100+ Best Georgian Names For Boys And Girls With Meanings

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Georgia is a country located at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Western Asia.

Due to its location as a country, Georgia's culture is many years old with the amalgamation of Asian and European cultures. The country has Georgian as its official language.

Many of the Georgian names come from different cultures and origins, as we will see. In Georgia, names and surnames have a distinct touch to them. While the first name has used the standard naming convention, the last name is derived by adding a few suffixes to the father's or, in some cases, mother's name.

So, Georgian surnames are unique. Yet, here we will only deal with Georgian names. So, go ahead and take a look at our list.

If you want to learn more names, you can look into our other articles Armenian Names or Russian Boy Names.

Famous Male Georgian Baby Names

Here are famous Georgian names for boys:

1. Badri (Georgian origin) meaning "the moon is full". This is a Georgian form of 'Badr'. Badri Maisuradze is also the name of a Georgian tenor opera singer.

2. Bukhuti (Georgian origin) meaning "father". Bukhuti Zakariadze is the name of a Georgian actor and is a unique Georgian given name.

3. David (Hebrew origin) meaning "beloved". This name is associated with David the Builder, one of the Georgian Kings before the 10th century AD.

4. Demna (Greek origin) meaning "mother earth" from Greek mythology. Demna Gvasalia is a Georgian fashion designer with this name.

5. Dimitri (Greek origin) meaning "devoted to Demeter" referring to Goddess Demeter from Greek mythology. Dimitri Arakishvili is one of Georgian music's founding fathers.

6. Dito (Greek origin) is another Georgian form of the Greek name 'Demetrios.' Dito Tsintsadze is an acclaimed Georgian director and screenwriter

7. Eduard (Old English origin) meaning "rich guard" and is the Georgian form of "Edward"; this name is associated with the second President of Georgia, Eduard Shevardnadze.

8. Ekvtime (Georgian origin) meaning "in good spirits". EkvtimeTakaishvili is a Georgian archaeologist, and this a rare Georgian name.

9. Eldar (Georgian origin) meaning "ruler". This name Georgian name is associated with filmmaker Eldar Shengelaia.

10. Evgeni (Georgian/Russian origin) meaning "well-born". This the Georgian form of the Greek name 'Eugene'. Georgian conductor Evgeni Mikeladze has this name.

11. Giuli (Georgian origin) meaning "little heart". Giuli Gegelia is a Georgian architect.

12. Givi (Georgian origin) is not quite a common name in Georgia. The Georgian music composer Givi Gachechiladze is associated with this name.

13. Giya (Georgian origin) is another name not common in Georgia. Giya Kancheli is a renowned Georgian composer.

14. Goderdzi (Georgian origin) was the name of Goderdzi Urgubadze, a Georgian Orthodox church monk from the 19th century. This is also used in Georgian last names.

15. Grigol (Georgian origin) meaning "alert" and is the Georgian form of 'Gregory'. Grigol Peradze was a prominent Georgian theologian.

16. Ioane (Hebrew origin) meaning "God has favored me" and is the old Georgian form of "John". Ioane Berai is a tenth-century Georgian calligrapher, and for old names, this is a great choice.

17. Ioseb (Hebrew origin), meaning "may God add", is the Georgian form of Joseph. Ioseb Kechakmadze is a music composer with this name.

18. Jansug (Georgian origin) meaning "the burning of the world." Jansug Kakhidze is a late Georgian virtuoso conductor.

19. Juansher (Georgian origin) meaning "young lion". Juansher Chkareuli is a renowned physicist in Georgia.

20. Kakha (Georgian origin) meaning "from Kakheti". Kaka Bendukidze was a Georgian statesman and philanthropist.

21. Kakhaber (Georgian origin) meaning "a monk from Kakheti". Georgian footballer Kakhaber Kaladze has this name, and many children are given this name.

22. Kita (Georgian origin) is the name of Kita Chkhenkeli, a Georgian linguist.

23. Koka (Georgian origin) is one of the new Georgian names, with sound artist Koka Nikoladze having this name.

24. Malkhaz (Georgian origin) meaning "beautiful". Malkhaz Abdushelishvili was a Georgian anthropologist.

25. Mamuka (Georgian origin) meaning "little father". Mamuka Chikovani is the name of a Georgian politician.

26. Marlen (Georgian origin) is the name of Marlen Khutsiev, a Georgian film director.

27. Meliton (Greek origin) meaning "honey". Meliton Kantaria was a well-known Georgian military sergeant and can be an excellent choice for names in Georgia.

