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This list of nicknames for Benjamin features some interesting and funny names and ideas.
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Why Nicknames for Benjamin?

Benjamin is quite a common name given to boys. The name is of Arabic and Hebrew origin, derived from Bīnyāmīn, meaning 'son of the right (hand)'.

Alternatively, a translation of a similar name Binyaamem mentioned in the Samaritan Pentateuch texts renders the meaning 'son of my days'. Benjamin is also one of the classic old-fashioned names that still sounds cool.

As a biblical name, its variants commonly appear in Christian, Jewish, and Muslim families. Although it is a common masculine name, there is a limited number of nicknames for Benjamin.

Most nicknames that you might find can seem irrelevant or indecent. This article is to provide you with the best collection of nicknames for Benjamin that are more conventional.

Anybody can use these cute, funny, cool nicknames, especially children, parents, and family members. You will find some first names that can be used as nicknames for Benjamin.

The lists also include names of famous people you can use as nicknames for someone from a similar background. You might also find inspiration to create new nicknames yourself by reading the article.

Cute Nicknames For Benjamin

1. Babyface - to imply Benjamin has a cute, baby-like face. 

2. Banjo - for a close friend or someone with a great singing voice. 

3. Beanie - for Benjamin, who easily catches a cold during winter. 

4. Bee - implies that Benjamin is a very anxious person. 

5. Benjiboo - a sweet nickname for a child named Benjamin.

6. Benjie - is a cute and popular nickname for Benjamin.

7. Benjo - a catchy nickname suitable for someone younger than you. 

8. Benjiroo - when Benjamin is being eccentric. 

9. Benjy - a variation of the common nickname Benji. 

10. Bennie - another common nickname for Benjamin. 

11. Benny Boo - another adorable nickname for a child. 

12. Berg - for an older adult. 

13. Bibi - for a toddler. 

14. Binny - a common nickname. 

15. Bunny - for a little, cute kid who keeps running around. 

16. Button - for a newborn baby. 

17. Jam-Jam - kids can use this nickname to call Benjamin. 

Funny Nicknames For Benjamin

18. B - simple nickname for when you want to be very serious with Benjamin. 

19. Bagel - if Benjamin is very kind and generous. 

20. Bamboo -for a tall person. 

21. Banana -applicable as a nickname if Benjamin always eats healthy and is dedicated to his gym routine. 

22. Batman - if Benjamin is a very secretive person. 

23. Ben 10 - for a kid who loves the cartoon character of Benjamin Tennyson. 

24. Bentley - if Benjamin loves to learn about cars. 

25. Benvolio 

26. Benz - for a fan of cars. 

27. Benzino  

28. Bib - for a close friend or relative. 

29. Big Ben - for a tall person. 

30. Jammin - if Benjamin is a fan of rock music. 

31. Jermin 

Cool Nicknames For Benjamin

32. Bane - if Benjamin is a body-builder. 

33. Benjamin Affleck - is a famous Hollywood actor and filmmaker. It can be a fitting nickname for an aspiring actor. 

34. Benjamin Biolay - is a singer, actor, songwriter, and music producer. Use this as a nickname for a similarly multitalented person. 

35. Benjamin Carson - is an eminent American politician and neurosurgeon. You can give this nickname to someone talented in any of the mentioned fields. 

36. Benjamin Cutting - is an all-rounder cricketer. Give this nickname to someone you know as Benjamin, who is exceptional in the sport. 

37. Benjamin Disraeli - served as the UK Prime Minister during the 19th century. You can use the name as a nickname for a person with a conservative ideology. 

38. Benjamin Grimm - refers to the fictional character of the superhero The Things from Marvel Comics. It can also be a nickname for a strong person you know named Benjamin. 

39. Benjamin Harrison - was a US president. You can use this nickname for your patriotic friend interested in politics.

40. Benjamin Leiner - was an exceptional professional boxer. His name can work as a fitting nickname if you know someone named Benjamin who learns boxing. 

41. Benjamin Mountfort - was one of the most famous architects in New Zealand during the 19th century. You can give this nickname to a friend studying architecture. 

42. Benjamin Roethlisberger - is the name of a talented American football player. It can also be a fitting nickname for a person interested in the sport. 

43. Benjamin Rush - was a humanitarian, social reformer, and physician. Use this nickname for someone who is also involved in social work. 

44. Benjamin Shapiro - is a notable attorney, author, and businessman. It would be a fitting nickname for a businessman named Benjamin. 

45. Benjamin Sisko - is a fictional character from the Star Trek franchise and a suitable nickname for a person with a personality resembling the character. 

46. Benjamin Smoke - popular alias of Robert Dickerson, a notable singer-songwriter and poet. You can give this nickname to Benjamin, who loves poetry and writing songs. 

47. Benjamin Stiller - is the name of a famous American actor and can be a great nickname for an aspiring comedic actor.   

48. Benjamin Zendel - is a respected psychologist from Canada. You can use his name as a nickname if you know any practicing psychologist named Benjamin.

49. Benji -is a short and sweet nickname.

50. Benn - is an alternative for Ben.

51. Benno -is a unique yet funny nickname.

52. Benzo - a unique nickname. 

53. Bevis - a catchy nickname. 

54. Bjorn (Germanic origin) - meaning 'bear'.  

55. Blake (English origin) - meaning 'dark haired', is a first name you can use as a nickname.  

56. B-Man - a trendy nickname for Benjamin. 

57. Bruno (German and Latin origin) - meaning 'brown'. 

58. Don - if Benjamin is the leader of the group. 

59. Enny -for a child or younger brother. 

60. Jay 

61. Jeremy (Hebrew origin) - meaning 'God will uplift'. 

62. Joe - is a common nickname for boys. 

63. Vicky - is a gender-neutral nickname. 

Best Nicknames For Benjamin

64. Barnes (Norse origin) - meaning 'warrior'.

65. Ben - a common nickname for Benjamin.

66. Benito - another common nickname for Benjamin. 

67. Benji-man - for a friend. 

68. Bennett (Anglo-Norman and French origin) - meaning 'blessed'.  

69. Benny - a classy nickname. 

70. Benson - is an alternate spelling for the nickname above.

71. Bernie - a common first name you can use as a nickname. 

72. Bevin - a unique nickname. 

73. Biniam 

74. Brad (English and Irish origin) - a diminutive of the name Bradley, meaning 'broad clearing'.  

75. Brennan (Irish origin) - meaning 'raven', 'sorrow', brave'.  

76. Brennon - a variation of Brennan with the same meaning. 

77. Bryson (Gaelic origin) - used as a surname but can also be a nickname for Benjamin. 

78. Buck - another common nickname for boys. 

79. Jake (Hebrew origin) - diminutive of the name Jacob, meaning 'may God protect' or 'supplanting'.

80. James (Hebrew origin) - meaning 'supplanter' or 'one who follows'. 

81. Jamie - a variation of James that can also work as a sweet nickname. 

82. Jerry - for a best friend. 

83. Jim - for your husband. 

84. Jimmy (Hebrew origin) - is a diminutive of James with the same meaning. 

85. Junior - for a younger sibling or friend. 

86. Mr. B - for an elder. 

87. Vinny - a common nickname for boys. 

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