25+ Best Names That Mean Rebirth Or New Beginning

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Originally Published on Nov 10, 2020
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Having a baby is a new beginning so giving your child a name that means "rebirth" can be very fitting.

Naming your child is a wonderful experience but also a huge responsibility. You have to consider many factors before choosing the perfect name for your baby.

Your child is going to be have the  beautiful name that you choose for their whole life. So, you should definitely put some thought into it.

If you want your baby's name to be inspirational, you can choose names from this list that mean "new", names that mean "healer", names meaning "first", or even names that mean "power". Here is a list of baby names that mean "rebirth" and represent a new beginning.

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Girl Names That Mean Rebirth

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Your little girl's life will be full of happiness and hope when she has one of these names. Here is the list of beautiful names that mean "new" or "rebirth" for your baby girl.

1. Akira, (Sanskrit origin) means "dawn or bright".

2. Anastasha, (Greek origin) means "new life".

3. Aruna, (Hindi origin) means "dawn".

4. Aurora, (Roman Goddess name) means "Goddess of sunrise".

5. Ayelet, (Hebrew origin) name meaning "dawn".

6. Neoma, (Greek origin) name meaning "new moon".

7. Nysaa, (Greek origin) means "a beginning".

8. Odoti, (Indian origin) means "refreshing dawn".

9. Renata, (Latin origin) meaning "born again".

10. Zorina, (Hebrew origin) meaning "Golden".

Boy Names That Mean Rebirth

When one door closes another door opens and a new beginning brings hope and happiness. Names that mean "new beginning" will bring positivity in your child's life and the life of those around him. Choose your baby boy name from one of these baby names, meaning "healer" or "new beginnings".

11. Abel,(Hebrew origin) name meaning "breath of life".

12.Arata, (Japanese origin) name meaning "new".

13. Fajr, (Arabic origin) means "sunrise".

14. Fresco, (Italian origin) baby boy name meaning  "fresh start".

15. Inizio, (Italian origin) name refers to "new beginnings".

16. Josiah, (Biblical name) means "healing".

17. Navin, (Indian origin) name referring "new".

18. Neo or Neon, (Greek origin) name means "new".

19. Novak, (Spanish origin) name means "new", it is also the name of Novak Djokovic, a famous tennis player.

20. Orion, (Greek origin) name refers to "beginning".

21. Vihaan, (Sanskrit origin) name means "dawn".

Unisex Names Meaning Rebirth

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Here is our pick of the best baby names that are suitable for boys and girls that mean "beginning", "new" or "rebirth". We hope that the perfect name for your newborn son or daughter will be found on this list.

22. Jimi,(English origin)  name means "new life".

23. Nouvel, (French origin) name for "rebirth".

24. Shachar, (Hebrew origin) name refers to "dawn".

25. Tan, (Vietnamese origin) unique name means "new".

Kidadl has lots of great baby names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for names that mean "rebirth" then why not take a look at these names that mean immortal, or for something different take a look at these alternative baby names.

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