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Find the coolest, themed aesthetic baby boy name from the collection of names listed below for your precious baby boy. 

Have you surfed the internet looking for names for your baby but haven't found anything suitable? Do not worry!

We have listed below some of the best baby boy names you can choose from, for your child. 

Look through the following list containing some of the most fascinating baby boy names and pick the best one for your baby! After reading these fascinating baby names, do check our other articles on cool baby names and three-syllable boy names as well.

Cute Aesthetic Boy Names

It is said that a good name can positively affect the personality of a child. We bring to you in this section a list of some really cute aesthetic boy names that you can choose from for your beautiful baby boy. 

Naaz (Arabic origin), meaning ‘pride’, is a popular male name amongst the Muslim community. 

Nesbit (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘a land or river’, is used for male babies. 

Onyx (Latin origin), meaning ‘gem’, is a beautiful name used to name boys. 

Orion (Greek origin), meaning ‘hunter’, is a unique name for a boy and holds a mythological significance. 

Reynard (German origin),  meaning ‘powerful advice’, is another beautiful and unique baby boy name amongst the name ideas out there.

Rocco (Italian origin), meaning ‘enthusiasm and energy’, this unique baby name represents strength and power.

Tamsyn (Armani origin), meaning ‘twin’, is said to be a twin name to Thomas and is not very frequently used to name boys. 

Tarquin (Roman origin), is a unique baby boy name, rarely used but has made its appearance in English literature quite often including Shakespeare's poem ‘The Raoe of Luerceus’. 

Usain (Arabic origin) meaning ‘handsome’, is a variant of the Arabic name Husain, who also happened to be a great leader. 

Walter (German origin), meaning ‘the ruler of the army’, is very frequently used to name boys in European countries and especially in England. 

Xalvador (Spanish origin), meaning ‘saviour’, is a beautiful name for a baby boy and was used by people in previous centuries to refer to men who are leaders. 

Zaavan (biblical origin), meaning ‘trembling’ is another blessed name that can affect the personality of the baby so that they turn out to be leaders. 

Zacharya (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘God has remembered’ is one of the rarest names for a beautiful boy. 

Zane (Italian origin) meaning ‘the gift of god’, is one of the blessed names that is frequently used to name baby boys.

Grunge Aesthetic Boy Names

Grunge represents a hint of rock and pop music of the modern world and most definitely many of us have a taste for rock and pop music. In this section, we bring to you a cool list of baby boy names from the present and past that will remind you of your favorite rock and pop singers!

Abir (Arabic origin), meaning a strong and defining 'aura’, is a cool name for a beautiful baby boy. 

Ajax (Greek origin), meaning ‘the eagle’, is a cool baby name that radiates a bad boy aura. 

Apollo (Greek origin), meaning ‘ Roman god of sunlight’, is quite popular because the first space manned mission that landed on the moon was named Apollo and thus this name can proudly be used to name a baby boy. 

Brendan (Welsh origin), meaning  ‘great impact’, is popularly used in the west to name baby boys.

Bronco (Spanish origin), meaning ‘a horse’, is a very simple and unique name for boys. 

Caesar (Latin origin), meaning ‘long beard’, was the name of one of the great emperors of all time, Julius Caesar, and can be used by parents who love history. 

Draco (Greek origin), meaning ‘dragon’, is a very familiar name because Draco was a popular antagonist character in the 'Harry Potter' series. 

Drake (English origin), meaning ‘a duck or a dragon’,  is another popular name used by many parents. There is a Canadian rapper with the name Drake. 

Fender (German origin), meaning ‘defender’, has a great history and is used by parents for their baby boys. 

Maddox (Welsh origin), meaning  ‘son of the Maddoc’ or ‘the fortunate’,  is an unusual yet nice and unique name that can be used for a baby boy. 

Murphy (Irish origin), meaning a ‘tough guy’, has some softness when spoken and can be used to refer to a baby boy. 

Pax (Latin origin), meaning ‘peace’, is a very aesthetic name for a baby boy. 

Phoenix (Semitic origin), meaning ‘ruggedness and mystery’, is a very popular name for baby boys and refers to a mythological bird who can rise from the ashes. 

Sanjay (Indian origin), meaning ‘victory’, is a perfect name for a baby boy, and is also the name of a famous Bollywood celebrity ‘Sanjay Dut’. 

Sylvester (Anglo-Norman origin), happens to be an old-school name that refers to ‘woody and wild’. 

Tyson (Norman origin), meaning ‘high spirited’, is also the name of a famous boxer ‘Mike Tyson’. 

