32 Corgi Puns And Jokes That Are Frap-Solutely Hilarious

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Cute corgi dog in outdoor.

Corgis are a breed of herding dogs known for their short height and really cute actions.

There are two distinct kinds of corgis: the Pembroke Welsh corgi and the Cardigan Welsh corgi. Out of the two corgis, one notable difference is that the Pembroke Welsh corgi does not have a tail (as these are docked at birth to conform with the breed's standards), while the Cardigan Welsh corgi has a tail.

Since corgis are Welsh-based dog, the name corgi is also Welsh. One can break it down into two parts - 'cor' meaning a dwarf and 'gi' meaning a dog.

Since corgis are known for their short heights, this name is quite ideal for corgis. The Pembroke Welsh corgis have a special royal touch to them. Queen Elizabeth II has a special preference towards Pembroke Welsh corgis and has owned over thirty of these dogs.

The Welsh corgi is a favorite among many dog owners. After all, the corgi is a funny dog breed.

You may have seen videos of corgis doing funny things on the internet. Did you know that corgis love to engage in something called Frapping?

Frapping is a unique term. Here, Frap means frantic random acts of play.

A corgi dog is a really energetic dog and loves to go round gardens, play around and then get themselves and you tired. After that, the corgi can sploot or just stretch on the ground and not listen to any of your commands.

It's no wonder corgi jokes, corgi humor, and silly corgi names are all over the internet and remain extremely relatable as well. If you are seeking funny jokes or puns, dog puns, or dog-related jokes that you can find many in our unique list.

You can share these jokes with your corgi dog and then go for a cute boop, if you want. Plus, if you are looking for a great name for your corgis, you can make a pun out of it, too - like Shortie!

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Amazing Corgi Puns

Corgi dog licking lips as a calming signal.

You may find many dog puns on the internet, but finding a corgi pun can be difficult. Here, we have collected many corgi dog puns for you to share with your family and dog-loving friends.

1. Many corgis love to go to the retail market. They wish to get their tails back.

2. The papa corgi was worried that his child would be scared to death if he was locked outside. So, he just gave him the corg-key to get back inside.

3. Many people think that corgis are not the right choice as hunting dogs. However, it's really easy for corgis to go in-corg-nito.

4. Despite being dark during the robbery, the corgi jeweler re-corg-nized the thug who stole from his store.

5. The favorite button on the remote for any corgi is the paws button.

6. The little corgi has always wanted to form a rock band with his friend. He was already planning on creating a dis-cor-graphy of his songs.

7. If you feel that your corgi is barking or trying to tell you something, do not ignore it. Corgis are known to have great pre-corg-nition.

8. My corgi friend can easily play with words. I think he is trying become a popular frapper.

9. Corgis tend to chase their tails in a clockwise manner when they are in the Southern hemisphere and in an anti-clockwise when they are in the Northern Hemisphere. This has been recognized as the Corgiolis Effect.

10. When the wife corgi dressed up for the party, the husband said, "You look absolutely corgious."

11. The gym corgi loves to work on his planks. He is a core-gi.

12. When the little corgi went missing, the corgi police rounded up possible suspects. The mother re-corg-nized one of them as her son.

13. The dog owner was really a fun guy to be around. He really had a corgi personality.

14. My neighbor's corgi had too much coffee in the afternoon. Now, he's just frapping all over the place.

15. When the corgis heard that there was an alien spaceship coming, they decided that they need to come together. They formed a corgigration.

16. My chef neighbor started a TV show where she cooks with her cute corgi. She calls the show - Corg-and-her.

17. There is a simple reason why corgi jokes are considered poor. They're always short!

18. You should never let your corgi come too close to a battery. That is how you get a short circuit.

19. When the corgi family felt threatened by the Alsatian family, they decided to re-corg-anize their family and make a short force.

20. One should not bring corgis to homes that are prone to electrical disturbances. Because corgis are known for load shedding.

21. Many dog owners love corgis though they are known to be such furrocious animals.

Hilarious Corgi Jokes

If you want to crack a corgi joke before your family, you should make it land properly. Here are some funny corgi jokes that can really hit well with other people. You can mix and match these jokes with other dog puns so that you can keep your dog-lover friends entertained and stand out.

22. What was the favorite saying of the aspiring corgi philosopher? Corg-ito, ergo sum.

23. Why was the corgi being suspended from school for the day? Because he was loafing around.

24. What does a corgi wear when it is freezing outside? A Cardigan.

25. What kind of beverage does a corgi love? A frappe.

26. What do you call a corgi owner who teaches his corgi dancing? A corgi-ographer.

27. Why do corgis get so aggressive if someone touches their food? Because they are short-tempered.

28. What kind of corgi does not have any penny? A Pembroke corgi.

29. What do you call a dog who acts in an eccentric manner? cor-gi.

30. What do you call a group of corgis which start honking? cor-geese.

31. What can you call an overweight corgi? Low fat.

32. What would you call a corgi riding a car? A low rider.

33. What do you call a corgi that got stuck in the champagne bottle? A corki.

34. What kind of cookie would be the favorite of a corgi? A shortbread.

35. What would you have if you cross a corgi with a snail? You get an escorgot.

36. What would you call a corgi if he wears an Avengers costume during Halloween? A Thorgi.

37. What kind of a dessert does a corgi love to have? A strawberry short-cake.

38. What might be the favorite remote button of a corgi owner? The mute button.

39. What would you call a litter of corgi puppies? A corgåsbord.

40. What does a corgi wear when they start cooking? Mutt-ens.

41. What would you call someone who doesn't meet with other people but loves corgis a lot? A corgitrovert.

42. How does a corgi spend their Halloween? They generally have a Splooty time.

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