28. Mirian (Iranian origin) meaning "kind"; from Mirian Shvelidze, an award-winning artist from Georgia.

29. Otar (Georgian origin) meaning "pasture"; from the given name of Georgian filmmaker Otar Ioseliani.

30. Paata (Georgian origin) meaning "young and small"; from Paata Burchuladze, a Georgian bass player.

31. Platon (Georgian origin), meaning "broad-shouldered", is the Georgian form of 'Plato'; from Georgian historian Platon Ioseliani.

32. Ramaz (Georgian origin) meaning "parchedness"; from Ramaz Chkhikvadze, an actor from Georgia.

33. Razhden (Georgian origin) means "religion is light". Razhden Arsenidze was a Georgian journalist.

34. Roin (Georgian origin) means "brazen"; the name of Georgian historian Roy Metreveli.

35. Roman (Latin origin) meaning "from Rome". Roman Rurua is a retired Georgian wrestler.

36. Sergi (Georgian origin) is the name of Georgian TV presenter Sergi Gvarjaladze.

37. Simon (Hebrew origin) means "listen". Simon Kldiashvili is a Georgian artist.

38. Sulkhan (Georgian origin) is the name of the pioneering composer, Sulkhan Tsintsadz from Georgia.

39. Teimuraz (Georgian origin) meaning "strong-bodied". Teimuraz Bagrationi was a royal prince turned historian in Georgia. This name was also common amongst the Georgian kings.

40. Temuri (Georgian origin) means "iron"; from Timur Ketsbaia, a former Georgian footballer.

41. Tengiz (Georgian origin) means "sea"; from Georgian filmmaker Tengiz Abuladze.

42. Tornike (Georgian origin) means "grandchild"; Tornike Gordadze is a Georgian political scientist.

43. Vakhtang (Georgian/Persian origin) means "wolf-bodied"; from Georgian actor Vakhtang Kikabidze.

44. Valerian (Latin origin) means "to be strong"; from artist Valerian Sidamon-Eristavi.

45. Vasil (Georgian origin) means "king"' from early Georgian director Vasil Amashukeli.

46. Zakaria (Georgian/Persian origin) means "God remembers"; from one of the Georgian classical music founders- Zakaria Paliashvili.

47. Zviad (Georgian origin) meaning "proud"; from Zviad Gamsakhurdia, the first President of Georgia.

Popular Georgian First Names Of Girls

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These popular monikers have been used many times in the country of Georgia:

48. Ana (Georgian origin) means "grace"; Ana Kalandadze was an influential Georgian poet. This can also be one of the better saint names for girls.

49. Ketevan (Georgian origin) means "pure"; Ketevan is the real name of singer Katie Melua.

50. Maia (Greek origin) means "good mother"; Maia Chiburdanidze was a Georgian world chess champion.

51. Manana (Georgian origin) means "heather"; from Manana Kochladze' a Georgian environmentalist.

52. Mariam (Arabic origin) refers to a flower. Mariam Garikhuli is a Georgian actress.

53. Nana (Georgian origin) is an old country name from Georgia.

54. Natela (Georgian origin) means "bright"; Natela Nicoli is a Georgian opera singer.

55. Natia (Georgian origin) means "light".

56. Nino (Georgian origin) means "fish"; Nino Machaidze is a famous Georgian singer.

57. Tamar (Georgian origin) refers to a Goddess in Georgia. Tamar the Great was a queen of Georgia.

Girl Names After Famous Georgians

Scroll down to see the names inspired by famous Georgians:

58. Aka (Georgian origin) means "innocent"; from Aka Nanitashvili' Georgian fashion designer. This is one of the common Georgian female names.

59. Anita (Hebrew origin) means "merciful'; from Georgian operatic singer, Anita Rachvelishvili.

60. Babilina (Georgian origin) was inspired by BabilinaKhositashvili, a Georgian poet.

61. Elene (Georgian origin) means "flame or light"; from Georgian painter Elene Akhvlediani.

62. Eleonora (Georgian origin) means "God is my light"; from EleonoraEksanishvili, a Georgian pianist & educator.

63. Eliso (Georgian origin) means "God is abundance"; from Georgian piano player Eliso Virsaladze.

64. Eteri (Georgian origin) means "air". Eteri Andjaparidze is a pianist from Georgia and is one of the more beautiful Georgian girl names.

