68 Best Marathi Baby Girl Names That You'll Love

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Marathi baby girl names inspired by the goddess Parvati are extremely popular.

Modern Marathi names for baby girls related to the beauty of nature are highly sought after by Indian parents.

While selecting Marathi girl names, the popular baby name meanings are the wife of Indian God, Lord Shiva, name of a star, mother of Hanuman, eyes like sun, lustrous beauty, a ray of light, younger sister, and several others.

The beauty of unique Marathi baby girl names is that selecting a variant is also possible traditionally Indian and per personal preferences.

Some of the popular name options that parents like for girls are Amoli (precious), Akshata (rice), Alpa (little), Adhishri (main), Ananka (countless), Aagyeyi (order), Aakriti (shape), Aabha (glow), Aaraadhana (worship-prayer), Aarzoo (wish), Aatisha (a variant of Aatish), Aarshati (holy), Aneesha (one who is supreme) and several more.

Latest Marathi Names For Baby Girl

This is really a detailed list of all Marathi Baby Girl Names, including traditional, modern, fashionable, exciting, adorable, concise, sweet, and simple to say Marathi baby Girl names to facilitate you in making the best decision. All latest Marathi baby girl names are listed along with their meanings.

So if you're in search of something uniquely Indian, read through these modern Marathi names for baby girl.

Aaruni means starting or developing anything and growing light in the morning. It also denotes the sunrise.

Abala means the Earth's basic meaning is immovable. This name instills confidence and adaptability in you.

Bhandishtha is the name of Goddess Lakshmi.

Bhavanjali means a woman overflowing with emotions.

Kamda is a Sanskrit word that signifies 'one who can fulfill all wishes of others.'

Mohi means as aromatic as a honeybunch and as sweet as sugar.

Pradha means supreme, or who is exceedingly outstanding.

Pratulya means one-of-a-kind woman who cannot be equated to any other lady.

Reshika means a woman who adds brightness to your life.

Shemunshi is the name of a white rose native to India.

Shukarata means the one having a lovely personality.

Shuki means a person who is sharp and quick-witted.

Vedica means a person who spreads spiritual knowledge.

Vedvika means the one who disseminates spiritual wisdom.

Baby Names Marathi Girl Meaning Durga

Goddess Durga (an incarnation of Lord Shiva's wife) is seen as the ultimate source of good energy. Durga's Sanskrit translation is 'the indomitable one.'

On the one hand, she is a force of purity, and on the other, she is the destroyer of all bad. Durga is an incarnation of Goddess Parvati, Lord Shiva's wife. People worship Goddess Parvati with much pomp, which is displayed in Hindu households.

Therefore, it is considered good to name a girl baby after the Goddess Durga. Moreover, naming babies after a God can be regarded as auspicious.

Aarya is a lucky name that represents Goddess Parvati in her compassionate aspect.

Aishani is a symbol of power and is associated with the Goddess Durga. It also gives this name a feminine touch.

Anika means Goddess Durga's second name symbolizes her elegance, brightness, and lovely face.

Bhargavi represents Goddess Durga, one of her most lovely and adorable forms.

Bhavya denotes someone attractive and virtuous, similar to Goddess Parvati.

Chittarupa indicates someone who is frequently thinking, such as Goddess Parvati.

Dakshyani indicates Durga. She was the daughter of the great king Daksha. As a result, she is also known as Dakshyani.

Gayatri is another name for Goddess Parvati that is widely used in India. It also represents the mother of all Vedas and the song of liberation.

Himani means Goddess Parvati and is as beautiful as the Himalayan glaciers.

Isha means the one who protects everyone. It is a fantastic choice for your newborn girl because it is simple to say and write.

Kaushiki is a lovely name associated with the Goddess Durga. It also refers to someone who is wrapped with silk.

Pragalbha means 'Goddess of Power and Strength' in Sanskrit.

Sarita is another name for Goddess Durga, and it also represents a river.

Shambhavi is also the name of Shambhu's wife, Goddess Parvati.

Tanvi, which means 'lovely,' is another appellation for Goddess Durga.

Uma is a highly common name in India. It's simple to say and write, yet it has a lovely connotation. Uma represents endless wisdom, grandeur, glory, and serenity.

Marathi girl names are extremely popular with parents.

Modern Marathi Baby Girl Names

Choosing a name for your darling girl is not as simple as it appears. The first barrier is understanding the numerous Indian baby girl names with contemporary Hindu meanings that may be correctly comprehended.

Nonetheless, there are workarounds available. Understanding the roots of a name may give you a decent notion of what it means. As a result, it's in your best interests to find a list of names that can supply them both and then make an informed decision.

You may find some current Marathi names for girls in the list below.

Aadya is a Sanskrit girl's name, meaning 'great and first or primal.' 'Mother Earth' is another interpretation of the name.

