121+ Best Christmas Riddles For Adults

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As Christmas approaches, everyone starts to get excited about the fun times ahead. Grown-ups and kids love doing special things for the holidays, like getting together on Christmas Eve, making the Christmas tree look pretty, and singing their favorite Christmas songs.

Are you looking for Christmas riddles that kids can have fun with, too? Great news! Here's a special article with Christmas riddles for kids that are perfect for the little puzzle lovers at home. These riddles are just right for children seven years old or older. They are a bit tricky, but in a fun way that makes kids think a little and laugh a lot with the grown-ups!

Sharing fun Christmas riddles brings laughs and good times to grown-up parties. With tricky questions about Santa and clever jokes about presents, these riddles make everyone feel more jolly. You can expect lots of smiles and a good brain workout with these top Christmas riddles designed to give everyone a merry Christmas celebration.

Christmas Riddles

Discover the fun of solving classic Christmas riddles that will keep you and your loved ones entertained throughout the holiday season. Here's a sleighful list of the best Christmas riddles to delight and entertain young and old. Try solving these brain teasers infused with the spirit of the season, and get ready to add an extra layer of fun to your holiday cheer.

1. I'm at every house Santa visits, and when he finds me, he knows he's in for a treat. What am I?

Answer: Milk and cookies.

2. I can travel all around the world, just like Santa Claus, without ever leaving my corner. What am I?

Answer: A stamp.

3. I am a shape. I am a sea animal. I am part of the sky. I am always on top of a Christmas tree. What am I?

Answer: A star.

4. What goes Ho Ho Whoosh, Ho Ho Whoosh?

Answer: Santa sweeping the floor.

5. What is red and white, red and white, and red and white again?

Answer: Santa Claus rolling down a hill.

6. If the end of the year is December 31st, what is the end of Christmas?

Answer: The letter 'S'.

7. You can catch me easily, especially during the holidays, but you can never throw me. What am I?

Answer: A cold.

8. If you're part of Santa's family, what do you call your connection to him?

Answer: You'd be a 'relative clause'.

9. I am a plant seen every Christmas, which people hang up above, and then they stand beneath me and kiss someone they love. What am I?

Answer: Mistletoe.

10. I am a type of toe found on Christmas trees that shouldn’t be on anyone’s feet. What am I?

Answer: Mistletoe.

11. We traveled from the East, following a bright star, bringing gifts to the newborn king. Who were we?

Answer: The Three Wise Men.

12. I fall in the North Pole but never get injured. What am I?

Answer: Snow.

13. I'm a Christmas treat that can be made into many things. I can be a cake, a cookie, or an edible cottage with icing. What am I?

Answer: Gingerbread

14. Making everything white is my aim. No two pieces of me are ever the same. Playing with me is everyone's favorite winter game. What is my name?

Answer: Snow

15. All day, I sit on a shelf, but I come alive and move during the night. I tell Santa who's been naughty and who's been nice. Who am I?

Answer: The Elf On the Shelf

16. I have needles all over me but cannot sew a thing. What am I?

Answer: A Christmas tree

17. If 11 elves were in the workshop and another joined them, what would he be?

Answer: The twelf

18. If Santa's five elves take five minutes to make five dolls, how long would it take 100 elves to make 100 dolls?

Answer: Five minutes

19. What has many keys but can’t open Santa’s sleigh?

Answer: A piano.

20. I am tall when I am young, and I am short when I am old. What am I?

Answer: A Christmas candle.

21. I am a ball that does not bounce. What am I?

Answer: A snowball.

22. I'm round, and I jingle, I hang where you pass, I'm made of metal and shine like glass. What am I?

Answer: A Christmas bell.

23. I'm sweet and I'm twisted, and red is my hue, I'm hung on the tree, and I'm tasty too. What am I?

Answer: Candy cane.

24. I'm wrapped with a bow, a secret inside, I sit under the tree, my contents I hide. What am I?

Answer: A Christmas present.

25. I'm a drink that's quite creamy, with a hint of spice, I'm enjoyed during Christmas, because I'm so nice. What am I?

Answer: Eggnog.

26. I'm a bird that's roasted, on tables, I'm seen, with stuffing inside, I'm a festive cuisine. What am I?

Answer: Turkey.

27. I'm a sock that's hung up on Christmas Eve night, I'm filled with small gifts, to the morning's delight. What am I?

Answer: A stocking.

28. I'm a tale told at night of ghosts and frights that ends happily. What am I?

Answer: 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens

29. Even when it snows, what kind of Christmas does Elvis Presley celebrate?

Answer: A 'Blue Christmas'

Santa Claus Riddles

Santa Claus with Christmas Gifts.

Get ready for laughter with the happy man in the big red suit. Is it possible to know what keeps Santa going, or how much it would be to have him over on Christmas night? These super smart and funny riddles will help you find out.

30. What do you call Santa when he takes a break?

Answer: Santa Pause

31. What did Santa say to the comedian?

Answer: "You sleigh me."

32. How does Santa keep track of all the fireplaces he's visited?

Answer: He keeps a log, of course!

