69 Awesome Afghan Boy Names With Meanings

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Originally Published on Jul 24, 2022
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Afghan Muslim boy names with meanings are extremely famous with parents looking for Afghan baby boy names.

While selecting any baby name, it is extremely important to search for the name's meaning as well. Here is a list of Afghan boy names with meanings to help parents understand the name's meaning before making a choice.

Some of the famous Afghan name meanings are 'intelligent scholar', 'compassionate character', 'affectionate friend', 'wise prince', 'companion of Allah', 'servant of Allah', 'worshipper', and 'adorer'.

Popular And Common Afghan Names For A Boy

You can never go wrong with names that are often used and are popular. Names like this can help children maintain a strong connection to their culture while keeping up with the times.

Aadil (Arabic origin), meaning ‘fairness and justice’, is a name that will undoubtedly grow up to recognize the difference between right and wrong and to seek justice for those in need.

Aneif (Arabic/Muslim origin), meaning ‘brightness and likes of God’, is a name of a person that tends to be charismatic, intuitive, and has gentle manners.

Asif (Arabic origin), meaning ‘pure and soldier of Allah’, is a boy's name that is popular in Turkey, Israel, and the Middle East. A great name for a compassionate character.

Hussain (Arabic origin), meaning ‘good, handsome, and beautiful’, the founder of Shiite Islam was also named Hussein. A great name for a trustworthy companion.

Imam (Arabic origin), meaning ‘leader or chief’, is a name that is used to refer to the head of the Muslim community. A great name for a worshipper adorer of Allah.

Isaad (Persian origin), meaning ‘to help and support’, is a name for a boy who will undoubtedly grow into a very cooperative man. One of the most popular baby names.

Jabroot (Arabic origin), meaning ‘majesty, magnificence, and omnipotent’, is a name that is widely popular in all Muslim countries among the unique baby names.

Jammas (Afghan/Arabic origin), meaning ‘one who is naughty and sprightly’, is a very simple and distinct name for Afghan boys.

Jansher (Afghan/Muslim origin), meaning ‘life of a lion’, is an attractive name, easy to pronounce, and is common for Afghan baby boy names.

Jehanzaib (Arabic origin), meaning ‘adorn, decorate or embellish’, is a beautiful boy who will surely decorate this world with his talents and skills. One of the popular Afghan baby names.

Kardaar (Persian origin), meaning ‘controller or supervisor’, is a name with muscles and goals that is willing to survive in the face of adversity.

Khan Zada (Islam origin), meaning ‘a very big man’, a name like this will ensure that your baby boy will live like a prince. It will make for one of the popular baby names.

Lodhi (Urdu origin), meaning ‘a tribe name of Afghans’, a person with this name has a pragmatic approach to life. Amongst one of the well known Afghan baby names.

Mateen (Afghan origin), meaning ‘well-mannered person’, is an Afghan name that shows strength, seriousness, and decency.

Mehrang (Persian origin), meaning ‘color of the sun’, is a name that reflects qualities like being fun-loving, enjoying life, being creative, imaginative, inventive, artistic, and career-oriented.

Mirwais (Afghan origin), meaning ‘a king like a leader’, is a name that is currently trending on the baby boy names list. One of the rare Afghan baby names.

Moinkhan (Muslim origin), meaning ‘affectionate and loving’, a boy with this name will be an inventive mind, caring, and attentive to detail.

Mukhtar (Arabic origin), meaning ‘the chosen one’, is a name that symbolizes power, independence, and favoritism. A suitable name for a worshipper adorer.

Mursalin (Persian origin), meaning ‘messengers, or message bearers’, is another unisex name that reflects strong purpose and ambition. It is one of the extremely popular Afghan baby names for a male gender baby.

Musa (Arabic/Quranic origin), meaning ‘saved by water’, is a name that has many variations, which include Mosa, Moosa, Mousa, Mussa, Moses, and Moussa.

Naseefa (Afghan/Arabic origin), meaning ‘speech that is spoken in secret’, is a unisex name with a beautiful meaning. It is amongst the most interesting baby names.

Nouman (Afghan/Persian origin), meaning ‘flower beds’, is a name with a very gentle and comforting feeling. It is one of the popular Afghan baby names.

Painda (Afghan/Persian origin), meaning ‘a wise and intelligent man’, is a Persian name that is widely common in all Muslim countries.

Afghan Boy Names That Are Distinctive And Rare

While having a trendy and common name is often preferable, there are times when you just want to find a name that is unique and rare, the one that distinguishes your child from the crowd. Here is the list of names that are rare and unique.

Abbas (Arabic origin), meaninglion and stern’, is a name that sounds cool and authoritative. One of the male gender names for the servant of Allah.

Anosh (Arabic/Hindu origin), meaning ‘eternal or everlasting’, is the most attractive baby name, and its pronunciation is also simple.

Azar (Persian origin), meaning ‘fire or shine’, is a unique Afghan name that reflects positivity and energetic nature.

Behnam (Persian origin), meaning ‘honorable’, is a rare Afghan name that is hard to find in Muslim countries.

