50+ Best Christmas Riddles For Adults

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If you have tried solving a funny Christmas riddle, we are sure you couldn't get away without a laugh, right?

Well, Christmas is the time when the whole family and friends are excited about the festival. Not just because there is a Christmas party with a Santa Claus, Christmas trees, and of course, the Christmas presents but also because of the positive energy that everyone brings along.

Christmas is the festival of happiness, joy, and sharing, usually spent with loved ones. This Christmas, you can spend the time with family and friends' with a few brain teasers because they get everyone excited and curious.

You can get everyone worked up to answer a few hardest Christmas riddles, December riddles, or riddles about Christmas trees this Christmas eve. Take a look at these most interesting and simple Christmas 'What am I?' riddles, holiday riddles for adults, mistletoe riddle, and elf riddles.

Here is a list of some fun Christmas riddles for adults that you will enjoy! If you want to read a few Classic riddles and some interesting Murder Mystery riddles, do not shy away from clicking on them.

Funny Christmas Riddles With Answers

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Riddles for Christmas are the best way to engage the guests and family members, along with a Christmas carol, Christmas tree, and a Christmas party. Get everyone to answer these Christmas riddles and make the day before Christmas and the Christmas time all the more fun!

1. What is the place where there is Christmas before Thanksgiving?

Answer - The dictionary is the only place where you can find Christmas before Thanksgiving.

2. What do you wait for all year long and it just end up looking like a giant human's sock?

Answer - Christmas stockings.

3. Why wouldn't the turkey want to have a fancy Christmas meal during Christmas time?

Answer - Because it is already stuffed by then.

4. What do you get when you cross an apple and a Christmas tree?

Answer - You will get a pineapple.

5. What did the bald man ask as a gift from Santa Claus that he promised he would never part with?

Answer - A comb!

6. I have needles all over me but cannot sew anything. Who am I?

Answer - A Christmas Tree!

7. Which year would Christmas and New year come in the same year?

Answer - Every year.

8. What is it that you can catch easily but cannot throw? Especially during December?

Answer - A cold.

9. This is a Christmas carol that has no sound or music. What is it?

Answer - The Silent Night.

10. Who was the one man who has cookie sheets covering his bed?

Answer- The Gingerbread Man!

11. I hang around for spreading happiness during Christmas. What am I?

Answer - A wreath.

What Am I Christmas Riddles For Adults With Answers

‍A Christmas party or Christmas eve party comes with so many different things that can be used to make Christmas riddles. And when these Christmas logic riddles make an entrance, everyone is sure to get all excited. Check for yourself.  There are many famous Christmas decoration riddles that will get everyone thinking.

12. I get killed. I get dressed. I get trinkets, and everyone smiles, looking at my star. What am I?

Answer - A Christmas tree.

13. I am an egg, but you will have to drink me. What am I?

Answer - An eggnog.

14. I am red and white, I am moving in circles, and I am again red and white, and red and white. What am I?

Answer - Santa's clothes in a washing machine.

15. I am a reindeer. I belong to Santa. I am known to be disrespectful and impolite. Who am I?

Answer - Rude-olph, the reindeer.

16. I like to rhyme, and I have 12 larger than life gifts that you would get around the Christmas season. What am I?

Answer - The famous Christmas carol that is named, '12 days of Christmas'.

17. I am mostly used as a Christmas present. I come in a can, and I am disliked by many. What am I?

Answer - A fruit cake.

18. I am a man during winters, but I might be a source of water during spring. What am I?

Answer - A snowman.

19. I am metallic. I am shiny, and I love hanging around during the Christmas party. What am I?

Answer - Tinsel.

20. You will buy me to eat, but you will never eat me. Not even on Christmas. What am I?

Answer - The cutlery.

21. I fall from the sky, and I am beautiful than rain. Not a single piece would be as same as mine. What am I?

Answer - Snowflake.

22. I am slim, I am stuffed, I am a child's favorite king, especially during Christmas time. Who am I?

Answer - A stoc-king.

23. I have a body with brown arms, white eyes, and funny feet. You might love to eat me too. What am I?

Answer - Gingerbread man.

24. I am found in Harry potter. I am also seen in the Lord of the Rings. I also make gifts and spread a smile. Who am I?

Answer - Elves.

25. People hang me, but I am not a picture. I am green in color, but I am not a coat. I am a plant, but I am not a mint. I am seen mostly in December, but I am not the Christmas tree. What am I?

Answer - A mistletoe.

26. I am a musician, and I love playing the piano, but I still cannot open the piano during Christmas. Why is that?

Answer - Because the keys are inside the piano.

27. While making a Christmas meal, you can take off my skin, and still, I won't cry, but you will be in a pool of tears. Who am I?

Answer - Onion.

28. I came into this world as cherry and mint. Everyone covers me with pretty clothes and sometimes light fireworks around me, what am I?