33. What does Santa suffer from if he gets stuck in a chimney?

Answer: Santa Claustrophobia

34. Which ball chills out and never bounces back?

Answer: A cool snowball

35. Why did Santa go to music school?

Answer: To improve his wrapping!

36. Why does Santa have three gardens?

Answer: So he can ho-ho-ho!

37. What do you get if you cross Santa Claus with a detective?

Answer: Santa Clues!

38. What's Santa's favorite subject in school?

Answer: Chemis-tree!

39. Who delivers the Christmas presents to dogs?

Answer: Santa Paws

40. Where does Santa keep all his money?

Answer: At the Snow Bank!

41. What do you call Santa's little helpers?

Answer: Subordinate Clauses!

42. Which one of Santa's reindeer likes to clean?

Answer: Comet!

43. What do the elves call it when Father Christmas claps his hands at the end of a play?

Answer: Santapplause!

Christmas Tree Riddles

Christmas tree decorated with gifts in house interior.Shutterstock

Have you ever thought about what a Christmas tree might like to put on or what sweet treat it loves best? These riddles are about to make you want even more as you try to figure out the answers about this big, pretty part of Christmas decorations.

44. What's a Christmas tree's favorite candy?

Answer: Orna-mints!

45. Why can't Christmas trees knit?

Answer: They always drop their needles.

46. What do Christmas trees wear to the pool?

Answer: Swimming trunks!

47. Why was the Christmas tree so good at sewing?

Answer: It had a lot of pines to practice with!

48. How many Christmas trees are needed to make a forest?

Answer: It takes a treemendous amount!

49. How do Christmas trees access the internet?

Answer: They log on!

50. What do you get when you cross a Christmas tree with an iPad?

Answer: A Pine-Apple!

51. Why do Christmas trees like the past so much?

Answer: Because the present's beneath them!

52. What do you get if you cross a bell with a skunk?

Answer: Jingle Smells!

53. What's a Christmas tree's favorite shape?

Answer: A-tree-angle!

54. Why did the Christmas tree go to the barber?

Answer: It needed a trim!

55. What did the Christmas tree say to the ornament?

Answer: "Aren't you tired of hanging around?"

56. Why don't Christmas trees ever get lost?

Answer: They use the star on top as a GPS!

57. What do sheep say to each other at Christmastime?

Answer: "Wool-tide Greetings!"

58. What did the beaver say to the Christmas tree?

Answer: "Nice gnawing you!"

59. Why are Christmas trees so fond of presents?

Answer: Because they're 'wrapped up' in the holiday spirit!

60. Why did the Christmas tree join Instagram?

Answer: It wanted to spruce up its feed!

Christmas Eve Riddles

Christmas Eve is full of fun and secrets. These riddles are packed with puzzle questions that bring out the special feelings of the night before Christmas, asking about Santa's flying animals, happy songs, and the wait for the special day.

61. Why do reindeer wear bells?

Answer: So they don't lose their jingle!

62. What's a parent's favorite carol on Christmas Eve?

Answer: 'Silent Night'

63. Why do Dasher and Dancer never miss their coffee break?

Answer: They're the top star bucks in Santa's crew!

64. What do you call a cat on the beach on Christmas Eve?

Answer: Sandy Claws!

65. What's red and white and goes up and down and up and down on Christmas Eve?

Answer: Santa Claus on a trampoline!

66. Why did the Christmas tree go to the dentist on Christmas Eve?

Answer: It needed a root canal!

67. What do you get if you cross a snowman and a vampire on Christmas Eve?

Answer: Frostbite!

68. What do Santa's little helpers learn at school?

Answer: The elf-abet!

69. Why do Christmas trees like the knitting hobby store?

Answer: Because of all the knotty threads!

70. What did Adam say on the day before Christmas?

Answer: "It's Christmas, Eve!"

71. Why do elves make good listeners on Christmas?

Answer: Because they're all ears!

72. What do you call an old snowman on Christmas Eve?

Answer: Water!

73. What's a farmer’s favorite Christmas carol?

Answer: I’m Dreaming Of A Wheat Christmas.

Christmas Dinner Riddles

Romantic seaside candlelit dinner with gourmet dishes, champagne, and a stunning view.Shutterstock

Gather everyone at the Christmas dinner table and share these yummy Christmas riddles. Asking about a snowman's breakfast or a turkey's plans for dinner can be a fun extra treat for your meal. You can share these riddles between courses so everyone can chat and eat without missing a bite or a laugh.

74. What did the turkey say before dinner?

Answer: "I'm stuffed!"

75. Why did the snowman skip the Christmas dinner gathering?

Answer: He got cold feet!

76. What do you call a snowman with a six-pack?

Answer: An abdominal snowman!

77. Why did the gingerbread man go to the doctor?

Answer: He was feeling crumbly.

78. What do you call a greedy elf?

Answer: Elfish!

79. What's a monster's favorite Christmas treat?

Answer: Ghoul-log!

80. What do you call a shark that delivers Christmas presents?

Answer: Santa Jaws!

81. Why did Santa's helper see a therapist?

Answer: Because of low ‘elf’-esteem!

