30 Donkey Puns That Are Very A-Mule-Sing

Sarah Blake
Jun 28, 2024 By Sarah Blake
Originally Published on Sep 24, 2020
Fact-checked by Isobel Murphy
Onager (Equus hemionus) a brown Asian wild donkey

If it's been donkey's years since you've heard a good pack-animal pun, then you're sure to have a good hee-haw at these hay-larious donkey puns.

There are over 40 million donkeys in the world and they are pretty special, and very funny, animals. Donkeys love to play and have fun; they are highly intelligent, super stubborn, amusing mischief-makers, and a pun-stoppable source of hilarity.

Funny Donkey Puns

If donkey humour is your chosen field of study, these puns will get you off to a stable start.

1. A donkey walked into a bar and the barman greeted him with “Hey!”. The donkey said “Yes, please”.

2. I know a donkey with three legs who loves singing. She sounds terrible though; she keeps hitting the wonkey. ­

3. Did you hear about the woman who keeps standing behind her donkey? She hopes to get a kick out of it.  

4. My donkey is very superstitious about crossing roads. He’ll only go if he sees a zebra crossing.

5. I always call a donkey when I need my hair putting in plaits. They are the one animal that can really brayed well.

6. A man has ended up in hospital because he swallowed one of his sons toy horses and three of his daughters toy donkeys. His kids are cross with him but the doctors have said his condition is stable.

7. A man was wondering what to call a donkey crossed with a zebra, but then the donkey told him her name; it was Debra.

Donkey One-Liners

There may be a few tall tails amongst these puns, but you'll still get a kick out of them.

8. I’ve got a new donkey but he won’t eat straw because he’s worried about getting hay-fever.

9. You will always make a donkey happy if you move a horse in as her neigh-bour.

10. Donkeys are great storytellers; they always have the best tales.

11. A cross between a donkey and a motorcycle is known as a Yam-Hee-Haw.

12. My donkey got sick so I took him to the horse-pital.

13. Donkeys are very intelligent and have a lot of brayin’ power.

Mule And Hinny Puns

A mule has a dad that is a donkey and a mom that is a horse. A hinny has a mom that is a donkey and a dad that is a horse.

14. A mule went to see the doctor as she wasn’t feeling well and had a sore throat. The doctor said there was no need to worry, she was just a little hoarse.

15. You call a donkey wearing shades in the Arctic a very cool mule.

16. Donkeys are big fans of Christmas; they always send out mule-tide greetings.

17. I knew a man who was best friends with a hinny. He said she had a stable personality.

18. A mule and a hinny met and thought they recognised each other. The mule said to the hinny: “Your pace is familiar, but I don’t remember your mane.”

19. I got cross with my mules for partying too loudly. They said they were cele-bray-ting.

Donkey Nickname Puns

Burro is a common nickname for a small donkey.  You can also call a female donkey a Jenny and you can call a male donkey a Jack.

20. Been wondering what you call a donkey when you cross it with a little zebra? A ze-burro of course!

21. You call a donkey that is trying to cross the Arctic with goods on its back a brrrrrrrrrrr-o.

22. A donkey’s favourite garden tool is the wheel-burro.

23. I didn’t know that you call a donkey that is small a burro. I just thought it was dinky.

24. Donkey’s are great at digging tunnels; they really know how to burro.

25. I heard a sad story about a man who used all his money to get three fantastic female donkeys, only to have them stolen the next day. He was left without a Jenny to his name.

Baby Donkey Puns

Baby boy and girl donkeys less than one year old are called foals.  A filly is a girl donkey less than four year old and a colt is a boy donkey less than four years old.

26. If you ask a filly question, you’ll get a filly answer.

27. I decided to call a donkey for some advice about my noisy foals. She said they were just trying to be herd.

28. A man took one of his colts to a restaurant for the first time but it ended in disaster; his stable manners were terrible, he kept acting the foal, and the last straw was when he refused the mane course.

29. I’ve had to call the police because Mane Street is full of young female donkeys acting like party animals, drinking Moscow mules, and horsing around. It must be filly season.

30. My donkey is a big NFL fan; he gets a real kick out of watching the Colts.

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