheartedness into your day. While humor is the main course, don't be surprised if you find yourself gaining a newfound appreciation for the multifaceted world of chocolate.

You can use them at parties, gatherings, or even on social media to add humor to your day. Remember that it's not just about the giggles; a hearty laugh is always the best dessert for a great day.

Chocolate Question And Answer Jokes

Who's ready for a double dose of fun and sweetness? This irresistible compilation of chocolate question-and-answer jokes is similar to a game of tag with humor, where the punchline is just as sweet as a piece of your favorite chocolate.

These cocoa-laden laugh-inducers are here to help you add zest to your trivia-night bonus round or sprinkle some fun into your regular day!

A lot of chocolates in shape of bubbles and bar

1. What did the astronaut say when he stepped on a chocolate bar? "I just stepped foot on Mars."

2. If Jake has 30 chocolate bars and eats 25, what does he have? Diabetes... Jake has diabetes.

3. What do you call a cow with a stutter? Ca-ca-o.

4. What do you call Chewbacca when he has chocolate stuck in his hair? Chocolate Chip Wookie.

5. Why did the farmer buy a brown cow? He wanted chocolate milk.

6. What do you call a cat that is covered in chocolate? A Kit Kat bar.

7. What fruit loves chocolate? A coco-nut.

8. What happens before it rains chocolate? It sprinkles.

9. What kind of candy bar does an employee crave before the weekend? A PayDay.

10. What kind of sweet is never on time? Choco-late.

11. What's a French cat's favorite dessert? Chocolate mousse.

12. What's a monkey's favorite kind of chocolate? Chocolate chimp.

13. What's an astronaut's favorite chocolate? A Mars bar.

14. What Christmas carol do chocolate candy bars sing? 'Almond Joy To The World'.

15. What is a galaxy's favorite chocolate bar? A MilkyWay.

16. Why did the doughnut visit the dentist? He needed a chocolate filling.

17. Why did M&M go to school? Because he wanted to be in the group of Smarties.

18. Why did the chocolate bar go to the dentist? He had a chip in his tooth.

Chocolate Puns

Have you ever wondered what makes chocolate jokes so irresistibly sweet? It's the blend of rich flavor with a sprinkle of wit that can turn any frown upside down!

This cocoa-infused world of wordplay will help you discover chocolate puns that are perfect for brightening up a friend's day or adding a touch of whimsy to a dinner party. With a dash of creativity and a pinch of fun, these chocolate Puns will leave you wanting more!

19. A boy threw a milk chocolate bar at me. How dair-y?

20. A man said to the chocolate maker, "Are you a magician?" "No," said the chocolate maker, "but I do have a couple of Twix up my sleeve."

21. How do you turn dairy chocolate into dark chocolate? Turn off the lights.

22. Which chocolate is in the Baseball Hall of Fame? Babe Ruth.

23. Seven days without chocolate makes one weak.

24. They just discovered an Egyptian tomb filled with hazelnuts and chocolate. They believe it's the tomb of Pharaoh Rocher.

25. What do you call a lamb covered in chocolate? A chocolate baaaa.

26. What do you call an ant that has been covered in chocolate for 10 years? Decad-ant.

27. What kind of bar is kid friendly? A chocolate bar.

28. What kind of chocolate bar can you eat in a library? A Wispa.

29. What kind of chocolate can you buy at the airport? Plane chocolate.

30. What kind of chocolate do you find in the fluff-catching drawer of the dryer? Lindt.

31. What's an electrician's least favorite ice cream flavor of chocolate? Shock-o-lat.

32. What's the difference between a cow that produces normal milk and one that produces chocolate milk? A moo-tation.

33. Where did the chocolate couple stay for their honeymoon? In a hotel sweet.

Chocolate Knock-Knock Jokes

Are you ready to add a little sprinkle of humor to your day? This is a selection of the most delightful chocolate knock-knock jokes that are just like a surprise chocolate filling, offering unexpected laughs that are sure to sweeten up any moment. Gather around, because these cocoa-infused capers are ready to knock your socks off with fun.

34. Knock! Knock!

Who's there?

Candy boy.

Candy boy who?

Candy boy have another piece of chocolate?

35. Knock! Knock!

Who's there?


Choc who?

Choc-olate is my favorite flavor of ice cream.

36. Knock! Knock!

Who’s there?


Candy who?

Candy cow jump over the moon?

37. Knock! Knock!

Who’s there?


Eaton who?

Eaton roasted nuts with some hot chocolate.

38. Knock! Knock!

Who’s there?


Philip who?

Philip my cup of hot chocolate, I’m thirsty!

39. Knock! Knock!

Who’s there?

How dairy.

How dairy who?

How dairy steal my chocolate!

40. Knock! Knock!

Who’s there?


Rich who?

Rich, delicious, and dark chocolate!

41. Knock! Knock!

Who’s there?


Imogen who?

Imogen life without a chocolate candy bar!

