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A funny joke that lands properly can tickle your funny bone.

There are a lot of students who learn the names of the bones by making jokes about them. It makes the entire learning exercise more fun and exciting.

There are two hundred and six bones in the human body. The bones have different names and functions.

So you can make quite a number of jokes about bones. Bones help provide mechanical support and the framework of our body.

Someone who has even a slight fracture gives can go through tremendous pain, which just shows how important bones are. Tibia honest jokes about something this serious definitely need some boundaries. Jokes on bones should not be too insensitive that it might hurt some people.

However, the more serious the matter, the funnier the jokes, if correctly said. A lot of us want to know the human body properly, but on the other hand, we are afraid of skeletons - the very framework of our body.

If you want to have fun with a topic, you should try reading jokes on them. So here we are with some funny bone jokes that will crack you up.

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Funny Skeleton Jokes

Fossil skeleton of Dinosaur king Tyrannosaurus Rex.

A lot of us are scared of skeletons. Do you know what is one of the best ways to stop being scared of something?

Making jokes out of it. When we hear something funny about something or someone, we are less scared of it. We have some funny skeleton puns and jokes that will definitely tickle your funny bone and make you less afraid of skeletons.

1. Why did the skeleton decide to tell the truth in the court room? He wanted tibia honest.

2. Why would a skeleton want to initiate a fight? Maybe he has a bone to pick.

3. Can you guess why the skeleton always feels so lonely? Because it has no body.

4. Why does the skeleton not catch a cold easily on a windy day? The wind passes right through them.

5. What did the judge do when he found the skeleton guilty? He ordered to imprison the skeleton in a rib cage.

6. What happened to the skeleton that was almost picked apart by an armature medical student? It marrowly escaped.

7. What kind of plants do skeletons like? Bone-sai tree.

8. Why are skeletons not so good at lying? The person they are lying to can see right through them.

9. What did the skeleton get from his office after doing all the good works? A bone-us.

10. Why did the skeleton got mad at the bones? Because they were spine on him without any reason.

11. How did the skeleton know that his brother was lying to him? He had a feeling in his bones.

12. Which instrument does the skeleton play his school band? He plays the trom-bone.

13. Why was the little skeleton too afraid to watch a horror movie? It did not have the guts for it.

14. What did all the skeletons say to the skeleton that was going on a trip to the ocean? Bone Voyage!

15. Why did the parent skeleton throw the teen rocker skeleton out of the house? They were bad to the bone.

16. How does everybody know the artist skeleton? He was famous for making beautiful skull-ptures.

17. Why was the skeleton not selected for her school band? She didn't have any organs.

18. What did one skeleton say to the other when they met? Bone-jour!

19. Who was the winner of the beauty contest for skeletons? No body.

20. What makes a skeleton laugh? A joke that tickles her funny bone.

21. How do skeletons communicate with each other? They use a tele-bone.

22. What did the waitress say after serving the food to a group of skeletons? Bone Appetit.

23. What did a skeleton tell his best friend? We share a special boned with each other.

24. Why was the skeleton sitting? He did not have the legs to stand on.

25. What do you call a skeleton who is extremely stupid? A numbskull.

26. How much do all the bones in my body weight? I cannot say for sure but maybe a skele-ton.

27. Why was the skeleton running away from the dog? Because the dog thought it to be his chewtoy.

28. What happened to a skeleton when he heard shocking news? His jaws dropped.

29. Why does the skeleton love to go on adventures every now and then? He was bone to be wild.

30. How do skeletons text each other? Via cell-bones.

31. What would you name a skeleton who performs amazingly at the circus? One trick bony.

32. What happened to the skeleton who always spends a lot of money? He was broke.

33. What did the spine say to the skeleton? I got your back.

34. What do you call it when skeletons do statistics? Paranormal distribution.

35. What do you call a lucky skeleton? Bone-anza.

36.What is the similarity between a skeleton and a shirt? Both of them need a good collar for support.