Boston (Afghan origin), meaning ‘garden’, is a name that shows courage and leadership qualities.

Brishna (Arabic origin), meaning ‘light’, is a name for a baby boy who will seek wisdom and religion.

Esmat (Afghan origin), meaning ‘dignity and pride’, is a strong-sounding name for a baby boy.

Faiz (Afghan origin), meaning ‘blessing and profit’, similar Afghan names to Faiz are Faizan, Fahad, Farhan.

Fakhrudin (Arabic origin), meaning ‘Pride of Religion’, is an Afghan name with multiple Islamic meanings.

Hamed (Arabic origin), meaning ‘praiseworthy or praiser’, a name like Hamed is usually connected to Christianity by religion.

Hekmat (Afghan origin), meaning ‘wisdom’, is a name that shows a calm, home-loving, detail-oriented, and trustworthy person.

Jawed (Persian origin), meaning ‘the eternal one’, is an Afghan name that indicates a person is analytical, and knowledgeable.

Kabir/Kabeer (Arabic origin), meaning ‘great or elder’, is a name which is especially approved for boys.

Latif (Afghan origin), meaning ‘fine or pure’, when this Afghan name is spoken, it has a tenderness to it.

Layeq (Afghan origin), meaning ‘worthy, fit, and meritorious”, is a beautiful name for a newborn boy.

Mahdi/Mehdi (Arabic origin), meaning ‘rightly guided’, is a fantastic name for a newborn boy who is as strong as iron.

Maher (Afghan Origin), meaning ‘skillful and talented’, in the Arabic context, is pronounced 'Maa-her'.

Nesar (Afghan/Hindu origin), meaning ‘Sun’, is a rare name that sounds elegant and as strong as iron.

Noor (Arabic origin), meaning ‘light’, is a gender-neutral name, this name is meant to let a baby's spirit shine from day one.

Omar (Afghan origin), meaning ‘long-lived’, is an Arabic name that is widely popular in all Muslim countries.

Rafiq (Afghan origin), meaning ‘intimate friend and companion’, is a simple name for a sweet boy who wishes to be a scholar.

Sajad (Arabic origin), meaning ‘servant of Allah’, is a sweet name for an Afghan baby boy who wants to be the servant of Allah.

Wais (Afghan origin), meaning ‘night wanderer’, is a name for a person with a mystical aura.

Afghan boy on the street.

Quirky American Afghan Boy Names

Sometimes you feel like giving your baby boy a name that has the essence of a different culture and sounds a bit foreign. So, below is the list of cool-sounding names.

Aiden (Irish origin), meaning ‘little fire’, was traditionally a boys' name but is now given to girls, too, especially spelt as Aidan.

Ali (Arabic origin), meaning ‘champion’ is a cool and bold-sounding name.

Daniyal (Arabic/Persian origin), meaning ‘intellectual and careful to justice’, is also a variant of Daniel.

Idris (Welsh/Arabic origin), meaning ‘fiery leader, prophet’ is a name that represents the beauty of two cultures.

Kamran (Persian origin), meaning ‘prosperous and fortunate’, is a wonderful choice for a boy's name.

Laith (Scottish/Arabic origin), meaning ‘lion’, is an aesthetic and masculine name for a baby boy.

Rafi (Arabic origin), meaning ‘exalted’, is also a short form of Rafael.

Rayan (Arabic origin), meaning ‘heaven’s flower’, is a name that has a sense of comfort and warmth.

Sammy (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘God heard’, is a boy's name that is related to the Hebrew name Samuel.

Zayn (Arabic origin), meaning ‘beauty and grace’, is also the name of a well-known singer.

Afghan Baby Boy Names That Begin With The Letter 'H'

People with first names beginning with H have a royal temperament and want to live a carefree life. So here is the list of names that start with the letter H.

Haashim (Arabic origin), meaning, ‘destroyer of the evil’, is a variant of Hashim.

Hadi (Turkish/Persian origin), meaning ‘leader’, is a common name in Muslim countries.

Haider (Arabic origin), meaning ‘lion’, is a refreshing name and a good choice for a baby boy.

Haroon (Arabic origin), meaning ‘head or chief’, is a name that represents strength.

Haseeb (Arabic origin), meaning ‘Noble’, is a wonderful name for a baby boy with strong morals.

Hasem (Arabic origin/Hindu), meaning ‘continuous’, is another spelling of the boy's name Hasim.

Hazrat (Indian/Muslim), meaning ‘prophet’, is a name that indicates presence, dignity, and power.

Hizazi (Arabic Origin), meaning ‘belonging to Hijaz (Old Name of Saudi Arabia)’, is a very unique name.

Hodan (Arabic origin), meaning ‘rich’, is a very common name among immigrants from Somalia.

Homayoon (Persian origin), meaning ‘Royal’, is a common name in Muslim countries.

Hooshyar (Persian origin), meaning ‘wise’, is a name that has multiple Islamic meanings.

Hossai (Afghan origin), meaning ‘big eyes’, is a name that represents great leadership and observation skills.

Houman (Persian origin), meaning ‘benevolent and good-natured’, is a name that is one of the most wonderful options for a baby boy's name.


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