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Are you ready to take a break from the Battle Royale and share a laugh with your squad? Then you're in the right place! Fortnite is a hugely popular game that took the world by storm, and this collection of the best Fortnite jokes for gamers will have you laughing harder than when you score a Victory Royale.

As any dedicated Fortnite fan knows, this is a game that's not just about survival but also about having fun. And part of that fun is the sense of community and shared humor among players.

So these curated jokes capture the spirit of the Fortnite game, including everything from funny sayings about your favorite skins to hilarious one-liners about epic fails.

So get ready to roar with laughter; whether you're a seasoned gamer or new to the Fortnite scene, these Fortnite jokes are sure to tickle your funny bone!

Funny Fortnite Jokes

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Fortnite is a cultural phenomenon that has taken the gaming world by storm. With its unique blend of action and strategy, players worldwide are hooked.

And now, it's not just the gameplay that's going viral. This collection of rib-tickling Fortnite jokes will have you and your fellow gamers laughing in no time. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just a fan, these jokes capture the fun and hilarity of Fortnite.

1. Why do Fortnite gamers have great teeth? Because they love to floss at any given opportunity.

2. Why were the thieves annoyed after returning empty-handed from the alphabet factory? Because all they got was the L.

3. What does a Fortnite gamer use to turn on his Television? An Emote control.

4. Why do skeletons not know how to play Fortnite? Because they don’t have skins!

5. Did you hear about the Fortnite game about 100 cows fighting for life? They called it a Cattle Royale.

6. What do you call a dinosaur playing Fortnite? A Flossoraptor.

7. Why do earthworms hate Fortnite? Because they know they're going to be baited.

8. Why do the Japanese hate playing the game Fortnite? Because of Ninja.

9. Why was the Walmart cashier good at playing Fortnite? Because he was an expert at tagging.

10. Where was the poor Fortnite gamer dropped in the game? In the Peasant Park.

11. Why is the game called Fortnite? Because that’s how long it takes for a person to get bored of it.

12. Why is Kylo Ren one of the best Fortnite players in the Galaxy? Because of his love for Solo kills.

13. Why did Shrek start playing Fortnite? Because he wanted to visit the Slurpy Swamp.

14. Why was the gamer who hated Fortnite, angry at the game’s popularity? Because he thought it would only last for two weeks.

15. How many Fortnite players does it take to change a lightbulb? Two. One to actually do the job and the other to floss like they made a massive accomplishment.

16. How does Ninja know where to find enemies in Fortnite? Because he wears Sneakers.

17. Where do tired Fortnite gamers go to hang out in the game? Lazy Lake.

18. What was the man who worked at Epic Games like? Unreal.

19. Where do Fortnite players love to work? At the Retail Row.

20. Why did the game deny the user who tried to use Fortnite as a password? Because it was too weak.

Bad Fortnite Jokes

Ready for some rib-tickling laughter with some in-game humor? Brace yourself; this collection of bad Fortnite jokes is sure to get all Fortnite players laughing out loud.

Perfect for a quick giggle in between eliminations or to lighten up the ambiance during intense gaming sessions, these jokes, though bad, are hilarious for all Fortnite fans. So, get ready to unearth some humor on the Battle Royale island.

21. Where was the neckbeard dropped in the game? At the Sweaty Sands.

22. Where was the kid who was bawling out his eyes found in the game? In the Weeping Woods.

23. Why is Ninja one of the best Fortnite players? Because he has his Stealthy Stronghold on the game.

24. Why did the hunter love playing Fortnite? Because there was a Hunter’s Haven in the game.

25. Why did the gamer with the potato PC stop playing Fortnite? Because his game stopped responding every time he reached the Crash site.

26. Why was the child afraid of the Fortnite game? Because the game had a ghost house.

27. Why was the Leprechaun in love with the aspect of playing Fortnite? Because he heard he could get Rainbow Rentals in the game.

28. Why did the Pirate start playing Fortnite? Because he wanted to loot the Viking Vessel.

29. Why did the royal Fortnite player sleep in a castle at night? Because that was his fort right.

30. What does a good Fortnite player deserve? Every Nite in shining armor deserves a Fort.

31. For how many days did the gamer play Fortnite? The gamer was so engrossed in playing he had been at it for his fourth nite.

32. Why was the Fortnite player not allowed to enroll in the army? Because he didn't have the Battle Pass.

33. Why was Obi-Wan Kenobi unbeatable at Fortnite? Because he always had the high ground.

34. What did the game developer tell his boss when he was asked to work on Fortnite? “Gimme two weeks and I’ll come up with something.”

35. Why is Fortnite such a tough game to master? Because of all the fort-ifications.

36. What does a gamer feel after playing Fortnite all day? Discom-fort.

37. Why was the gamer running around instead of camping in the game? Because fort-une favors the brave.

38. Why was the kid crying uncontrollably after losing at Fortnite? Because nobody could console him.

39. What did Epic Games name their Fortnite sequel? Month.

40. Why was the gamer not putting any effort into playing Fortnite? Because he just wanted the big chill.

41. Why was the prince flossing at Buckingham Palace? Because he was part of the Royale family.

42. What did the chef name his Fortnite-inspired restaurant? Butter Royale.

43. What is a Fortnite gamer’s favorite Disney character? Scar.

44. Why do Fortnite gamers run around Stealthy Stronghold and Pleasant Park aimlessly? Because they want The Dub.

45. Why was Fortnite released before being completed? It wanted Early Access to the wallets of gamers all around the world.

46. Why did the fisherman get interested in the game of Fortnite all of a sudden? Because someone told him that the game has a harpoon.

47. Why was Ali Baba afraid of the Fortnite professional gamers? Because one of them is a team of 100 Thieves.

48. Which is the most hydrated team that plays Fortnite? Team Liquid.

49. What's the similarity between jokes about Fortnite and Fortnite players? Neither will grow old.

50. Why was the child angry at his parents for taking away his gaming console? Because he thought playing Fortnite was his forth-rite.

51. Why was the Fortnite player a bore at the stand-up comedy show? He couldn't laugh because he was too busy flossing.

52. Where do whiny Fortnite players get dropped in the game? Salty Towers.


And that's it for this list of Fortnite jokes. Whether your kids are Fortnite fanatics, gaming gurus, or just love a good laugh, these jokes have got you covered.

Who knew games and gags paired so well together? From building masterpieces to battling it out, Fortnite truly does offer endless opportunities for comedy gold.

Remember, laughter is the best way to create cherished shared moments with your children. So, next time they're in the midst of Fortnite fun, crack out a joke from this list, and you’ll be the coolest gamer-parent on the block.

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