99 Beautiful Urdu Girl Names You'll Love

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Muslim parents are always looking for beautiful baby names that reflect the true meaning of Islamic names.

In the quest for beautiful baby names for the little princess, parents dedicate considerable time to reading about important female figures. Some of the popular name meanings of most Islamic names are brave, strong, radiance, flowers, princess, rose, wise, dedicate, light, moon, precious, fragrance, intelligent, and several others.

Urdu Girl Name Starting With ‘H’

Pluck exquisite and meaningful Islamic names. It is important to understand the name's meaning before selecting it for a person. Here are some Muslim baby girl names for your daughter starting with the alphabet ‘H’ for you to choose from.

Hadiyyah (Arabic origin) means ‘gift.’ It is also referred to in the Islamic religion as a baby girl that arrives as a blessing to parents.

Hafsah (Arabic origin), meaning ‘a young lioness’, is used to attribute a youthful, fierce woman. One of the popular Islam baby names.

Haifa (Arabic origin), meaning ‘of beautiful and slender body,’ and you can give it to your delicate, pretty baby.

Hadil (Arabic origin), meaning ‘resembling a dove’ or ‘sound of a pigeon.’

Hadia (Arabic origin), meaning ‘one who guides in religion,’ and this name would become an inspiration for your baby girl. A name for a brave and faithful companion.

Haaniya (Arabic origin), meaning ‘one who is happy and joyful.’ A beautiful name dedicated to the name of Prophet PBUH.

Habeeba (Arabic origin) means ‘sweetheart girl.’ That cute little girl smiling in the pram surely deserves this name!

Haala (Arabic origin) means ‘bright halo around the moon.’ Just notice her radiance; you would want to give her this name! One of the beautiful names dedicated to the prophet.

Hajira (Arabic origin) means ‘a woman who migrates’. Hajira was also the name of the Prophet Abraham and the mother of Prophet Ishmael.

Haleema (Arabic origin) means a woman who is gentle and has a mild temper’. Dedicate this name to a wise and attractive friend.

Halima (Arabic origin), meaning ‘a sensitive or adorable girl’, is another dulcet name to call your child by. One of the great names for women.

Hamidah (Arabic origin), meaning ‘a woman worthy of praise’, is a name that would match your raising of hers into a praiseworthy belle.

Hasna  (Arabic origin), meaning ‘beautiful,’ can be conferred to any soft and delicate baby girl without reluctance as every girl revels in her own beauty.

Haya (Arabic origin), meaning ‘modesty,’ is a name that sounds light to a person's tongue.

Hayat (Arabic origin), meaning ‘life,’ and what else can be a more lively name to give to your little person!

Hayfa (Arabic origin), meaning ‘of a delicate, slender, and beautiful body,’ is a worthwhile name to contain the beauty of your child.

Hayam (Arabic origin), meaning ‘euphoric in love,’ is a name that will explain the immense love for your short person.

Hela (Norse origin) means ‘moonlight, hope, and name of the underworld goddess.’

Hessa (Destiny), meaning ‘destiny.’ It is destiny that brought you and your soft baby girl together, so why not name her Hessa?

Hikma (Arabic origin), meaning ‘possessing great wisdom,’ is a name for a baby girl to inspire for life!

Hiral (Indian origin), meaning ‘lustrous or bright,’ is a perfect name to allude to the glow of your baby girl.

Huma (Arabic origin), meaning ‘a bird of heaven’, seems a sweet-sounding Urdu name for your child.

Huriyyah (Arabic origin), meaning ‘angel or innocent,’ is a soft name you can decide on.

Hana (Arabic origin), meaning ‘happiness and bliss,’ is another unique name to grant to your baby girl.

Habiba (Arabic origin)means 'beloved.' It is a perfect name for your faithful daughter and companion with a sweet meaning.

Habsy (Arabic origin)means someone who is a responsible leader and has a stable life.

Haimi (Indian origin) means someone shiny and golden. A name for your princess.

Urdu Girl Name Starting With ‘F’

Parents must take utmost care to pick the most fitting, adorable, and beautiful names with meanings that their daughter can find pride in. Why not scan this list of Urdu girl names with the alphabet 'F'?

Faiza (Arabic origin), meaning ‘triumphant and successful,’ is another compelling name for a Muslim baby girl.

