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Originally Published on Nov 26, 2020
akkadian names that are unique

Akkadian names are diverse and deeply rooted in history giving character to the individual bearing the name.

Choosing a baby name is a big responsibility, and you need to be sure that your child will like it after they grow up. It should give identity to your little one.

We are here to provide you with a list of amazing baby names to put an end to your search. When it comes to the search for a baby name, the process is fun; but you may also find it overwhelming.

There is an increasing interest in Akkad baby names among American city-dwellers.

It might be stemming from the popularity of near east culture and history. To give you ideas about these names and help you select the baby name easily, we have come up with a list of many beautiful Akkadian or Akkad names on this page.

Akkadian names are beautiful. It would be wonderful to give your new child an ancient Akkadian name. But let's first delve into a little bit of history about the Akkadians' empire. The first empire was formed in 2350, B.C.E.

by the Sumerian king Sargon the Great in Mesopotamia. King Sargon of Akkad created the first empire more than 4,000 years ago in Mesopotamia, according to many near eastern studies. He was then succeeded by his son King Rimush.

The Akkadians were a group of Semitic people who lived on the Arabian Peninsula between Egypt and Mesopotamia. The  Akkadian Empire lasted for around 200 years, from 2300 BC to 2100 BC.

Akkadian or Akkad derived from the name of the historic city and could even be an excellent name for your son and daughter in itself. Get Akkadian baby name ideas on this page!

For more ancient naming ideas, take a look at Sumerian Names and Babylonian Names.

Cool Gender-Neutral Akkadian Names

Names from the Akkadian empire are interesting and unique. Another unique feature of these names is that many are suitable to be used for either gender. Here we have listed some amazing gender-neutral name options to help you in your search.

1 . Aaliyah (Islamic Origin) meaning 'Highest, most exalted one'.

2 . Aamori (African origin) meaning 'Good'.

3 . Aaqil (Islamic origin) meaning 'Wise, judicious, intelligent, prudent'.

4 . Aarif (Islamic origin), meaning 'Learned, expert, authority, saint'.

5 . Aaron (Islamic origin), meaning 'Captivating, fascinating'.

6 . Aba (African origin), meaning 'Born on Thursday'.

7 . Aban (Islamic origin), meaning 'Clear, distant'.

8 . Abarran (Basque), meaning 'Father of a multitude'.

9 . Abeni (African), meaning 'Girl prayed for'. Despite its meaning, this could make a lovely name for a boy too.

10 . Abequa (Native American), meaning 'She stays home '(Abeque).

11 . Adjanys is an Akkad name meaning 'Lively' that was commonly used in ancient times.

12 . Agnes meaning 'Pure'.

13 . Arekah meaning 'Loving'.

14 . Bors meaning 'Foreign'.

15 . Charis (Greek origin) meaning 'Love'.

16 . Cloris (Greek origin), meaning 'Goddess of flowers' is a name marked in history.

17 . Delos (Greek origin), meaning 'Beautiful brunette and stunning'.

18 . Dinah name for a girl, meaning 'Loyal and truthful'.

19 . Edith name for a girl, meaning 'Talented and ambitious'.

20 . Enid (Latin origin), meaning 'Quiet woman'.

21 . Jowannah is a name for a girl, meaning 'Happy'. It is quite popular in Sumerian.

22 . Kailah is a name for a girl, meaning 'Virtuous'.

23 . Kaleigh name for a girl, meaning 'Energetic; dark'.

24 . Naamah, meaning 'Sweet' is an eastern name that is gathering popularity.

25 . Naavah, meaning 'Delightful'.

26 . Nailah, meaning 'Succeeding.'

27 . Onatah, meaning 'Daughter of Earth'.

28 . Rosalind meaning 'Beautiful serpent, Confiding'.

29 . Sigrid (Danish origin), meaning 'Victorious counselor'.

30 . Tadelesh, meaning 'Lucky' may be used for a boy or a girl.

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Male Akkadian Names

The male Akkadian names speak of noble and dignified men of honor. They often describe attributes such as strength, intellect etc which were considered great values in near eastern culture. The names listed below are fit for a king! Take a look to help in your name search.

31 . Adalberto, meaning 'Bright and dignified'.

32 . Ado, meaning 'Respected'.

33 .Aga, meaning 'A leader or a ruler'.

34 . Ahmad, meaning 'A praised man'.

35 . Ahobal, meaning 'Mighty.'

36 . Ajwad, meaning 'Better, generous'.

37 . Ala name for son, meaning 'Exalted, prestige, glory'.

38 . Amarud name for your son, meaning 'The circle of the day'.

39 . Enzuna, meaning 'The Lord of growth'.

40 . Izdubar, meaning 'The powerful king'.

Female Akkadian Names

Female Akkadian names have meanings of beauty and happiness. This may indicate what a girl meant to the Akkadian society. Many of these names are unique and lovely sounding to the ear. Take a look at the list below to help you in your search.

41 . Aase, meaning 'Tree covered with the mountain'.

42 . Abayomi, meaning 'Giving joy'.

43 . Abiola, meaning 'God-loving'.

44 . Abigail, meaning 'Father-rejoiced.'

45 . Adan, meaning 'Earth'.

46 . Adina, meaning 'Delicate' is another popular name from ancient times.

47 . Agurtzane, meaning 'Glorious'.

48 . Aine, meaning 'Joy, Praise, and Fasting'.

49 . Aldana, meaning the 'Prettiest'.

50 . Alexia, meaning one who 'Defends and protects' is used in many new variations.

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for Akkadian Names then why not take a look at Mayan Names, or for something different take a look at Sibling Names In Sets.

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