Answer - A Christmas tree.

Hard Christmas Riddles For Adults With Answers

Here are the best but the most difficult Christmas riddles that you will have the most fun finding an answer for. You might even have to start working on them on Christmas eve to solve them! Don't believe it? Try these Christmas riddles for yourself and see if you can get the answers.

29. Parents get Christmas presents of 16 computer games for 3 of their children. The oldest gets 1/2, the middle one 1/4, and the youngest gets 1/8 of the games. How many games did the children receive individually, and how many did the parents get?

Answer - 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 when given a common denominator of 16 give the result of 8 games, 4 games, and 2 games and leaves the parents with 2 games for themselves.

30. Christmas was around the corner, and a sincerely honest politician, a lovely and genuinely kind lawyer, and Santa were sharing the elevator in an expensive hotel. They all saw a $5 bill on the floor of the elevator. Who do you think picked up the bill?

Answer - Santa, because the other two rarely ever exist!

31. Christmas is made of the English alphabet but is still different from the English alphabet. How is that?

Answer - Because in Christmas, you get NO-EL.

32. You attend a Christmas party on a cruise ship. You see many people on the boat, and when you enter the cruise, there is no single person to be found. How is that possible?

Answer - All the people are married on the cruise.

Santa Claus Riddles With Answers

Santa riddles are the best ones to focus on during Christmas time because these can be enjoyed by children and adults all the same. After all, everyone likes to be in Santa Claus' good books.

33. If Santa's 5 elves take 5 minutes to make 5 dolls, then how long do you think 100 elves will need to make 100 dolls?

Answer - 5 minutes.

34. If Santa Claus leaves from the North pole a day before Christmas eve, then which way do you think he would travel?

Answer - Santa can travel only to the south if he's set out from the north.

35. Santa Claus was too tired and had trouble walking, so he went to a doctor and asked for help. What did the doctor give the Santa?

Answer - A candy cane to walk with.

36. Santa Claus has to do his own laundry. What detergent does he use?

Answer - He is loyal to YuleTide.

37. If people are scared of Santa Claus, what would their fear be called?

Answer - Claus-trophobia.

Poetic Riddles For Christmas

Here are some poetic riddles that make will make even Santa Claus scratch his head in thought.

38. Sweet as candy, double as fun

Named like a fruit, half the work is done

Found on Christmas,

A treat for everyone

What am I?

Answer - Sugar Plum!

39. Most popular of the saints

Beloved by the kids

Rides on a sleigh

Loaded with gifts

Who am I?

Answer -Saint Nick!

40. I hide around the house

Checking on children at night

Charged by Santa himself

To say which child was naughty and

Who was nice?

Answer -The Elf on the Shelf!

41. A creature of habits I am

I stole the Christmas one night

Couldn't live with himself,

At the end, set things for right

Who am I?

Answer - The Grinch!

42. Born beneath a star

On a holy night

Kings from afar came

To look upon me fair and bright

Who am I?

Answer - Baby Jesus!

43. A wise author by day

A storyteller by night

Come the yuletide spirit

My book will show the light

Who am I?

Answer- Charles Dickens (Author of Christmas Carol)!

44. Not there yesterday

Not there tomorrow night

Opened up on the eve

Sharing hope, love on yuletide

What am I?

Answer - A present!

45. I am a poem of old

Talking of the Santa and gifts

Written for my children

Now a gift for all nice kids

Which poem am I?

Answer- The Night Before Christmas!

46. A ballet of yore

A character alright

Performed and enjoyed on Christmas Night

Written in Russia

Made in whole

Have music that makes you hum along

What am I?

Answer - The Nutcracker!

47. Crowning the head of victors

Since the days of Rome

Made of flowers and leaves

A ring in every Christmas home

What am I?

Answer - Wreath!

48. Named after the God of love

Rising above, the petty drudges of life

I pull the sleigh to make the way for

Presents all night

Who am I?

Answer - Cupid, the reindeer!

49. I was meant to be great

And named for it too

My friends come with me on world trips too

I roam the world just one night

Bringing joy and cheer, and presents alright

Who am I?

Answer- Comet, the reindeer!

50. My name could mean fast

Or I can sew, tales and yarns of yore

I work all night to make very sure

Nick goes from door to door

Who am I?

Answer - Dasher, the reindeer!

51. Clever like a fox, named for one

Soar the skies high

Pull the sleigh making way

For a merry Christmas night.

Who am I?

Answer - Vixen, the reindeer!

52. Celebrated among my brethren

Referred with a rose

Most famous among the pack

For my beautiful nose

I have a Christmas song

Isn't that fun?

For my nose is in my name, and the tale's all done

Who am I?

Answer - Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer!

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly riddles for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Christmas Riddles For Adults then why not take a look at these rhythmically fun Music Riddles, or Sphinx Riddles if you are up for a different read.

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