Faria (Arabic origin), meaning ‘pretty, tall, beautiful, prosperous,’ is a soft name reflecting the light of heaven!

Fiza (Urdu origin), meaning ‘breeze,’ is another popular name you will hear among Muslim girls owing to their faith in god.

Firdous (Arabic origin), meaning ‘a a beautiful garden’, is a name that represents the light of heaven and paradise.

Faryal (Arabic origin), meaning ‘angel,’ is a name that reflects faith in God and paradise.

Fauzia (Arabic origin), meaning ‘success, triumph, or victory,’ is a covetable option to gift to your baby girl for life.

Farwa (Arabic origin), meaning ‘crown, health or wealth,’ is a name you can choose, for this is what you want for your baby!

Fatimah (Arabic origin), meaning ‘who is captivatingly beautiful, abstain or chaste,’ is another popular Muslim girl name.

Fatiha (Arabic origin), meaning ‘start or opening,’ is a name that alludes to the initial chapter of the Quran.

Falak (Arabic origin), meaning ‘sky, space, star, or cosmos,’ is a name that stands for heavenly elements.

Falaknaaz (Arabic origin), meaning ‘pride of the sky,’ is another name popular among Muslims.

Farida (Arabic origin), meaning ‘precious, unique pearl, is a graceful name for baby girls.

Farhana (Arabic origin), meaning ‘cheerful and happy,’ is a bright name for baby girls in the Muslim world.

Fabeha (Urdu origin), meaning ‘fortunate and gifted,’ is a popular name for baby girls among Muslims.

Fahima (Arabic origin), meaning ‘sharp-witted woman,’ is a perfect Urdu name for your baby girl.

Fajr (Arabic origin), meaning ‘morning prayer, dawn,’ is a name that contains the calmness of mornings.

Fayruz (Arabic origin), meaning ‘gemstone or turquoise,’ is a name you can endow to a pearl in the form of a baby girl. One of the names can be used for boys as well.

Fazluna (Arabic origin), meaning ‘a desert flower’, is a popular name in the world of faith,

Fadhila (Urdu origin), meaning ‘a virtuous woman’, is a great choice for Muslim girl names!

Fahmeeda (Urdu origin), meaning ‘an astute girl,’ is another Urdu girl name you can give to your girl child.

Farha (Arabic origin), meaning good fortune or delight’, is another Urdu name with positive energy.

Fellah (Arabic origin), meaning ‘Arabian Jasmine’, is one of the scentful name options for baby girls.

Fahm Ara (Arabic origin), meaning intelligent, is an Islamic name with a splendid tone for your baby.

\Female hijab Muslim teacher helps student girl to finish the lesson

Urdu Girl Name Starting With ‘R’

You need to come up with a word that not only sounds euphoric that it gets someone’s heart but should also hold appropriate meanings. Here are trending baby girl names for your daughter with the alphabet ‘R.’

Rabab (Arabic origin), meaning ‘white cloud,’ is an adorable Muslim girl name.

Raameen (Arabic origin), meaning ‘obedient,’ is a popular Muslim name you can use for your baby.

Rabiya (Arabic origin), meaning ‘spring, princess or garden,’ is another popular Islamic name; sounds sweet!

Radhia (Arabic origin), meaning ‘satisfied,’ is another pleasing name for your baby.

Raghad (Arabic origin), meaning ‘pleasant,’ seems a perfect name that matches the baby’s verve.

Raheemah (Quranic origin), meaning ‘merciful,’ is a blessed Islamic name for Muslim baby girls.

Rahila (Arabic origin), meaning ‘one who travels,’ is a common yet exquisite name to consider for your baby girl.

Rahmah (Arabic origin), meaning ‘mercy & compassion,’ is another name popularly conferred to Muslim girls.

Raima (Arabic origin), meaning ‘happiness,’ seems another chic yet posh name option for your baby girl.

Raiqah (Urdu origin), meaning ‘pure, undisturbed, and clear,’ is another beautiful Urdu girl name.

Rameesha (Arabic origin), meaning ‘a rose bunch’, is a fragrant Islamic name for Muslim baby girls.

Ramzia (Arabic origin), meaning ‘gift,’ is a name for a baby girl you have received as a blessing.

Rabiha (Arabic origin), meaning ‘winner,’ is a splendid Urdu Muslim girl name you can choose.