37. What was the boneless man doing at the beach? He was getting a skele-tan.

38. Why are dogs not scared of skeletons? Because dogs love treats.

39. What is a skeleton's favorite fruit? Spineapple.

40. Why was the skeleton scared to eat a lot of food? It did not have the stomach to do so.

41. Why did the skeleton call in a sick day at work? She was bone-tired from all the work she did last day.

42. What is the skeleton's most preferred mail service? The bony express.

Clever Rib Bone Jokes

When we hear the word 'ribs' two things come to our mind. One is the rib cage that protects our heart and lungs, and the other is the tasty ribs that we eat at the BBQ place or the steak house.

Cooking some funny jokes out of them are not so difficult. So order a prime rib, sit back and enjoy our list of funny bone jokes all about ribs.

43. What kind of bones would Amazon sell? Prime Rib.

44. What did the bone do on her birthday? She dist-rib-uted the candies to her friends.

45. Why was the rib always inviting outsiders to his room? Because he wanted others to see his c-rib.

46. What do you call a person who stores ribs to sell them at a higher price later? Steak-holder.

47. Why should mathematicians not use knives while eating prime ribs? It is indivisable.

48. What kinds of bones have perfect vision? Rib eyes.

49. What did my elder brother want for his birthday lunch? Ribbon the grill.

50. What kind of food do bones enjoy the most? Spare ribs.

Hilarious Bone Jokes

Bones are often used for decorations on Halloween and the demand for bone jokes increase during that time. A lot of people wish each other 'Happy Halloween', why not pair the greeting with good and funny bone-related jokes this year?

But to be honest, bone jokes are fun all year long. Check out this list of some hilarious bone jokes.

51. What happened to the spine when it heard an extremely funny joke? It started to crack up.

52. How would a bone quote Shakespeare? Tibia or not Tibia.

53. Who won the race between a skull and a spine? The skull because he was ahead.

54. How many bones are present in a human hand? A handful.

55. What happens when you boil a funny bone? It becomes a laughing stock.

56. Which body part does Captain America hate the most? Red Skull.

57. Which is the funniest bone in our body? The humerus.

58. What did the baby bones say to their mother while going to bed? Please talus a funny story.

59. What did the parent bone tell his son when she scored an A in the exam? You have done an absolute fibula-ous job.

60. How did one bone propose to another? He asked, "Will you please marrow me?".

61. Why does the orthopedic doctor hate 2D paintings? He likes 3D skull-ptures.

62. Why did the cop give the thigh bone a ticket? He was driving in the carpal lane.

63. How did a pelvis become a magician? It gained hip-notic powers.

64. To which singers concert did the bones go to? Pelvis Presley.

65. What do you call two spine bones who are siblings? Vertebros.

66. Which animal can see your bones? Catscan.

67. What did the broken patella say to the doctor? "I kneed you to help me".

68. What did the pelvis say when the X-ray report said its not broken? "Hip Hip Hooray".

69. Whom can you call a bonehead? Someone who is marrow minded.

70. What do you call it when a bone is having an amazing time with his friends? An osteoblast.

71. Why did the bone go to the fracture clinic to rest? Because it is the best place for a break.

72. Why did the thigh bone call in a sick day? He was down with a femur.

73. Why do bones never get angry when someone insults them? Nothing gets under their skin.

74. What did the skull tell the calcaneus? "I am head over heels for you".

75. What kind of weapons do bones use in a fight? A shoulder blade.

76. Do you think having tailbones does not have any point? Well, think again because it is quite pointy.

77. What kind of material do bones have their dinner on? Bone china

78. Why did the limb's wish come true, and the ear's wish did not? The limb had the bigger bone.

79. What is the one bone that dogs are not a big fan of? Collar.

80. Which bone can be used to mix the food while cooking? Scapula.

81. Why would the flat bones want to protect the internal organs? Because it has grown a parietal boned with the organs.

82. Why did the ear bone break? It was not watching its stapes.

83. What happened when the bone was trying to calculate the circumference of a heavy spherical object? The radius was misplaced.

84. What do you call two radius bones put together in a straight line? Diameter.

85. What did the army called Napolean when he broke his bones after falling from the horse? Napolean Bone-a-part.

86. What happened when a man fell out of a bus and broke his bone? Every other passenger thought it was humerus.

87. In which class can you learn about bones? Osteoclasst.

88. What did the tree ask the bones? "Can you grow a s-pine"?

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for bone jokes then why not take a look at these teeth jokes, or for something different take a look at these Halloween jokes.

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