Valerin (Italian origin), meaning ‘conquer’, is a super cool name for a baby boy. 

Victor (Latin origin), meaning 'winner or conqueror', is a cool and edgy name for a boy. 

Wyatt (English origin), meaning ‘bravery’, is a very uncommon name, once used for brave men fighting in the battleground in the past. 

Xavier (Spanish origin), meaning ‘bright and splendid’, is used popularly in the Christian community to name a baby boy. 

Zayn (Arabic origin), meaning ‘splendid and graceful’, is also the name of a famous singer from the band One Direction. 

Zephyr (Greek origin), meaning ‘west wind’, is a very uncommon name but sounds classy when used to name a baby boy.

Happy little baby boy playing on bed.

Gothic Aesthetic Boy Names

To be a goth means to defy the boundaries and create your space in this monotonous world and quite evidently not everyone can handle a goth! If you are looking for baby name ideas, we suggest you check this awesome gothic list and choose a unique name for your baby boy. 

Adalricus (Anglo Saxon origin), meaning ‘a noble ruler’, in the past the boys with this name were considered to have a noble origin.  

Alfonzo (German origin), meaning 'ready for battle' is an excellent gothic name. 

Auberon (English origin), meaning ‘nobleness’, is said to have been used to refer to noble people. 

Aubrey (French origin), meaning 'ruler of elves' is a variant of Auberon and can be used to name a boy. 

Balor (Irish origin), meaning ‘a giant with one eye’, is a catchy yet scary name for a boy.  

Brander (Anglo-Saxon origin), meaning 'sword or fiery torch', and individuals with this name are referred to as people with immense strength. 

Cadell (Welsh origin), meaning 'spirit of battle' is a beautiful baby boy name. 

Chimera (Italian origin), meaning ‘derivative of animal’, is quite a cool, gothic name for baby boys.

Davorin (Serbian origin), meaning ‘an expression for a feeling’, the name has a Gothic origin and can be used to name a male child. 

Drusus (Roman origin), meaning ‘power and status’, was frequently used for sturdy individuals in the past.  

Dyrk (German origin), meaning ‘admirer of nightlife’, is a simple name for a sweet boy. 

Edgar (Anglo-Saxon), meaning 'rich and prosperous', is a very famous name in England. 

Etienne (French origin), meaning 'crown' is also a good option for naming a boy. 

Griffin (Welsh origin), meaning ‘authority’, individuals with this name are supposed to be those who are in charge of their surroundings. 

Kalon (Greek origin) is a distinctive Gothic name that refers to the sky. 

Lycidas (Gothic origin), meaning 'wolf son' and parents usually choose this name when they want to make their son stand out from the crowd. 

Oberon (Alberich origin), refers to an elf ruler and is another variant of the name, Auberon. 

Ozul (Gothic origin), meaning 'shadow' is a classical choice for a male baby. 

Quillón (French origin), meaning ‘sword', is a stylish gothic name for baby boys. 

Funny Attractive Boy Names

Many of us appreciate good humor and some of us can give our baby boys a funny name.We bring to you this section some really cool aesthetic boy names with a hint of humor!

Akar (Turkish origin), meaning ‘a shape' in Hindi, sounds quite funny but is popularly used by people of Turkey to name their baby boys.  

Amais (Latin origin), meaning ‘obscure’, is a humorous name amongst all the baby boy names present out there. 

Arlo (English origin), meaning ‘rock hill’, the name represents strength and can be used to name a boy. 

Aron (Hebrew origin) meaning ‘mountaineer’, is an ideal name for a beautiful baby boy. 

Banjo (Spanish origin), meaning ‘a musical instrument’, parents can name their sweet boys after this instrument. 

Billion (French origin), does not really have a meaning, but is used to refer to a certain amount of cash in English and can be used to name a baby boy. 

Common (Irish origin), the name is just an Irish variant and can be used by those parents who are looking for something fun for their baby boy's name. 

Cricket (Old English origin), is a game and can be used as a name for a baby boy. 

Duke (English origin), meaning ‘person of authority', is the best name if you are looking for something that sounds like royalty. 

Feris (Arabic origin), meaning ‘critical’ is quite a funny name of all the boy names present out there, but it is still very popularly used by parents. 

Flint (English origin), meaning ‘a piece of rock’, is a sparkly, funny name for baby boys. 

Ludo (Germanic origin), is one funny name of all the baby names for boys present out there.

Mowgli (Indian origin), comes from the famous 'Jungle Book' and is used as a masculine name. 

Summer Rain (German origin) is used very little but is very popular since Christina Aguilera named her baby boy Summer Rain.

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