60 Beautiful Blonde Girl Names For Your Little Angel

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Blonde girl names are extremely popular with English and Welsh parents with golden-haired baby girls.
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Whether you have a newborn son or daughter, you need to choose a word to name the babies as per their personality.

As parents to blonde baby girls, you have various interesting name options. Most baby names for baby girls are Scandinavian, Welsh, American, English, Greek, or Latin in origin.

Read on for some unisex and girl names for your blonde baby girl.

Pretty Blonde Girl Names

Picking the right name for your blondie hair child young lady can be truly fun, assuming you keep a receptive outlook to changed choices. These names would surely add a charm to your baby. These names not only refer to pretty girls but also are very attractive names for dark-haired females.

Madison (English Origin), meaning ‘daughter of Matthew,’ accompanies a very adorable epithet, Maddie. Madison is an all-American name that can feel upscale on a golden-haired lady.

Mackenzie (Scottish Origin), meaning ‘child of a wise leader,’ has a Numerology Soul Urge number of two, demonstrating profound love, harmony, and concordance. A great name for a fair-haired blonde baby.

Liora (Hebrew Origin) means, ‘God’s gift of light to me.’ For anybody needing a strange name from land that addresses numerous religions, times, and societies, Liora is a delightful decision. 

Kayla (Hebrew Origin) tracked down its direction into the best 100 names in 2013. Frantic Housewives, NCIS, and Days of Our Lives have had characters named Kayla.

Avery (French Origin) means ‘elf counsel.’ All things considered, knowing the significance, there’s most certainly a fantasy wizardry feel to the name Avery, and this name would sound great with your baby as beautiful as a fairy. 

Aurelia (Latin Origin), meaning ‘golden,’ is a great choice for a fair-haired blonde baby.

Blake (Old Norse Origin), meaning ‘bright,’ is an impartial name of the British beginning. Signifying dark and splendid or sparkling, Blake is for the puzzling, however, amazing future in front of a child.

Fairfax (Scottish Origin), meaning ‘blonde’, is strange and solid; however, 100 % fitting for a cutting-edge child. It is a great choice for a baby with golden hair.

Aubrey (German Origin), meaning ‘elf,’ is normally utilized as a ladylike name in the United States.

Bianca (Italian Origin), meaning ‘white,’ can be given to a very beautiful and fair-skinned baby girl who will carry the name Bianca well. One of the unique baby names.

Lucia (Latin Origin) means ‘light.’ You’ll be unable to observe a mama who doesn’t consider her daughter a brilliant light, and choosing an excellent and splendid name for your little girl will permit you to praise that. 

Lily (English Origin), meaning ’a flower’, can be given to a girl as beautiful and delicate as a Lily flower. One of the popular baby names.

Cassidy (Irish Origin) means ‘clever.’ Similar to Carrie and Callie, names that start with the letter C appear to work perfectly on blonde hair young ladies.

Summer (English Origin) means ‘summer season.’ This season-based name began moving in the ’70s, and it’s been uphill for summer from that point forward.

Dusty (English Origin), meaning ‘light dirt,’ is a cool name that is so appropriate for a blondie hair child young lady. A great choice for blonde baby names.

Tania (English Origin), meaning ‘fairytale princess,’ is a young lady name principally famous in the Hindu religion since its principal beginning is Hindi. The name implies the family.

Ariana (Persian Origin), meaning ‘most holy’, might be famous because of the lovely and skilled Ariana Grande, yet the significance is comparably wonderful.

Evie (Hebrew Origin), meaning, ‘life,’ was derived from Eve, which comes from Chawwah, a Hebrew name connected with the idea of life. 

Grace (Latin Origin), meaning ‘virtue,’ which is of Latin Origin, alludes to the expression, ‘the grace of God.’ Grace is one of the most famous idols and a fair name for s strong baby. 

Rowena (Celtic Welsh), meaning ‘fair-haired,’ is a popular name for blonde-haired children. 

Bryanna (Irish Origin) means ‘high, noble.’ Something about the sound of Bryanna sounds extraordinary for a blonde.

Holly (English or Irish Origin), meaning ‘plant with red berries.’ When you’re named Holly, you can bring that new yet-warm inclination the entire year.

Isabella (Spanish or Italian Origin), meaning ‘beautiful,’ is a heartfelt and flowy first name for young girls. Part of the explanation of Isabella is so fruitful that it requests a wide assortment of approaches to countless guardians.

Olivia (Latin Origin), meaning, ‘olive tree,’ was made well known by Shakespeare as the name of a royal lady in his parody Twelfth Night.

Emma (German Origin), meaning ‘whole or universal,’ is an ideal fit for a fair child who will be your entire world. 

Popular Blonde Girl Names

Here you can get a list of some of the most popular and classy names for girls. This name will not only sound beautiful but will also add charm to your little angel and girls. 

Ava (German Origin) means ‘guarantee.’ Holding consistent in the hearts of numerous because of her solid sound and simple spelling, Ava is a well-known name for mothers-to-be today.

Charlotte (French Origin), meaning, ‘strong and virile,’ is a name currently on the rise in utilization worldwide because of a specific princess who showed up in 2015. Charlotte is a charming name that sounds stunning.