82. What do you call a fruit that argues at Christmas dinner?

Answer: A crossberry!

83. What do you get when you cross a snowman with a baker?

Answer: Frosty the Dough-man!

84. What did the salad say to the Christmas ham?

Answer: "Lettuce rejoice and be glad!"

85. What do fish sing at Christmas time?

Answer: Christmas corals

Funny Christmas Riddles

Prepare for giggles with these funny Christmas riddles guaranteed to bring out the comedian in you. Whether it's a sad candy cane or a bug that hates Christmas, get ready for some good holiday humor.

86. Why did Santa create an Instagram account?

Answer: To show off his 'elfies' and sleigh the hashtag game!

87. If a lion had a Christmas music album, what would it be called?

Answer: Jungle Bells.

88. How do you hire Santa Claus?

Answer: Post a job on 'ElfedIn'!

89. What carol do insects hum at Christmas time?

Answer: Flea Navidad!

90. Which one of Santa's reindeer can you see in outer space?

Answer: Comet!

91. What did the farmer get for Christmas?

Answer: A cowculator!

92. What do sheep say while singing Christmas carols?

Answer: Fleece Navidad!

93. Why did the snowman turn down a bowl of soup?

Answer: He didn't want to melt away!

94. What kind of bug hates Christmas?

Answer: A humbug!

95. What does Santa do with out-of-date magazines?

Answer: He recycles them at the North Pole!

96. How much did Santa pay to park his sleigh?

Answer: Nothing, it's on the house!

97. What breakfast do snowmen always order?

Answer: Ice crispies!

98. What goes Oh, Oh, Oh?

Answer: Santa Claus walking backward!

99. What did one Christmas light say to the other?

Answer: "You light up my life!"

100. Why did the Christmas tree get into trouble?

Answer: Because it was knotty!

101. How does a snowman get to work?

Answer: By icicle!

102. What's in December that's not in any other month?

Answer: The letter 'D'!

103. What does a snowman do when he hears a Christmas song?

Answer: He freezes!

104. Why do Christmas trees make such wonderful pets?

Answer: They have a great bark, but wooden bite!

105. Why did Santa bring a ladder to the Christmas party?

Answer: He heard the drinks were on the house!

106. Why do angels on top of the Christmas tree get along so well?

Answer: They're both tree-toppers!

107. What's the difference between the Christmas alphabet and the ordinary alphabet?

Answer: The Christmas alphabet has NOEL!

108. What do you call people who are frightened of Santa Claus?

Answer: Claustrophobic!

109. Why was the snowman looking through the carrots?

Answer: He was picking his nose!

110. Why did no one bid forRudolph and Blitzen on eBay?

Answer: Because they were two deer!

111. What is a snowman's favorite breakfast?

Answer: Frosted Flakes.

112. What kind of motorcycle does Santa ride?

Answer: A Holly Davidson!

113. Why don't you ever see Santa in the hospital?

Answer: Because he has private elf care!

114. What do you call an annoying reindeer?

Answer: Rude-olph!

115. What is a parent's favorite Christmas carol when the kids go to bed on Christmas Eve?

Answer: "Joy to the World, the kids are asleep!"

116. How do you scare a snowman?

Answer: You get a hairdryer!

117. Why did Santa get a ticket on Christmas Eve?

Answer: He left his sled in a s(no)w parking zone.

118. What did the snowwoman do to the snowman when she was upset with him?

Answer: She gave him the cold shoulder.

119. What do Santa's beard and a Christmas tree have in common?

Answer: They both need trimming.

120. What happened to the girl who stole the advent calendar?

Answer: She got 25 days.

121. Where does Santa go when he's sick?

Answer: To the elf center!


Why do grown-ups get a kick out of Christmas riddles?

Because they sprinkle grown-up gigs with chuckles and a dash of brainy spice! Think of riddles as the nutmeg atop your eggnog; they make everything more festive and merry. Adults enjoy the twist of words and the smart nudge that tickles the funny bone.

Can Christmas riddles be a cool party trick?

Street with colorful buildings adorned with festive string lights.

Oh, totally! Whip out a Christmas riddle, and you'll be the life of the party. It's like a magic trick with words. People love a good head-scratcher that ends with a hearty laugh.

How do riddles make the holiday season brighter?

Riddles are like little twinkle lights for your brain. They light up the room with intrigue and joy, just like Christmas lights do for your home. It's all about that warm, cozy feeling of joy and togetherness.

Why should I bring riddles to my next holiday shindig?

Riddles are the secret ingredient to an unforgettable get-together. Like Santa's reindeer in his sleigh, they pull the party along, delivering fun to every corner.

Well, there you have it, a basket full of Christmas riddles to keep the festivities light-hearted and merry. Whether amongst twinkling Christmas lights or the warmth of a Yule log fire, these riddles will surely add an extra sparkle of joy to your holiday season.

So gather your friends, loved ones, and even Santa's elves, and share the gift of laughter and the joy of solving riddles this Christmas season. Remember, this is the season to be jolly, so laugh a little louder and enjoy these humorous brain teasers to the fullest. Happy Holidays!

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