65. Guranda (Georgian origin) means "victory's daughter"; from famous Georgian botanist Guranda Gvaladze.

66. Helene (French origin) means "bright light"; from Georgian origin political historian, Helene Carrère d'Encausse.

67. Inga (Georgian origin) is a great Georgian name belonging to Inga Kashakashvili, a classical pianist.

68. Irene (Greek origin) means "peace". Georgian designer Irene Galitzine invented the palazzo pyjama.

69. Irina (Greek origin) means "calm and tranquil"; from Irina Shabayeva, a fashion designer from Georgia.

70. Irma (Germanic origin) means "universal"; Irma Nioradze was a Georgian ballet dancer.

71. Kato (Georgian origin) means "house ruler"; from Georgian Kato Mikeladze, a journalist.

72. Khatia (Georgian origin) means "beautiful as a painting"; Khatia Buniatishvili is a Georgian concert pianist.

73. Lako (Georgian origin) is one of the more uncommon names; after Georgian fashion designer Lako Bukia.

74. Lamara (Georgian origin) refers to a Georgian Goddess; from Lamara Chkonia, a famous opera singer in Georgia.

75. Leila (Arabic origin) means "night"; the name of the famous Georgian actress, Leila Abashidz.

76. Maka (Georgian origin) is the name of Georgian composer Maka Maya Virsaladze.

77. Makvala (Georgian origin) means "blackberry"; from an opera singer, Makvala Kasrashvili.

78. Marina (Russian origin) means "of the sea"; from Marina Goglidze-Mdivani, a Georgian-origin virtuoso pianist

79. Medea (Greek origin) means "to plan"; from Medea Chakhava, a Georgian theatre actress.

80. Nato (Georgian origin) means "day of Christ"; Nato Vachnadze is a famous Georgian actress.

81. Nona (Roman origin) means "ninth"; from Nona Gaprindashvili, a former Georgian chess world champion.

82. Olga (Georgian/Russian origin) means "blessed"; from Georgian educator Olga Guramishvili-Nikoladze.

83. Lia (Georgian origin) means "weary"; from fashion designer Ria (Lia) Keburia.

84. Sofiko (Georgian origin) means "wisdom"; from popular Georgian actress Sofiko Chiaureli.

85. Sopho (Georgian origin) means "intelligent and wise"; the name of Georgian singer Sopho Khalvashi.

86. Stella (Greek origin) means "pillar"; associated with the opera singer in Georgia, Stella Grigorian.

87. Tamriko (Georgian origin) means "date palm"; Tamriko Siprashvili is a classical pianist from Georgia.

88. Tatuna (Georgian origin) is associated with Georgian fashion designer Tatuna Nikolaishvili.

89. Teona (Georgian origin) means "of the Gods"; Teoan Gardapkhadze is a Georgian fashion designer.

90. Tinatin (Georgian origin) means "light"; from the well-known actress, Tinatin Dalakishvili.

91. Tsisana (Georgian origin) means "from the sky"; Tsisana Tatishvili is a singer in Georgia.

92. Veriko (Georgian origin) means "faith"; from popular Georgian actress, Veriko Anjaparidze.

Popular Georgian Boy Names

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We present the list of most popular Georgian names for boys:

93. Aleksandre (Georgian origin) means "protector"; Aleksandre Kazbegi was a writer from Georgia.

94. Avtandil (Georgian origin) means "heart's sunshine"; Avtandil Makharadze is an actor from Georgia.

95. Davit (Georgian origin) is the Georgian form of David and is one of the most common Georgian names.

96. Georgi (Georgian origin) means "son of a farmer"; Georgi Kinkladze is a former Georgian footballer.

97. Irakli (Georgian origin) means "glory"; from Irakli Gamrekeli, a reputed Georgian artist.

98. Levan (Georgian origin) means "lion"; from Georgian actor and director; Levan Gabriadze.

99. Mikheil (Georgian origin) means "no one like God"; Mikhail Saakashvili was the third president of Georgia.

100. Nikoloz (Georgian origin) means "people's victory"; from Nikoloz Muskhelishvili, a Georgian mathematician.

101. Tamaz (Georgian origin) means "strong"; associated with Georgian writer Tamaz Chiladze.

102. Zurab (Georgian origin) means "red water"; Zurab Sotkilavais, a popular Georgian opera singer.

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