Aanchal is a girl who provides refuge and safety to those in need.

Amala is derived from the Sanskrit words- A 'without' + Mala' impurity,' and means' cleanest, most pure.' The Goddess Lakshmi is also known as Amala.

Aranyaka means 'one who dwells in the forest,' and Aranyaka is a type of Hindu sacred old literature.

Chandralekha denotes the moon phase two nights following the new moon, the moon's beam.

Darshita means a traveler waiting to see the holy form of a deity

Dhivya is a feminine Indian name originating from the Sanskrit term for 'Divine Brilliance.'

Dipta implies 'illuminated or lighted,' and shining bright or dazzling'.

Diya signifies a vast and bright future like sun, and light symbolizes wisdom in Hinduism.

Indrina was the pseudonym of Nala & Damayanti's daughter.

Layra is a Hindu girl name with the meaning' Beauty.'

Myra means 'wonderful.' It is a female Marathi name.

Sanvi means 'Goddess Laxmi.' It is a female name that also signifies knowledge.

Unique Marathi Baby Girl Names

You would like to give your princess the most beautiful name possible while also ensuring that the name has a meaningful meaning. There are hundreds of names in India that are unique to the nation and come from diverse origins.

Some popular Marathi name meanings are the wife of Lord Shiva, name of a star, mother of Hanuman, lustrous beauty, eyes like the sun, ray of light, and younger sister. Here are some more Indian baby name options in the Marathi language.

Take a look at these unique Marathi names for newborn girls. 

Aarti is related to a Hindu rite in which light is offered to the god. It is one of the most popular Marathi baby girl names.

Aditi is a Sanskrit word that means 'limitless.' This name is also linked to the Hindu goddess of the sky and fertility, who is believed to be the woman who is the mother of all gods.

Amita is a contemporary Marathi female name that is immeasurable or limitless. It is known as the feminine variant of the name Amit.

Anjali means greeting in Sanskrit and is a popular Marathi girl's name. It is one of the cool baby names.

Darshana is the feminine form of the term Darshan, which implies seeing, comprehending, or watching. It could also mean paying respect, doctrine, or philosophy.

Deepali means 'a collection of lamps, light.' It is a lovely name for a Marathi girl.

Disha is a Hindi word that signifies 'area' or 'direction.' It is one of the most popular Marathi newborn baby girl names.

Gauri means white in Sanskrit. This is also the name of Goddess Parvati, Lord Ganesha's mother. During the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi, Gauri Pujan, a Maharashtrian wedding ritual, takes place during which devotees pray to the Goddess Parvati, the wife of Lord Shiva.

Hema is a common name that means 'golden color' in Sanskrit. It is one of the fun baby names.

Indira translates to 'beautiful.' This is also the appellation of Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Vishnu's wife. Indira means 'Bestower of Wealth', God of Heaven, and Thunderstorms.Indira Gandhi, India's first female Prime Minister, has the same name.

Irya is a Sanskrit word that means strong, active, and energetic.' It can be used as a Marathi variant as well.

Kalyani is a Sanskrit word that signifies 'beautiful, wonderful, or auspicious.' It is a different name for the Goddess Parvati, the wife of Lord Shiva, a god.

Lalita is a lively, pleasant, and appealing name. As per Hindu mythology, it was the name of one of Lord Krishna's childhood friends.

Sanskrit Marathi Baby Girl Names

Marathi baby names are popular across the country and even internationally. Even though most of these names have Sanskrit roots, they are significant and fashionable.

From the list below, you will discover Sanskrit Marathi female names.

Aagarna refers to a person who possesses natural, innate musical ability. It is one of the fun baby names.

Abhijit means 'liberated one,' referring to Goddess Lakshmi. It is one of the common baby names. This is a name given to both a boy and a girl.

Adhusita means 'one who is not unclean, free of defilement.' It is one of the rare baby names.

Asha is a Sanskrit name meaning a person's want or desire. It is one of the fun baby names.

Chandra comes from the Sanskrit word Chand, which means 'to shine.' It is one of the interesting baby names. Some people also tend to worship the sun or Chand.

Harshada is the feminine form of the Sanskrit name Harshad, which means 'pleasure.'

Jyoti is a word from Sanskrit that means 'light.' This name is appropriate for both boys and girls.

Kiran is a variant of the Sanskrit word Kirana, which means 'sunbeam.' It is also one of the popular baby boy names.

Nandita is Sanskrit for 'joy'. This name was taken from a Sanskrit term. It is

Poornima refers to the full moon night, representing brightness and abundance of light.

Rajani denotes someone who is exceptionally dark. It is another appellation for the goddess Kali, also known as Durga.

Sandhya is a Sanskrit word that means twilight or dusk. It is also the name of Lord Brahma's daughter.

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