Sophia (Greek Origin), meaning ‘wisdom,’ is a very popular name and is usually a royal name used for pretty blonde hair girls.  

Amelia (Latin Origin), meaning ‘work,’ was also the sixth most popular blonde girl name in 2020. 

Isabella (Spanish and Italian Origin) means, ‘God is my oath.’ Part of the explanation Isabella is so effective is that it requests a wide assortment of approaches to countless guardians. It’s female yet additionally exemplary, has a long history as an imperial and exemplary Spanish name for young ladies, yet is agreeable on the worldwide stage. 

Mia (Hebrew Origin), meaning ‘dear or darling,’ has been reliably famous, staying in the best ten starting around 2009 and the top 50 starting around 2002.

Evelyn (Norman French Origin) means ‘beautiful bird.’ With importance like excellence or a delightful bird, she has a foundation, however exquisite as she seems to be.

Camila (Latin Origin), meaning ‘young religious servant,’ is a good blonde name to consider.

Gianna (Italian Origin), meaning ‘God is gracious,’ is, as of now, the most well-known, unmistakably Italian female name in America, eagerly embraced by even non-Italian-Americans.

Luna (Latin Origin), meaning ‘light,’ is a good name for a bright and sweet blonder baby girl.

Ella (Greek Origin), meaning ‘beautiful,’ is a charming sister to Emma and Bella; Ella is a sensitive name with overall allure.

Elizabeth (Hebrew Origin), meaning ‘oath of god.’ Elizabeth was the 10th most famous name given to child young ladies in the United States in 2007 and has been among the 25 most well-known names given to young ladies in the United States for the past 100 years.

Emily (Latin Origin), meaning ‘wily,’ might have dropped fairly in the current standings; however, it was the most well-known young ladies’ name.

Scarlett (English Origin), meaning ‘red,’ has proceeded with its series of wins and is currently a popular nickname.

Layla (Arabic Origin) means ‘night or dark.’ Layla’s daily beginnings settle on her alluring decision for guardians searching for something tense without being excessively ludicrous or engaging.

Strong first names for baby girls are extremely popular with parents.

Blonde Girl Dog Names For Pets

Does your child have a pet who loves their cute little doggie? Here are some amazing and cute names for your child’s pet that is as cute as your little baby. Hopefully, these names will be liked by your child. 

Blackberry (English Origin), meaning ‘berry fruit,’ can be given to your dog, black or dark in color. 

Blackie (English Origin), meaning ‘black,’ can be given to your dog, black or dark in color. It is a unisex name choice.

Blackjack (English Origin), meaning ‘black,’ can be given to your dog, black or dark in color. 

Inky (English Origin), meaning ‘ink,’ is a cute name for your little dog. 

Midnight (English Origin), meaning ‘half night.’ If your dog doesn’t love to sleep at night and plays all around at night, you can name the dog midnight. 

Mora (Portuguese, Spanish, and Catalan Origin) is a cute and beautiful name for your female dog. 

Mute (English Origin), meaning ‘unable to speak,’ is the perfect name for your sweet and innocent dog. 

Ebony (Greek Origin), meaning ‘black wood,’ leans toward African-American guardians due to its implications of darkness and excellence, moving down since the ’80s.

Eclipse (Latin Origin), meaning ‘to fail to appear,’ is given to a black and white dog covered with half white and half black. 

Grim (Dutch Origin), meaning ‘severe,’ is the 1,517th most famous family name, with an expected 19,896 individuals with that name in the United States. 

Blonde Anime Girl Names From Fiction

Are you or your child an anime fan? Here are some amazing anime fiction names for your little child. These names are surely yours and your girl’s type. 

Chi (Chinese Origin), meaning ’a twenty star constellation’, is a  popular anime character with a popular name. 

Sena (Arabic, Hindi, African Origin), meaning ‘this world’s beauty or grace,’ can be given to your beautiful baby as graceful as this anime character. 

Urara (Japanese Origin) means ‘serene beautiful.’ No need to explain why you should give this name to your baby. The name and its meaning are beautiful. 

Lucy (Latin Origin), meaning ‘light,’ was the 49th most well-known young lady’s name and the 7968th most famous young man’s name. 

Claudine (French Origin), meaning ‘lame,’ is the ladylike type of the old Roman name Claudius. In the United States, the name was considered nearly eradicated by 2013.

Asuna (Japanese Origin), meaning ‘tomorrow,’ is a famous anime character and a Japanese name. 

Mary (Hebrew Origin), meaning ‘beloved,’ is a great nickname for a blonde baby.

Eugenie (Greek Origin), meaning ‘wellborn,’ was likewise borne by Princess Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg, a granddaughter of Queen Victoria, after whom Prince Andrew’s more youthful little girl was named.

Kaede (Japanese Origin) means ‘maple leaf.’ Customarily, the name Kaede is utilized as a name for child young ladies; however, the name can likewise be given to young men with blonde hair.

Mari (Japanese Origin), meaning ‘sea of bitterness,’ is also one of the most popular names for girls and a popular anime character.

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