42. Knock! Knock!

Who’s there?


Sid who?

Sid down and have some chocolate chip cookies.

Chocolate One-Liners

Are you ready for some chocolate one-liners? Each one is designed to pack a laughter punch that's as delightful as a bite of your favorite sweet treat. Explore this smorgasbord of comedy and turn your day into a chocolate-filled joyride!

43. Chocolate bar prices have really gone up. I bought a Mars bar, a MilkyWay, and a Galaxy, and they were astronomical.

44. I don't like putting a lid on my hot chocolate. I like to keep my options open.

45. I got myself a hazelnut and chocolate sports car. It's a Ferrari Rocher.

46. I heard a chocolate joke the other day, but it wasn't that funny and only got Snickers out of me.

47. I just saw an aircraft made of bubbly chocolate. It was an Aero-plane.

48. I like to break the rules; once I had an After Eight at seven-thirty.

49. I once saw people arguing over the last piece of chocolate. It was Terry-fying.

50. I've got three Mars bars, two Lion bars, a Twix, and a Flake. Somehow, I'm just not cut out to be a Bounty hunter.

51. Why didn’t the cow produce any chocolate milk? Because he was moo-dy!

Chocolate Story Jokes

What happens when the sweetness of chocolate melds with the magic of storytelling? You get chocolate story jokes, of course. Each narrative weaves humor and cocoa into a delightful confection that's sure to satisfy your humor cravings. Check out these stories, and discover a place where laughter and chocolate create the perfect blend.

52. A mum to her son: "Yesterday there were two chocolate cakes in the pantry and now there's only one. Do you know why?"

Son: "I don't know. I think it was too dark for me to see the second one."

53. Every time he drank hot chocolate, a man got a sore eye. He went to see his eye doctor, who examined his eye.

The skin was red and irritated, but the doctor couldn’t figure out why. Perplexed, the doctor examined the hot chocolate and had it sent to the laboratory to discover if the man had an allergy. The results were all inconclusive.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t always the same eye. Frustrated, the doctor eventually requested the man to go through the entire procedure of producing hot chocolate. The doctor wanted to know if it was because of the water or the milk.

The man agreed and came around. "Ah, I can see what the problem is," said the doctor finally, as the man drank his beverage in front of him. "You haven’t taken the spoon out."

54. A man is shipwrecked on a desert island. One day he finds a magic lamp on the beach. He rubs it and a genie appears.

"I will grant you three wishes," says the genie. "For my first wish, I would like a boat with a full tank of petrol." The genie snaps his fingers and the boat appears.

"For my second wish, I would like 10 million pounds." The genie snaps his fingers and a bag appears stuffed with money. "For my final wish, I would like to be so popular that everyone likes me." For the last time, the genie snaps his fingers and the man is turned into a box of chocolates.

Hot Chocolate Jokes

Just like a mug of your favorite hot cocoa, these jokes offer comfort, cheer, and a dollop of fun on top. Perfect for brightening up a chilly day or adding some laughs to a family gathering, these jokes are like little sugar cubes of happiness. Let's stir things up and spread the joy, one chocolatey chuckle at a time!

55. Why was the hot chocolate so good at baseball? It always had the perfect pitch-er!

56. Why did the chocolate-hazelnut truffle stand out in a crowd?He was nutty!

57. How do you know it’s hot outside? When you milk a cow with brown fur and you get hot chocolate.

58. How did the hipster burn his mouth on hot chocolate? He drank it before it was cool.

59. Should you use water or milk for hot chocolate? Some say the choice is clear, but I strongly disagree.

60. Why did the hot chocolate break up with coffee? It found someone better; marshmallow!

61. What did the whipped cream say to the hot chocolate? "I've got you covered!"

62. What does hot chocolate feel like? It is like a hug from inside.

63. Which chocolate candy bar is talented, rich, and lacks for nothing?A Bounty-ful!

64. You can only drink hot chocolate all year long if you are cocoa-nuts.

65. What did the hot chocolate say to the ice cream? "You're cool, but I'm much hotter!"

66. How does hot chocolate catch a break? Marsh-mallows it down!

67. Why did the hot chocolate go to the police? Because it got mugged.

68. Why isn’t hot chocolate served in prison? Because it makes you break out!

69. What chocolate bar never laughs at jokes? Snickers, because he only snickers!

70. Why didn't the hot chocolate get any sleep? It was filled with too much stirring energy!


There you have it: the Top 70 Chocolate Jokes that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth for humor! While some of these jokes may be a bit difficult to understand and others may have melted your heart with laughter, they all share a delightful charm.

Practical advice? Keep these jokes in mind for the next time you want to bring a smile to a chocolate lover's face. Even if you're a milk chocolate enthusiast or a dark chocolate devotee, let these jokes inspire you to share a chuckle with friends and family.

After all, much like chocolate itself, laughter is best when shared. Go ahead and indulge.

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