20 Murder Mystery Riddles For Aspiring Sherlocks

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Arthur Conan Doyle, a Scotch-Irish writer created the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes
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Have you ever felt Sher-locked while reading murder and mystery story riddles?

Do you wonder who even killed someone, and how? Do you get that urge to solve the mystery the moment you read it?

Murder and mysterious riddles might get someone hooked immediately. Rest assured, these mystery riddles for kids have been collated with utmost care.

Murder mysteries puzzles help the kids to focus on developing critical thinking abilities, increase their observational skills with the minute details while engaging them to crosscheck with a vast area of possibilities. These short mystery riddles with answers will help them solve mysteries and crime riddles.

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Trickiest Murder Mysteries To Solve

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You will love these Murder mystery riddles with answers. Check out these kids' riddles for detectives who are big thinkers!

1. Cops found a dead man lying in the snow. They saw the tracks of a footprint pair in between two parallel lines a few feet away from the dead body. Who should be on the cops' radar?

Answer - A person in a wheelchair.

2. At the crime scene, the police found a cassette recorder and a gun in the dead man's hand. After playing the cassette, they heard the man's voice saying, "I have committed sins and have nothing to live for", and a gunshot. Even then, police knew it wasn't a suicide but a murder. How?

Answer - A dead man cannot rewind the recorder to play from the start.

3. A man was found dead while on his work trip to California. The suspects were Mars, Mason, Barry, Lisa, and Alex. On the calendar, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 were written in blood. How to decode the numbers to find the killer?

Answer - The numbers are those of the months whose first letters spell out 'Mason'.

4. A dead body is seen outside a four-story building. The detective ran up the first floor and checked the window. Continued the same process for the second, third, and fourth too. When he came down, he said it wasn't a suicide but a murder. How?

Answer - All the windows were closed except the third floor, and a dead man will never be able to close the window.

5. A killer gives his victims 2 pills to play a game. One of the pills is a vitamin pill, and the other is deadly. The victims choose one pill and gulp it down with a glass of water, and the killer swallows the other at random, and still every one of the victims dies. How?

Answer - The water is poisoned.

6. A man invited his friend for dinner, and they both had a gala over mashed potatoes and chicken nuggets. For dessert, he cut an apple in half and gave one to the man, and he ate the same apple's other half. How did his friend die?

Answer - Only one side of the knife was poisoned.

7. A Japanese boat was stuck in water because of the storm, and after the storm, the captain was found dead. The engineer was busy fixing the signals, the cook was managing the wine barrels, the wife went to the room, and the maid was fixing the upside-down turned flag. Who killed the captain?

Answer - The maid. A Japanese flag is the same from all sides, with a red dot in the center of a white background.

8. The geography teacher was found dead on the very first day of their school. The gardener was busy fixing the new saplings, the science teacher was taking a mid-semester test, the coach was playing basketball, and the principal was in the office. Who killed the geography teacher?

Answer - The science-teacher. He cannot conduct a mid-year test on the first day of school.

9. A chemist was killed in his own lab.

The crime scene had no evidence to be found except a piece of paper with the names of chemical substances Nickle, Carbon, Oxygen, Lanthanum, and Sulphur on it. On the day of his murder, he had only 3 visitors; his nephew Nicolas, his wife, Martha, and his friend John. Who was the killer?

Answer - Combine the symbols of the chemical substances to get a name, Ni-C-O-La-S.

10. A man was hanged through the ceiling in his own apartment. There was nothing except a small puddle of water in the room. No chair or a table or even a bed for him to climb up and hang himself. How did he manage to do so?

Answer - The man was standing on a huge ice block, hence the puddle of water.

11. Melissa was killed on a Sunday morning. Her roommates gave the following testimonials: Agnes was getting the mail, Angela was doing laundry, Maggie was cooking, Carl was planting in the garden. Who killed Melissa and how did the police know who to arrest?

Answer - Agnes killed Melissa as no mail is delivered on Sunday.

12. A man drank the punch at a party and left quite early. Others who drunk the punch died because of poisoning. Why didn't the man die?

Answer - The poison was in the ice, and the man drank the punch when the ice hadn't melted.

13. Man killed his wife, and even though people watched him do so, no one could accuse him of the murder of his wife. Why?

Answer - The man's job was of an executioner, and his wife received the death penalty.

14. Two friends have gone on a trip, but only friend A returns and says that friend B fell into the valley while trekking. The police came and arrested friend A a week later and said he'd murdered friend B. How did they know?

Answer - The travel agent mentioned that friend A had booked only one return ticket before the trip.

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15. A man shot his wife and held her underwater for three whole minutes. Later that night, they both had a delicious dinner together. How is this possible?

Answer - The man shot the woman with the camera!

16. A girl was at her mother's funeral, where she met an interesting man and fell for him right away. Before they could exchange numbers, he was nowhere to be seen. She didn't even know his name. Later the police arrested her for killing her older brother. Why did she kill him?

Answer - She hoped the man would show-up for her brother's funeral too!

17. The prisoner was locked up in a room with a dirt floor. The room has one window, which is high up above the prisoner's height. The prisoner had a shovel, but he had only 2 days to get out, and digging would take him more than 5. How would he escape?

Answer - He would use the shovel to make a pile of dirt to climb up to the window and jump out.

18. A man goes to sleep after an exhausting, long day of work. He turns off all the lights and falls asleep within a few seconds. Waking up, he finds that he has killed 100 sailors. He does not sleepwalk and has slept all night without waking up even once. How is this possible?

Answer - He was a lighthouse operator.

19. A man was writing a letter during a lightning storm in his cabin and died suddenly. How did he die?

Answer - The cabin was on a ship.

20. The woman watched a guy being murdered. She cries but does nothing to save him. Why?

Answer -She is watching a TV series!

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly riddles for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Murder Mystery Riddle then why not take a look at Long Riddles, or Anglo-Saxon Riddles.

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