103+ Best Word Riddles For Kids That Are Easy To Solve

Moumita Dutta
Mar 08, 2024 By Moumita Dutta
Originally Published on Apr 24, 2023
Fact-checked by Shadiya Ahammad
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Age: 1-99
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All of us love funny riddles.

You may love solving riddles for kids. Easy riddles can be a fun thing to solve during parties, but there are difficult riddles too, like math riddles.

So, if you want to have fun with your kids with some of the best riddles, then you have come to the right place. From different fun answers to magnificent word riddles, here are some riddles you can work with.

Amazing Word Riddles For Kids

Let's read some amazing and intelligent word riddles.

  • I am an 8-letter-word. You can take away a later from me and it would still make a word. If you take away another one, it would still make a word. You can keep doing this until you only have one letter left.  What word am I? 'Starting'.
  • When I'm forward, I am quite heavy, but when I'm backward, I'm not. Who am I? 'Ton'.
  • I am a word containing letters three. When you add two more, fewer there will be. What am I? 'Few'.
  • I am made of two words and if you want to keep me, first you have to give me. What am I? 'Your word'.
  • I am a 5-letter-word and if you take away two letters from me, I become one? 'Alone'.
  • What is a 5-letter-word in the English language that can be read the same way when its right side up or upside down? ‘Swims’.
  • What is that one thing that can always be found in centuries, seasons, minutes, and seconds, but can never be found in days, years, or decades? The letter 'N'.
  • I am a 6-letter word and when you take one letter away from me, I become twelve. What am I? 'Dozens'.
  • What is the one thing that you have to break in order to use them? Eggs.
  • When I'm young, I'm at my tallest self, but I get shorter as I keep getting older. What am I? A candle.
  • I am someone who shaves and cuts hair every day, but my beard and hair stay the same. Who am I? A barber.
  • When you see me, I'm green, when you eat me, I'm red, and when you spit a part of me out, I'm black. What am I? Watermelon.
  • I am something you can always catch, but can never throw. What am I? A cold.
  • If I have this thing, I don't share it and once I share this thing, then I don't have it anymore. What is it? A secret.
  • When it's clean, it's black, but it becomes dirty when it's white. What is it? A chalkboard.
  • I am something that can fill up an entire room, but I never take up any space. What am I? Light.
  • This is something that loses its head when morning comes and gets it back again when night falls. What is it? A pillow.
  • What is such a fragile thing that even if you whisper about the thing, it can break? Silence.
  • What is one type of band that has never been seen playing any music? A rubber band.
  • It's such a simple thing that it only ever points, but men have used it for thousands of years for guidance. What is it? A compass.
  • What is a room that does not have a single window? A mushroom.

Intelligent Word Riddles For Kids

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Keep reading to know the answers to these fun riddles.

  • What are the three consecutive days that can be said without saying the words Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Monday, Wednesday, or Friday? Yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
  • Why is 'Smiles' the longest word in the English language? Because it has 'mile' between the two 's'.
  • What is a word that when you pronounce it right, it's actually wrong, but when you pronounce it wrong, it's actually right? 'Wrong'.
  • What is the one word in English that becomes shorter if you add a few letters to it? 'Short'.
  • How can you vanish the number one not by reducing but by adding to it? By adding a 'G' at the beginning of 'one'. 
  • What is that one entity in the entire world that has many words but doesn’t ever speak a single word? A book.
  • What are two such words in the English language that begin and end with 'he'? 'Heartache' and 'Headache'.
  • What is that one thing that you buy to eat, but you never actually eat them? Cutlery.
  • What is the one thing in the world that has millions of holes but is still able to hold a lot of water in it? What am I? A sponge.
  • I'm lighter than the thing I am made of, and more part of me is hidden than the parts you can see. What am I? Iceberg.
  • I have many branches, but neither do I have any trunks or leaves, nor do I bear any fruits. What am I? A bank.
  • The more of me you keep taking, the more of me you keep leaving behind. What am I? Footsteps.
  • What is the one thing that has many teeth but cannot ever bite? A comb.
  • I hold the most number of stories out of all the buildings in the world. What am I? A library.
  • I am lighter in weight than a feather, and yet the strongest person in the world cannot hold me for more than a few minutes. What am I? Breathe.
  • I have a neck but no head, and I have arms but no hands. What am I? A shirt.
  • When it's alive, you bury it so that it grows up, and when it dies, you dig it up. What is it? A plant.
  • When you feed me, I keep growing, but when you give me water, I die. What am I? Fire.
  • I can travel around the entire world, but I never leave my corners even once. What am I? A stamp.
  • I jump when I walk and sit when I stand. What am I? A kangaroo.

Funny Word Riddles For Kids

Be it a riddle on 'last letter', 'first letter' or 'six letters', we've got you covered with these best riddles.

