30+ Wind Puns That Will Blow You Away

Georgia Stone
Dec 12, 2023 By Georgia Stone
Originally Published on Oct 15, 2020
Fact-checked by Isobel Murphy
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Autumn is here and if your family are missing the summer weather, we have a great way to cheer them up!

From autumn jokes to rainy gags, Kidadl have a brilliant collection of family-friendly funnies to help you put a brighter spin on the season. This list of breezy wind jokes will keep you all laughing until spring.  

Tornado Puns

Double down on your average wind joke with these funny tornado gags.

1. Why did the tornado take a break? Because it ran out of wind!

2. What is a tornado's favorite game? Twister!

3. Why did the tornado only ever wear a monocle? Because he only had one eye!

4. What did the tornado say to the washing machine when he asked her on a date? Want to go for a spin?!

5. Why should you avoid tornado chasers? Because they’re always passing wind!

6. What did one tornado say to the other at the dance? Let’s twist again, like we did last summer!

7. What did one tornado say to the other? I have my eye on you!

8. What is a tornado's favorite Elton John song? Candle in the Wind!

9. What is a tornado's favorite movie? Gone With the Wind!

10. I just threw a hazard sign into a tornado: I was throwing caution to the wind!

11. What does a tornado wear under his clothes? Thunderwear!

12. Did you hear about the cow that was lifted into the air by a tornado? It was an udder disaster!

Windmill Puns

Renewable energy is usually no laughing matter, but you can have a guilt-free chuckle with these turbine themed rib-ticklers.  

13. Two wind turbines were talking about their favorite kind of music and one said to the other: "I'm a big metal fan!"

14. Why did the turbine blush? Because it broke wind!

15. What did the wind turbine say to the engineer after he fixed him? I'm a big fan of your work!

16. Did you hear about the crow that got cut in half by a wind turbine? Ow!

17. What do windmills talk about? Not much, they just shoot the breeze!

18. What did the windmill who thought he was Julius Caesar say? I Came. I Spun. I Conquered!

19. What words do windmills live by? One good turn deserves another!

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Windswept Puns

The whole family will love these bright and breezy wind related puns.

20. Why do skeletons hate how wind feels? Because it goes right through them!

21. What is the wind's favorite color? Blew!

22. Where does the wind go on vacation? Chicago (The windy City!)

23. How do you stop a newspaper from flying away in a big gust of wind? Use a news anchor!

24. Which day of the week has the most powerful wind? Wind-sday!

25. What do you get when you cross an icy cold wind with feathers? A brrrrrrrr-d!

26. How does a butcher keep his tent up in a heavy wind? With steaks!

27. How does the wind get fit and healthy? Air conditioning!

28. What do you call it when Superman breaks wind? An invisible jet!

29. I went outside to see this amazing wind storm everyone was talking about - I was blown away!

30. My homework was to write a report on how wind energy is produced. It was a breeze!

31. Why is there so much wind inside a sports arena? Because of all the fans!

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