The Ultimate Guide To Free Festive Fun this Christmas!

India Garrett
Dec 12, 2023 By India Garrett
Originally Published on Nov 04, 2019
christmas the most wonderful time of the year

Here at Kidadl, we know that Christmas isn’t just the most wonderful time of the year, it is also costly! But don’t worry! Spending time with your loved ones is the most precious way of spending Christmas. We’ve found some of the best free Christmas activities to enjoy at home without breaking the bank.  

Plant a tree

This fun activity is an excellent way of spending time with the family as you learn new skills. If you have a green thumb, you can spend time sowing a garden in your backyard.   

Set up a play

From songs to creating your own set pieces and costumes, setting up a play is fun, fresh, and all free! Get engrossed in your favorite holiday tale and enact it out for everyone.  

Time for a special meal

Why not get the whole family involved in the meal prep? An easy activity to spend time chopping, baking, cooking, and plating up a regular meal uniquely.  

Painting Ornaments

Express your inner artist as you sit with the family and paint Christmas ornaments. You can help the little ones finger paint and play with colors. The best part is that you can display your efforts on three proudly. 

Time to give back

Giving back to the community may begin small but can create long-lasting memories for the family. Why not take this opportunity to organize a donation drive for the neighborhood? You could also start a cleaning group. It is a necessary time to inculcate values like responsibility and accountability.  

Visit a Senior

Spread some holiday cheer to seniors. Visit a senior house with the family and interact with the wise seniors who may need some cheering up. You could call and organize it ahead of time.

Matchy - Matchy photoshoot

Very few occasions call for a cozy pajama set. Buy matching p-js in all sizes and get into a great photoshoot set. You can also set up a family calendar with 12 pictures for the upcoming year.  

Do-It-Yourself home decor

From using ribbons as curtain ties to making special keychains, you can jazz up your home for the festive season with some simple decor ideas.  

Host a party

Gear up for a party with your loved ones. Cook delicious entrees and invite friends and family to a tasting party. Fun talks, easy games, and good food - what more is a party about? 

Write letters to loved ones

Get your stationery out and pen down your thoughts. Why not write a letter to a loved one and express everything you truly feel? This is a great way to express unsaid feelings and speak your heart out.  

Build a snowman

Do you want to build a snowman? Get your fam wrapped up in cozy warm clothes and build your snowman in your backyard. With a carrot nose and a funky muffler ready, this is a fun outdoor activity for the family.  

Movie marathon

From Frozen to The Polar Express, why not pull the shutters down and go for a movie marathon? You can take breaks to discuss your favorite characters and movie plots. This is a good conversation starter which could lead to deeper talks.  

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