  • What is a 7-letter word that, if you spell backward, will stay the same? 'Racecar'.
  • My first two letters mean a male, first three letters mean a female, first four letters mean a great man, and my meaning is a great woman. What am I? 'Heroine'.
  • What is a 5-letter word from which, if you remove two letters, only one remains? 'Stone'.
  • I have five eyes, but I cannot see. What am I? Mississippi River.
  • I start with 'P', end with 'E', and I contain millions of letters in me. What am I? Post Office.
  • Which 4-letter-word will remain the same even if you read it upside down, backward, or forward? ‘Noon’.
  • I am a five-letter-word fruit. If you take away my first two letters, you get an animal, and when you take another one away, you get a high school subject. What am I? Grape.
  • You dice me, slice me, and cut me, but while you are doing it, you are constantly crying. What am I? Onions.
  • What is the one thing that always stays in front of you but you can never actually see it? What am I? Future.
  • What is the one thing that will become wet when you become dry? A towel.
  • What is something that doesn't know how to speak but will always reply when you speak? An echo.
  • Things may be going very badly for you, but you can count on me at any given time. Who am I? Fingers.
  • If you break me, I can cage you, and if you obey me, I can save you from many things. What am I? The law.
  • I have four legs, but I cannot ever walk. What am I? A chair.
  • What is the only place where today can always be seen before yesterday? A dictionary.
  • I can be the best at the taste but the absolute worst at the smell. What am I? Tongue.
  • If you smile at it, it will surely smile back at you, but if you drop it, it will definitely crack. What is it? A mirror.
  • I am made of water, but I will die if you put me in water. What am I? Ice.
  • I always have a thumb along with four fingers, but I do not have a hand or foot. What am I? A glove.
  • You can find countries, towns, streets, and shops in me, but you can never find any people. What am I? A map.
  • This thing has nothing on its inside and nothing on its outside. It is lighter than a feather, yet even ten men couldn't lift it even if they tried. What is it? A bubble.

Brainy Word Riddles

Kids are going to love these best riddles. Keep on reading.

  • What is a 5-letter word from which, even if you take four letters away, it still sounds the same? 'Queue'.
  • Even if we don't move, we can hurt you. Even if we don't touch, we can poison you. We bear all the lies and the truth in us.  Do not judge us by our size. Who are we? 'Words'.
  • What is that one thing which all men, whether they are religious or atheists, would agree upon that it stays between 'heaven and earth'? 'And'.
  • What is an 11-letter word in the English language that everyone pronounces incorrectly? 'Incorrectly'.
  • What can you find at the end of any rainbow? The letter 'W'.
  • I am a 3-letter-word that can be pronounced as only one letter, but my spelling doesn’t contain that letter. I can be read from both ends, and I still sound the same. What am I? ‘Eye’.
  • I am an odd single-digit number, but when you take away one letter from my word, I become even. What am I? 'Seven'.
  • What is the one thing that comes twice in one moment, once in one minute, but never comes in a hundred years? The letter 'M'.
  • What word starts and ends with the letter 'e' and contains only one letter in it? 'Envelope'.
  • I have tens of hundreds of ears, but I cannot hear a single thing. What am I? Corn.
  • What is the one thing that you can break even if you never actually pick it up or even touch it? A promise.
  • You will find me going around in circles but always moving ahead, and I never complain about wherever I am led. What am I? Wheel.
  • What is the one thing that becomes bigger as you take more and more away from it? A hole.
  • The more of me is present near you, the less you will be able to see. What am I? Darkness.
  • What is something that has tens of keys but cannot ever open any locks? A piano.
  • What is that one thing that always goes up and down but never moves an inch? A staircase.
  • I am good for you and can also be bad, but I am always there all over a person's body. What am I? Bacteria.
  • You always answer it even though it never asks you a question. What is it? A telephone.
  • When you buy me, I'm black. When you use me, I'm red, and when you are done with me, I become white. What am I? Charcoal.
  • I go through towns, countries, and mountains, but I never have to move. What am I? A road.

Amusing Word Riddles

Read on to find out some more interesting riddles.

  • Which word contains all or the 26 letters in itself? Alphabet.
  • What is an English word which contains three consecutive double letters in it? 'Bookkeeper'.
  • I am a word that begins with 'I', but if you add an 'A' before me, I still sound the same. What word am I? 'Isle'.
  • I am important to creation, and I also surround every place. What am I? The letter 'E'.
  • You know me as a fruit, a person, and a bird. What am I? Kiwi.
  • What is the one thing in the world that never gets down and always goes up without fail? Age.
  • I have six faces, but I'm not wearing any masks. I also have 21 eyes, but still, I cannot see. What am I? A dice.
  • I am orange in color with a little green on the top of my head, and I sound like a parrot. What am I? Carrot.
  • I am always with you as I keep following you and continue copying your moves, but you still can't catch me or touch me. What am I? Your shadow.
  • I am brown in color and have a head and a tail, but I don't have any legs. What am I? A penny.
  • I am something that can run across an entire yard, however big it may be, but I don't need to move. What am I? A fence.
  • What is that one thing that always falls during the winter but never gets hurt? Snow.
  • This thing belongs to you, but it gets used by other people more than you. What is it? Your name.
  • I can be hot, and I can be cold. I can be liquid, and I can be solid. I can rush, and I can also slip through anything. What am I? Water.
  • I have four legs, yet only one foot and one head. What am I? A bed.
  • I am something that you can keep in your pockets, and I help you keep it empty. What am I? A large hole.
  • What is the one thing that has many needles, but you cannot sew with it? A Christmas tree.
  • What is something that breaks every day without ever falling and another thing that falls every day but without ever breaking? Day and night.
  • You can easily get into it, but it can be pretty hard to get out of. What is it? Trouble.
  • It can run, but it cannot walk and the thought is not much far behind it. What is it? Nose.

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