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Esmeralda is actually a feminine name that was used in 'The Hunchback Of Notre Dame' novel in 1831 by Victor Hugo.

The name Esmeralda was brought to attention when a drama on V. Hugo's novel was performed on film and screen in the English-speaking world. The name has continually been listed among the top 100 names for girls in Mexico and Spain over the last century.

The name is hugely accepted in the USA, Spain, and France. Esmeralda is a Portuguese and Spanish origin name that means emerald, a bright green precious stone.

The name also has ranked in the Top 1000 names in the USA and among the Top 500 names since 1973. The name came into the spotlight in the late ’90s and early 2000s when it was listed among the top 200 girls' names.

People use nicknames very frequently as they are funny and unique, and it also helps to form strong bonding.

It creates new recognition for someone and can be accustomed as playful and cute. Esmeralda is basically a female name. It is of Greek origin that means emerald, which is a precious stone and bright green.

Although it is of Greek origin, it is quite popularly used by English and French speakers. It describes a beautiful and kind person.

1. Meme - meme is a cute short form of the name Esmeralda.

2. Ezzie - means Esmeralda.

3. Marzell - isthe one who is dedicated to Mars.

4. Ezma - means greatness or might.

5. Ezmera - it represents enthusiasm, versatility, and agility.

6. Ezmia - it means determined, resolute, and strong.

Unique And Creative Nicknames For Esmeralda

Nicknames are generally used to express love, a form of endearment. Every nickname should be catchy and adorable too. Following are some of the popular adorable lists of nicknames for Esmeralda in that wise:

7. Marlette - means blackbird.

8. Mariolita - is a Spanish nickname for the name Marlette.

9. Emerald- a gemstone that is shiny green.

10. Emmy- Emmy is a universal thing that belongs to the earth.

11. Empanada- a Spanish pastry turnover filled with tasty fillings, perfect for a foodie Esmeralda.

12. Esmé- an Old French word that means loved or esteemed. It can also be used as Esme.

13. Esmer Esmy- signifies highly esteemed person.

14. Esmeraldio- a variation of the name Esmerald.

15. Esme Green- a combination of Esme and a precious green stone.

16. Esmy Emeh- someone who refers to distribution.

17. Esmy Emerald- a cute spelling of the name Esmerald with its meaning.

18. Emeraude - means precious gemstone.

19. Mae - Mae or Maymeans Goddess of Spring.

20. Mer - means ocean or sea. Meral is also commonly used.

21. Ezita - means desirable.

22. Mera - means commander or princess.

23. Eme - means brave and intelligent. It can also be used as a short nickname for Meme. It can also be used as Em.

24. Merald- one who is as precious as a bright green gem.

Cool And Funny Modern Nicknames For Esmeralda

If nicknames in the above list do not match your expectations and you are looking for something cool and funny, then the following lists of some of the names will definitely do:

25. Emeh- a short and cute form of the name Esmeralda.

26. Emmie- similar to Eme in terms of meaning.

27. Esmera- a short version of Esmeralda.

28. Esmi Mery- one who is beloved.

29. Esmmy G- for a cool and hip Esmeralda.

30. Esmy- one who has skyline esteem; also pronounced as Esme.

31. Ezzy- One whose helper is God.

32. Lala Ralda- Lala Ralda is another name for Esmeralda.

33. Mermelada- Mermelada is a type of jam made of oranges.

34. Mery Mera- for an Esmeralda who is always merry.

Cute Nicknames For Esmeralda

The following list of cute baby nicknames can work for you if you don't want to stick with the lists of nicknames like Esme or Ezzy stated above. 

35. Em- a short, simple, and cute form of Esmeralda.

36. Emeh Ezzy- a precious person.

37. Emmy Green- referring to the green color of emerald stone.

38. Emmie Ralda- a fun variant by changing 'Esme' from Esmeralda into Emmie.

39. Esmera- a short form of Esmeralda.

40. Esmi- Esmi or Esme is another short variant for someone named Esmeralda.

41. Esmio- a random rearrangement of letters for Esmeralda.

42. Esmmy- one who has a joyful nature.

43. Esmmy Rald- a fun way to spell the name for a fun girl named Esmeralda.

44. Mera- from the middle of the name es-Mera-lda.

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