Ramsha (Arabic origin), meaning ‘a face like the moon’, is an irresistible Islamic name for a woman.

Rayya (Arabic origin), meaning ‘light,’ can be a perfect choice to complement the illuminating name for a baby girl.

Razaanah (Arabic origin), meaning ‘a calm person’, is a unique Islamic name for a woman.

Reeha (Arabic origin), meaning ‘air,’ is a soothing name from Urdu for naming baby girls.

Reem (Arabic origin), meaning ‘beautiful gazelle,’ epitomizes the beauty and grace of gazelle.

Reham (Arabic origin), meaning ‘dew on flowers,’ is a suitable Islamic name for a woman.

Reyah (Arabic origin), meaning ‘strength or wind,’ is an Urdu name for baby girls.

Rifat (Arabic origin), meaning ‘ecstatic,’ can represent the happy nature of your baby girl.

Rahla (Arabic origin), meaning ‘joyous and happy,’ is another Urdu name that you may appreciate.

Rinaaz (Arabic origin), meaning ‘great,’ can be an impetus for your baby girl to achieve feats in the future.

Ruhina (Arabic origin), meaning ‘sweet scent,’ is an Urdu name for a baby girl that best describes the innate fragrance of a person.

Ruqayyah (Arabic origin), meaning ‘attractive, gentle,’ is also an anime of the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Urdu Baby Girl Name Starting With ‘S’

Here, you will get the name meaning 'aesthetic' and 'enticing aura' for your daughter. These names are mentioned along with their origins and roots.

Saaleha (Arabic origin), meaning ‘aggreable or flower,’ is a common Urdu name used for Muslim girls.

Saarah (Arabic origin), meaning ‘pious and pure,’ is a blessed name for your baby girl.

Saba (Arabic origin), meaning ‘submit,’ is a name that also alludes to the Queen of Sheba.

Sabahat (Arabic origin), meaning ‘fair, grace, and beauty,’ is another Urdu Muslim baby girl’s name you will fall for.

Sabiqah (Urdu origin), meaning ‘past,’ is another name that inspires one to learn from the past.

Sabrin (Arabic origin), meaning ‘patience,’ is a name used for both boys and girls.

Sabuhi (Arabic origin), meaning ‘morning star,’ is a charming Urdu name for Muslim baby girls.

Sadaf (Arabic origin), meaning ‘oyster or pearl,’ is an Urdu name that confines a hidden beauty of a person.

Saffiya (Arabic, Greece & French origin), meaning sincere friend, holds a noble value in its ambits. A great name for a young lady.

Saharish (Arabic origin), meaning ‘cool breeze of the morning,’ is a refreshing name for your girl child. A delicate name for a gentle lady.

Sahirah (Arabic origin), meaning ‘wakeful,’ is another beautiful Urdu name for Muslim girls you will adore.

Salwa (Arabic origin), meaning ‘quail or tranquility,’ can be a splendid choice for your baby girl.

Samaa (Arabic origin), meaning sky, is a name that contains the immense expanse of cosmos in its territory.

Sameeha (Arabic origins), meaning ‘bounteous blessings from Allah,’ comes as a blessed name.

Samrah (Arabic origin), meaning ‘gain,’ is also a name of fruit alluded to in the Quran.

Sana (Arabic), meaning ‘brightness,’ is a popular Muslim girl name you will encounter.

Seerat (Indian origin), meaning ‘fame or inner beauty,’ is a name that is all-inclusive of beauty in its essence.

Sehr (Arabic origin), meaning ‘sunrise,’ is another popular Muslim girl name.

Shahnaaz (Persian origin), meaning ‘bride,’ is the Persian name of a famous Indian beautician. A lot of parents choose this meaningful Persian name. Even though it is a Persian name, it is used by people all over the world.

Shahreen (Arabic origin), meaning sweet, is a beatific option to choose.

Shahla (Arabic origin), meaning  ‘dark grey eyes, or dark flower,’ is an Urdu girl’s name with an aesthetic touch to it.

Shanza (Arabic origin), meaning ‘success or prosperity’ and may also mean ‘ woman of dignity.’ This name is not suitable for a boy.

Shanze (Urdu origin), meaning ‘rose.’ This is a name you can’t resist!

Sawera (Arabic origin), meaning ‘early morning,’ is another Muslim baby girl name you would love.

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