17 Halloween Riddles For Kids That Are Scarily Good

Sarah Blake
Dec 12, 2023 By Sarah Blake
Originally Published on Sep 17, 2020
Fact-checked by Isobel Murphy
Scary pumpkin for Halloween

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Riddle me this, riddle me that; after puzzles from summer, comes fun with black cats!

It's a grave situation when keeping the kids entertained as the dark nights set in feels like little more than witch-ful thinking.

Fang-fully, these frightfully good Halloween riddles and answers will put an end to the living nightmare of bored brains; a good ghost riddle, or funny vampire riddles, will get the little monsters under your spell in no time.

Halloween, which occurs annually on 31 October, is a day on which children across the globe like to embrace all manner of spooky fun; so seize the opportunity to get them moaning and groaning as they search for the solutions to spooky riddles.

Creeping it real with favourite Halloween riddles might just win you mummy or daddy of the year!

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Favourite Halloween Puzzles And Creepy Riddles

1. I am present, but also past. I am wrapped, but not a gift. I am named after a parent, but have no children. What am I? Answer: A mummy.

2. I am hollow and have a lid, but where to find me, you might wonder. Here’s a clue, I’m six feet under. What am I? Answer: A coffin.

3. I have a body, arms, legs and a head, but I’m heartless and have no guts What am I? Answer: A skeleton.

4. From head down to toes, through every living being I flow. You might faint when you see me though! What am I? Answer: Blood.

5. I sleep upside down and I fly through the night. I live in dark places and I don’t have good sight. What am I? Answer: A bat.

6. I have no feet to dance, I have no eyes to see, I have no life to live or die but yet I do all three. What am I? Answer: Fire.

7. I’m tall when I’m young, I’m short when I’m old, and once a year, I make heavy pumpkins light. What am I? Answer: A candle.

8. When the moon is full, from man to beast I transform. I have claws that are sharp, and my hair keeps me warm. What am I? Answer: A werewolf.

9. I weave lots of webs, you can see where I’ve been. I have lots of legs, and I make people scream. What am I? Answer: A spider.

10. I am a room in your house where you watch TV and have fun, but I'm the one room in which ghosts, ghouls, and vampires will never, ever come.  What am I? Answer: The living room.

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Tricky Halloween Riddles

11. You’re in a room and there’s a ghost in the room, but you are the only one in the room. How is this possible?  Answer: You are the ghost.

12. When does Halloween come after Christmas?  Answer: In the dictionary.

13. Frankenstein’s father has three sons. The names of two of them are Snap and Crackle. What is the third son called? Answer: Frankenstein.

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Hard Halloween Riddles For Kids

14. You have five pumpkins in a basket and you want to divide them evenly between your five friends, but to still leave one in the basket. How do you do it? Answer: You give the last pumpkin to one of your friends while it is still in the basket.

15. You have a match, a jack-o'-lantern, and three candles for the jack-o'-lantern; a tall candle, a medium candle, a short candle. Which one should you light first? Answer: The match.

16. A group of witches are having a broomstick race. The witch in third place overtakes the witch in second place. Where is she now? Answer: In second place.

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Really Hard Halloween Riddle

Be warned, this is one of those halloween-themed riddles that will really get your brain working; don't be surprised if you scream in frustration!

17. Mrs Jones had less than 20 pieces of candy left to give to trick or treaters and she wanted to give them all away.

Two trick or treaters arrived and she wanted to share the candy evenly between them, but when she tried to do this, there was one piece left over. A third trick or treater arrived, so Mrs Jones decided she would share the candy between all three of them.

But when she tried to share them evenly, there was still one piece left. Finally, a fourth trick or treater arrived and Mrs Jones attempted to share the candy between all four children. But she still had one piece left over!

How many pieces of candy did Mrs Jones have? Answer: 13

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